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Check your PMs, I'm sending you some stuff that I think would help you out a lot.
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Anybody have any good kettlebell exercises?

If you're just starting out with kettlebells, stick with swings and Turkish get-ups. They are the foundation of kettlebell work. I did those two exercises almost exclusively for a couple months with my kb before moving on to more advanced ones like the snatch and windmill.
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So should I leave bar chords alone for now?What is the best way to learn?Lots of people say to just go on you tube and learn some songs,do you agree with this?

Hey thanks for responding dude.

You can't learn barre chords if you don't play barre chords. It'll be difficult at first (it is for everyone), but it's how you improve. Just spend a few minutes a day on it and it'll get easier each time.
[quote="'-[NiL"]-']This is another gem that's fun to play drunk with friends if you can get the hang of it.

Holy shit, I had a demo of this and I played the fuck out of it. Thanks for the reminder.
It's not college as a whole, it's dorm life that's like that. Dorms are basically just summer camp for 18- to 20-year-olds. There's no responsibility other than passing your classes (which is easy as shit freshman year).
Steak: probably not.

BJ: fingers crossed.
I think I've changed it twice, but not in a very long time.
Fucking nobody, I hope.
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Those other things are obviously different. Looking at someone's car out of the window is not generally considered by nearly all people to be an invasion of privacy. The fact that's it's a sexual thing is completely relevant. I already covered why and there was no real rebuttal. Put it this way: It's the difference between saying "Hey tuts, nice tits. How about a peep show?" and "You stupid fucker."

It's being seen, but it's not just being seen.

You'd be the exception, not the rule, which would be opposite the same scenario regarding cleavage.

What the fuck? I've been saying that women shouldn't feel like they have to hide their bodies this whole time! How have you made it so far without realizing that?

Fuck you all in this thread. It's either you making unsubstantiated accusations to get under my skin, or third-parties making vague, patronizing statements without even trying to actually add anything constructive to the conversation. You guys can all vilify me for having empathy towards the affected receptionist TS worked so hard to dehumanize; I don't give a shit. It's not a meaningful contribution, it's just looking for a cheap shot.

Oh, blow it out your ass.
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I've never understood how apple is hipster. Doesn't products that appeal to the masses and that are used by the majority denote that they are the opposite of hipster tendencies? So is it not true that those who avoid apple products because they are popular are the hipsters, and not those that do use the products?

Your post is also extremely moronic in every other sense to, but I'm genuinely confused about the hipster label that apple gets.

The hipster association is more with the Macintosh computer specifically, not so much with iPods and iPhones.
Nevermind what you think of Apple products themselves. The man was huge in ushering in the Information Age. His involvement in the development of the home computer changed the world.
Coheed's an awful idea.

I'm gonna need to see some pictures of you with Sharpie mock-ups first.
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Nope. I'm from Murrland (MD) and even there it's a pretty well liked style of music. Almost all "general public" performances have jazz.

And Berklee holds a Beantown Jazz Festival every year that gets over 50,000 people from all around New England soooo....

If you guys just STEPPED OUTSIDE for a few hours downtown instead of dwelling in the basement 24/7, I think you can find some people enjoying a jazz show.

And yet rock/pop festivals like Lollapalooza get 270000 people. I think it's pretty safe to say that jazz is significantly less popular.

I spent time as a jazz major and have been to jazz shows. I know that they exist and I know that people go to them, but it's ridiculous to say that the "general public" (as the thread title stated) is into it.
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...THE FUCK are you guys on about?!?!!? Lots of people like jazz, what the hell is all this shit?!

I don't wanna sound like a jerk, but you go to Berklee. Your views of what the general populace listens to are probably extremely skewed.
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It's called state exemption.

Explain, please.
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I have yet to see anyone who has gotten it. Not even on the news. Everyone I know who got the flu vaccine still got the 2 week throwing your guts out flu, every friken year. I'll take my chances.

Then you're not taking any classes. That's your (stupid) prerogative.
This is extremely common. I guess I wouldn't expect you to know that though.
GOTY edition maybe, not the vanilla package.
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I don't understand how he was supposedly teaching sin.

Valuing material wealth?

He wasn't Christian that I'm aware of, and obviously they're nutjobs.
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The man was more of a visionary than anyone else in recent history. He revolutionized the way people personally interacted with computers.

People seem to forget Macintosh was around long before Apple or the iPod came to be.

