Hi, I'm in a metal band, and we've just started doing shows. Our biggest problem is that we have trouble getting the crowd to react during songs. We do thrash metal, almost on the line of punk, so we want our crowd to be up and jumping and shit. There's usually a little applause after each song, but everybody stays sitting down. A few of our friends will be up front head banging, but that's about it. At our last show we had a mini-pit with like 10 guys lol. So my main question is, what's the best way to encourage the crowd to at least stand up? (god forbid they move around)
Lol, that's a high res as I can get it. The ink is slightly smeared. Wayne Bennett was a blues guitarist. Did alot of work with Bobby "Blue" Bland.
I'm not gonna pay to get it authenticated when it might not even be worth anything. I will take it to a few guitar shops and pawn shops and see if anyone recognizes it. It's not Wayne Bennett is it?
What would you call a person who recreates autographs? I searched "autograph recreator" and "autograph recreate" but found nothing helpful
Oh shit, it should be rotated 90 degrees clockwise. My bad. I'll try to fix it
My friend bought me a guitar with someone's autograph on the back at an auction. but didn't think to ask them whose autograph it is. So now I'm trying to figure it out. It's a Harmony H802. Syd Barrett's first guitar was a Harmony, so I thought it might possibly be his autograph, but a quick Google search reveals that his autograph looks nothing like this one. Anyone have any ideas?

My band is playing an 80's prom for a fundraiser. Our singer quit and we need a singer right away. It will be on July 22, 2011. But we need to start practicing ASAP.

We don't have an official setlist yet, but it'll be all 80's covers, like Rock You Like A Hurricane by the Scorpions or Jack and Diane by John Cougar.

Any age is fine, but preferably younger, because we're younger. You have to live in the tri-cities area, near Johnson City or Jonesborough. We practice at the drummer's house in Gray.

Email me at or call/text (423) 579-4212

I'm sorry I can't afford to pay you :/
I'm in Johnson City, about an hour south of Bristol. Do I get to rock Dime's solos?
The solos in Paradise City make my left forearm cramp up like a bitch :P
I'm a 17 y.o. guitarist in Jonesborough, TN (just outside of the Tri-Cities) looking to start a blues, blues-rock band. Anything from Zeppelin and ZZ Top to Muddy Waters and BB King and everything in between.

I'm looking for some guys (or girls) around my age and in my area to start a serious blues band. We could do some covers and write our own stuff. I play lead guitar. We NEED a bassist, drummer, and singer. But eventually we could add another guitar, keys, harmonica, whatever we need.

If you're one or more of the above and interested, don't hesitate to text/call (423) 579-4212 or reply to this post.

Why censor "god" and not "damn" in goddamn?
I assume religion is the cause of this one...
I need help. This song is written in a funky tuning and I can't figure out the chords. Can anyone help? I'm pretty sure it's in the key of G.

Any help is greatly appreciated )
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I'm going back and forth between wanting to kill her and wanting to nail her. I just can't decide.
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this is great!!

What does your sig translate to?
Very good indeed. You mentioned in the YT comments about a tutorial. That would be appreciated
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audio it's not really clear,it's ok but could be better with a good recording


Well I just recorded with a USB mic and Audacity. It was super last-minute :P
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Travis Barker
Neil Peart

Alex Van Halen

I wasn't able to follow the link (I'm in school :P) but I seriously hope it's a joke.
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Vic 7a's though I used to use Vater.

Has anyone tried those Aluminum drumsticks? I'm wondering if they are any good.

I really like em. But only for loud metal shit. They're no good for sophisticated stuff :P
Danny Carey
Dave Grohl
John Bonham
So, I'm mainly a guitarist. But I play a little drums. I'm certainly no Neil Peart, but I can keep a beat and do some cool little tricks here and there.

Now normally, I'm not determinded to learn stuff on drums. I just play how I like it, even it's not close. But I'm pretty determined to learn Tom Sawyer (by Rush) the correct way. My drummer and his dad can play it 100% perfect and they always show it off and now I wanna play it :P

So, I know the basic layout of the song. I can easily keep the 16th notes going, no problem. I've got the bass and snare memorized, no problem. Getting the crashes in the right spot isn't too hard. My trouble is all the rolls.

As a "drummer", I'm terrible at rolls. I always wanna gallop across the toms. I just can't get 'em right. Can anyone help me on rolls in general or the particular rolls on this song? It would be greatly appreciated.

