Incest is best!
Taste the rainbow
Ya feel it?
It was in.
My sandwhich was better.
You are so dumb. You are really dumb, ferreal. You are really really really really so dumb

I knew SOMEONE was gonna actually do i
Take the picture that the above user posted.
Make the picture hilarious.
I have all faith in you.
Now guys please abide by all rules of UG.

Here is the 1st picture. Have fun.
Quote by ChucklesMginty
This one comes to mind:

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I do especially hate the ones of other people or things.
I am making this thread to see the lamest/gayest or just the easiest to make fun of.
Find a photo of a mutual friend or a friend on facebook or myspace etc.
Post the picture on here.
And make a comment of the above user's picture.

Thanks Pit
P.S Go easy on judging me here please and thankyou

Here is an example:
I can't post mine due to UG's no pornography rules.
Pues.....HACE FRIO
What was "fast"
Quote by Wuai Bel Ree
Lame guide is lame.
Is there a guide for people who don't consume drugs?

Best post evar.

Yes indeed

high school
Cool=douch+act like you consume drugs, alcohal and women
High School
Pardon my stoopid ekwaysion
and spailing

Name:Fist Pistols


Colors:Whatever looks good

Thanks Thanks Thanks
Alright thanks. I'll order some
I move around a little. But I've never played in front of a crowd
Tuning. I use standard tuning E A D G
If coated helps the playing,yes
bright? I don't understand
Im unaware of the set i have now (i bought the strings w/the bass{first bass})
I broke a string on my bass ,therefore,I must buy a new set. I'm happy with the set I have but willing to try something new. I'm asking for gauge,brand and style. I play a seemingly unknown Nomad Jazz Bass. I play rock and some blues. Hopefully this is enough information for your reccomendations.

will do
Alright cool, The guy lives in my city so that could be arranged.
If you want a picture I could post one
Today I was looking around on Craig's List and found an excellent bass. It is a red four string Ibanez. The deal includes a stand, case, strap,extra strings all for 300$ and can be negotiated down. Should I get it?

Mysterious Avatar.
List of who gets the most girls in a band

Lead singer
Lead guitarist
Rythm guitarist
Sound man
The microphone
The bassist

By the way I hate this joke
I'm a bassist
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Just **** her really good and hard. If you do it right she'll completely forget that you are a jackass and only got her candy.

i agree
studio engineering
You did'nt plow your girlffreind the gnomes did
Alright thanks all. I'll get the petal. I'll also check out bassfuzz
Quote by 14shadesofblue
could you give us the specific pedal and how much the price is for it?

Yes it is a DigiTech BP80 Bass Multi-Effect Pedal
You should also learn scales. But hopefully your teacher is teaching you that. What cm said wold be good
Hey Guys,
I was wondering if I should get a multi-effect pedal.
I am a "beginner bassist" so i don't know if i should wait or get one now.
The price is cheap. Quality good. I know what I want but don't know if I should get it.
What do ya'll think?

When there are two colots of tiles i cn only step on one color
I pretend bare floor is lava bt carpet and furnuture is safe
It always sucks when your standing next to your date. and she is much taller than you
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I need opinions (see my profile pic for actual status):
- push my hair at the back with a bandana/etc
- let it grow more, get it cut at the same lvl, part it
(i want to grow it long, a bit more than shoulder length

Long. as long u dnt look lk a chick like i did when i had mine long.