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My does my Grandpa buy new scuba gear?
Why does my uncle buy new cameras?
Why do I buy guitar gear?

It's called a hobby and if it makes you happy there is nothing wrong with it.

Dark Side Of The Moon-Pink Floyd
The Wall-Pink Floyd
Cheap trick greatest hits
i geuss fapping means jacking off
Have you ever been in a biscuit party
I like them without stupid threads on the side
Some store at the mall
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I read the title as "Bass players with no hands"

too much weed for you then
Different money values
U.S is in the crapper
Anything that they might knw
Iron man
Smoke on water
crap like that
Is this Ultimate-Fighter
nope its Ultimate guitar
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I ripped my head off and pissed in my throat.

Things turned out alright. Thanks for asking

Well good thing it turned out ok
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Crazy night one time
Right hand
AND Left hand

btw im adding it to my sig thanks!
I think you should grow up
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Don't worry, nobody pays attention to the bassist anyway.

laugh stack!
well just chill man just act like your in your room practicing
Its stupid
You'llhave no range
I don't exist therefore I'm not responding to this thread
oh wait.....
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Because the girl wants to have sex with a guy who isn't her boyfriend just because her boyfriend's sick, she's a slut.

Also, relationship thread. The people in there have, in general, a bit more common sense.

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I wish you had more options that just the two, where's the "I like em baggy, but not falling off my ass"?

skinny jeans are uncomfortable and make you look like a homosexual. I like mine fairly loose, but not falling down.

Same here
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they're ****ing retarded, you want comfy, go get some sweat pants instead of looking like you're a moron who can't buy the right sized pants.

Baggy pants
What do you think about them.
Hate em?
love em?

Maybe yall should say something other than "They're baggy"

My opinion?
I hate skinnies
I hate baggies
I do in between
I don't respenct your love for Jonas
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Megan Fox. I'd hit that.

That guy
No sex
same as I'm doing now
1. Kiki
2. Bouba
Bring earplugs
Don't let her find out you have them.
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Isnt guitar center supposed to lower their prices today? I just chec ked their website and its all the same.

They did
I have no clue'

Who's the hottest celeb
when i saw that pic I grew another leg
Its her free will don't tell your parents.
She's not doing anything wrong
That would work
I'll definately try Elixr
Monkeylink had some ink
to sketch a pic of walter
he drew his crown
but it fell down
His pen came running after

There we go
I think
alright thanks man
It's time for new strings for me. I can hear that. How do I know what kind of strings?
and gauge.
So I need your help
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im 12 and what are drugs?

Joke right?
Well not alot at mine
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I graduated in June, people. Black people are always cool.


well its drugs and scenes
scenes are dumb
oh and tight pants
Heroin is horrible.I think weed is the only drug that isnt absolutely horrible. But I'm gonna stay off drugs. Just don't need it
Man this kids gonna be the president someday