The giant hand high five from the third movie was hilarious. I was never a fan of the gross out humor they did though (looking at you porto-potty slingshot)
my son went around the house barking and crawling around on all fours when he was 2.5-3ish. just discourage the behavior ie make him eat with utensils, it'll pass in a couple months
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i knew a guy who boasted so much that an alien race was convinced that he was the smartest person on earth. they abducted him only to find out that he was conning them. after they dropped him back on earth he tried to tell everyone he'd seen aliens but no one believed him.

quality twilight zone reference
i'm 25 and I haven't really activity tried to find me music in about the last three years or so. the bigger factor is certainly time, you don't realize how time consuming searching out new music to listen to can be until you have a fiancé, a four-year-old and two jobs.

part of for me anyway, is also that I don't want to waste time and money (I decided a couple years ago to stop downloading stuff) on a new album I might like when I can just listen to Modest Mouse or something.

the fiancé also has terrible taste in music so that probably has something to do with it too

EDIT: just wanted to add that this exact statement came out of my mouth a couple weeks ago before I realized what I was saying: "Music today is just to loud, there's just so much going on in every song" and then I felt like I was 65
i still think his original half-hour special is one of the best Comedy Central Presents special. it's just so over the top but it works

he really started to annoy me when it seemed like his whole act was based on dumb ramblings or inside jokes. his later specials still had their moments though
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again, dirty classless european going knee on knee

i always like to share this one just cause it's pretty short:
one of my roommates was criminal justice major so one night before we went out to the bar he was giving us this lecture about how if you're ever caught pissing in public to just run. the reason for this is, even if you're not convicted, you end up on that megan's law site

so fast forward a few hours after taking shots at the bar all night, guess who gets stopped for pissing on the street? not super epic i know but i love the irony
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forrest vs rampage is my guess.

super late reply, but yeah that's the fourth. i was really surprised it's only happened four times
interesting fact of the day: a ufc title has only changed hands by decision 4 times (and two of those were unanimous randy couture wins). i did some research on wikipedia today and there have been about 17 "close" title decisions going of judges score cards

so the champ wins a "close" fight about 75% of the time

not counting the couture fights, since they were 50-45 unanimous decisions, that becomes 2/15 or about 87%

all that being said i do think gsp won last night
if you've ever wanted to visit the fallout universe in real life just drive through the rural south. it looks like someone dropped a bomb on it and everyone's stuck in the 50's
just make sure to hit him with And Maggie Makes Three after a few normal episodes

but honestly just sit down and watch a random few episodes from any season 4-8 or so
i don't miss childhood so much as being 17-22. the freedom of an adult without the responsibility. good times
see: euclidean geometry
if you don't have dental insurance it can be expensive. i also just think it's completely unnecessary to go twice a year for check-ups. i don't go to the doctor unless i'm sick, why would i go to the dentist if there's nothing wrong with my teeth
wasn't the red head a girl though? i could be remembering that one wrong
hopefully they'll do some streaming this year again. i'd really like to see phoenix and sigur ros. supposedly phoenix put on one hell of a show
while not a bad lineup, it's the weakest coachella lineup i've seen in a long time

wonder if jonny marr while play with modest mouse too?
this is honestly the most interesting thread in a long time

lures you in with boobs, then twist after twist
couple shotguns. 16 and 28 gauges both passed down from my great-grandfather. they're the two most vaulable things i own by far. if i had some minor work done on the 16 it would be worth over $1000 easily.

plus my .308 for rifle season. id like to get a .357 one day soon too
Silversun Pickups EP Pikul signed by the singer/guitarist. Really nice guy, basically gave me a full rundown of his rig after the show

Signed poster from Ben Kweller. The first 1000 or something people to preorder his Changing Horses album got one, pretty cool.

Couple original Beatles albums

Radiohead In Rainbows discbox
because we get offended if the animals other people choose to eat are cute by our standards

this is really sad. he was freakin hilarious
not a big lp guy either, but those silverburst ones are sexy as hell. wouldnt mind having one of those if a had a couple hundred dollars lying around
don't know if Mark Madden's alligation that Sandusky was "pimping" kids to donors has been brought up yet:

as someone from the pittsburgh area, let me say that mark madden is borderline retarded. take this with a gigantic grain of salt
Sexual Harrassment Panda and We Don't We Do It In The Road?
id say Neutral Milk Hotel fits this pretty well. although Jeff Mangum (sp?) has returned in the last year

also My Bloody Valentine too. Kevin Shields figured they couldn't top Loveless, so he more or less said "see ya" to music
i think that individual people are generally good. obviously you have you're hitlers and stalins and what not, but in general the average everyday person is good natured

however, i believe that people as a group tend to do awful things and destroy themselves and whatever is around them. kind of like the opposite of hive intelligence. for example, one person would never try to start a riot because their sports team won/lost/are broke, but get even a handful of these sane, rational people together and all of a sudden shits on fire
i use awesome, great, amazing, and sweet pretty interchangably
WMD Gieger Counter makes some nasty fuzz. I like the moog suggestion above too. those pedals can do some really neat stuff if you play around a bit. I have a MuRF and it's basically like having insane phasing sounds and great ambient washes at the stomp of a foot switch.
Koass Pads can be fun if you're not too worried about destroying your tone

the thing about a lot of "ridiculous" effects is that they're often expensive and/or really hard to find. i recommend checking out some youtube videos from suggestions here and going from there
file under: really cool, but pretty useless
it took three pages but we finally got two posts that werent super douchey
Judge Shred

and you all have to dress like characters from Stallone movies
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Goddamn it, they better not destroy one of my favorite Seuss books. If it's going to be as bad as that cat in the hat one, they may as well just make it a porno.

works for me
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beat me to it. might as well throw a pic up
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What is alcohol?

the distortion pedal:
it makes you loud and when people use it their just obnoxiuos
fake mustache
the 808 kinda sucks. yeah i said it
this is a parenthesis. it is used to group numbers, indicate a point, etc.

this is a bracket (or brace) it is used in set theroy or to signify a system of equations

they are not the same thing
it's PEMDAS. ill also allow PIMDAS
i honestly probably learned this in 3rd grade. once they teach you multiplication and division if they dont teach you order of operations it's all useless

slightly off topic im astonished that some people only made it to algebra I in high school. that's absurd, and by no means am i blaming the people here. that's all on the school. i took algebra I in 8th grade for christ's sake