Also, any other tips, tricks, or advice for Tom Sawyer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
I just became aware that there was a forum for Cover Songs, so I thought I'd post one of mine :P

It's not that great, but it's decent. I had never heard of it until recently, when my friend asked me to do it. So I did it real quick with not much practice first :P
Lol it's funny cuz bassists suck XP

In reality, playing GOOD bass is like playing some real sick finger-picking guitar. These new guys that just play root notes, yeah they suck. But Geddy Lee, Flea, Les Claypool, they're better than most guitarists
Thanks for all your help guys!(:
Much appreciated!!
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Most of them won't know what's the original and what's your own inventiveness. Do whatever you want.

Well, what about the judges? Idk who they are, they might just be regular people, or they might be professional judges. I have no clue.
Ok, I have another question, if you guys don't mind.
I was just practicing and instead of doing Jimi's original solo I've been going off on my own little licks, etc. Well my friend heard me and said I should stick to the original. Is he right?

Personally, I think I should show off my own skill and my own taste in solos instead of just being a human mp3 player. But what do you guys think?
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I hate the Igniter II. I'd go with the Ibanez. In a contest, sacrificing a bit of tone for the ability to show off is a good thing. Not too much, though. It still has to sound good.

I've got reverb etc. so I can recreate Jimis tone pretty damn close either way.
One pup on the LP is stock, the other is an Igniter II.
The ones on the Ibanez are V7 and V8 which I assume are stock.
I should maybe also mention I'm playing through a Peavey Bandit 112.
First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this. Feel free to move it or let me know if it's wrong.

So here's the dilema. I'm in a contest for musicians/dancers/etc. I'm going to play "The Wind Cries Mary" by Jimi Hendrix. The problem is, idk whether to use the LP or the Ibanez?

The LP is an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. The Ibanez is an Ibanez RG420EG.
Now obviously, the LP has better tone for an older song like that. But the Ibanez has the whammy so I can do more little tricks and show off more.

I guess the main question is: should I sacrifice tone so I can do more tricks?

Thanks in advance!!
So here's the thing. I have Ernie Ball Regular Slinkies on my guitar right now. But my friend broke the thick E. Now I have a pack of Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkies that I don't need. Could I use the A string from it (.42) to replace the E string (.46) ?
Keep in mind I have a floating trem.
Thanks for any help

Edit: Just temporarily until I have time to run to the store for a new string.
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Personally I prefer Ibanez over LTD.

A better option would be a used Ibanez RG1570 (You can get them for $500).

On a side note: To the people referring to the LTD as an ESP- stop. It is an LTD, not an ESP. Just like Squier is not Fender and Epiphone is not Gibson.

LTD is owned and sold by ESP,
Squier is owned and sold by Fender, and
Epiphone is owned and sold by Gibson.
I've seen the paperwork for one of each of these.
Actually, I've got most of it figured out. I just can't get the solo (especially the beginning of the solo) :/
I cannot find the (entire) tabs for "Leaving" by the Texas Hippie Coalition.
And that depresses me :/

There's one tab on UG but it's not very thorough and not complete.
I'm mainly interested in the solo though.
If somebody could help with that, it would be greatly appreciated
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I'm in the Uk too. "Unit" is the name we used to give to kids in the special needs class (the Units), glad to see things haven't changed too much over the years.

Sir, I miiiight just sig that. lol
I'm not even in UK. lol
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Stretching the strings is something you do manually; unlock the nut, proceed to bend the living shit out of the strings. Use as much force as they can take before snapping. Do so for a minute or two. Tune up. Repeat until no matter what you do, they return to pitch perfectly after each bend. Then lock the nut and do your final adjustment with the bridge's fine-tuners.

I did that yesterday when I put em on
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Could be the edge III wearing out. How long have you had the guitar?

I just got it for Xmas. Brand new
I guess it hasn't broken in enough?
So I have an Ibanez Rg420Eg Bio Armor with and Edge III tremolo and I'm having a problem with it. Now you'll have to excuse my noob-ness, cuz I know very little about tremolos :/
So, what's going on is this: When I push down on the tremelo then release, the strings will be a half-step (or so) lower. But when I pull up on it it raises them a half-step (or so) higher. But idk why.
The strings have been on here a whole day so they SHOULD be stretched in.
I have the nut locked down tight.
Idk what's going on? Anybody help?
Thanks in advance!!
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you know i think im pretty good.. check me out guys

I guess everybody sees what amp he's using?
I'm in the UK.
It's Kilometers Kane.
Don't try to shred on Fender. Paul Reed Smith is better for that. But honestly, if you're into heavier stuff, look in the Ibanez, Dean, Jackson range.