Well I was in my room with my girlfreind door closed getting as far as I can without going all the way. When we would here someone coming we would sit on different sides of the bed untill they left. We did this so much she got tired of it and we went to my neighbors and made out endlessly there.
That's because it's an accordion idiot.

ACCORDIAN???? thats a piano just to let u knw
The wall
Sorry for the negativity but in 8th grade You're not special to anyone alot of girls cant keep their eyes on one guy. Sorry man but just stay freinds with her till high school then go for it.
If you seriously think there is something special keep thinking bout it then go for it.
I'm thirteen and dating then is non-existant
It's more like:Will you go out with me? Yes Ok we're boyfreind and girlfreind now
Its stupid
Well I dont think you should meet girls on the internet.
Thats just my standpoint
When i carry around my bass and people ask if i play bass. my reply:"No, I have a fettish with carrying around bass guitars......YES I PLAY BASS
Ihave no problem with
Frenchy Fungus- 9
meh!- 10
paintITblack39- 8
daytripper75- 14
Burpin'Worm- 9
Dreadnought- 10
theguitarist- 9 Hurt
Nelsean- 10
I agree with tasty taco.
Whom is this artist. And what is he on.
I am well aware that i made a typo.
Thanks for the support guys
I'm tired of people telling me I lost the game. I never even think bout the game. If you have no idea about the game. Ignorance Is Bliss
Nope but I've had some wicked dreams
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Totally looks legit
Well it really depends where i go
If im camping with freinds I don't care.
Usually I disreguard their opinion. Because If someone says Pink Floyd sucks they're most likely ignorant and have never heard an albulm by them.
Nice.Well I'm not circumsized.Whats the point of it anyway?
anime is STUPID quit tring to draw anime porn