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He had it for 7 years? It's saying he died of it but it reads here that he beat it originally, i remember reading about this too and being surprised since almost everyone dies from that one.

That's fair, I guess I didn't know the specifics. Recurrence is a pretty big thing with cancer though.

I'm getting out of here before you children give me a heart attack with your ignorance.
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Anyone else find this a bit eerie (it's on the first page when you google his name):

Uh, it actually kind of makes perfect sense.
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What he die of D:?

He's had pancreatic cancer for like 7 years.
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I just felt a little skeptic that it came out of nowhere
Twitter's been known to have been hacked before.

Came out of nowhere? He had cancer for a very long time.
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Well, I've taken around 700mg and 450 or so, and it's a really weird experience. It's like being drunk and stoned at the same time, with some trippy stuff happening too. You can hardly walk, but it's fun to try. I didn't have many visuals, but it was almost like intense day dreaming, I could almost see what I was imagining. I imagine smoking a bowl would give you some visuals though. I did have one out of body though, I became music and floated around in my room, it was pretty tight. Time distortion is ridiculous, I felt like I was tripping for a good hour, only to check my iPod and realize it had been 10 seconds. You have some weird thought loops sometimes.
Now, the negative parts...
ITCHYYY. My head was itching the entire time (Until I OBE'd, and no longer had a head), I accidentally clinched my jaw a couple times, too, so the next day my jaw hurt. I felt disconnected and out if it for a good 2-4 days, too. Didn't feel 100% normal until about a week. It was fun though, try it.

EDIT: I forgot the worst part! INSOMNIA. You can NOT go to sleep on it. You will lay there in your bed wanting to die for a few hours if you try. It pissed me off so bad. When I'd roll over, my entire stomach would hurt, and I'd feel mad dizzy, and then I still couldn't sleep.
Just don't plan on sleeping for 4-8 hours after dosing. 'Cause you won't.

Quite the opposite for me, I slept through most of my trip.
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Before anyone says anything, Shirley Temples are delicious.

Shirley Temples are non-alcoholic. That's why they're named after a child.
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How can a girl cross dress? I get how guys can, but girls? I never got this.

Men and women's clothing are clearly quite different.

You're gonna tell me that this is the same clothing style?
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Shadow did bad?

If you eat steaks at anything over medium (and even that is pushing it) you are ruining that steak. You might as well tell the cow that it isn't good enough for you.

A well-done steak is a ruined steak, not even worth eating.
I wish I'd been there to push you over.
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Ok, so... Diet, run more often, and don't bother with my regimen. Got it. Thanks, Pit.

Please, please, please go to the Official Exercise and Nutrition Thread. I promise that you will learn a lot. The things you learn and the advice and motivation you will get in that thread will help you change your entire life from a health standpoint. If you don't have your health, you don't have anything.
Frankly, your perceptions of "exercise" are grossly undeveloped. Sit's ups and crunches should never be the foundation of a workout routine. Weights help people lose weight, and you're not likely to get bigger from either weights or push-ups. Resistance training is as useful for continued and maintained weight loss as most cardio.

Jump on in to the Official Exercise and Nutrition Thread (set it as a personal sticky so you see it every time you're in the Pit!) Read the entire FAQ thoroughly, and follow any links that catch your eye. Devote a while to it. After you've read the main links regarding routines and nutrition, ask any remaining questions. The regulars are knowledgeable and nice (generally) and they really want to help you.
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Absolutely, positively, none whatsoever.

Geddy for president.
I think humanity is roughly the same as it's always been, possibly quite a bit better. So yes, I have faith in humanity, because I'm not a sociopath.
I'd have to give it to the Beatles, no contest.
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Both made at the same time. Coincidence? I don't think so. Get the fuck out of my head Suzy.

Her's was first.
To be honest, mostly nonsensical with no discernible themes. Too "proggy" for its own good.

The K, L, and M chord progressions are fantastic though. I wish you'd spend a bit more time writing riffs instead of widdly-diddlies over chords.
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Do you know the difference between to and two?

A typo is not the same thing as shitty logic.
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Kel loves orange soda! Is it true? Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes it's truuuuue! I do, I do, I do-ooooo!

My God, the 90s were so racist

Kenan and Kel was hardly racist.
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The 90s will only be liked by people who grew up in the 90s. It's not nearly as iconic as the 70s or 80s and the older generation pretty much hates 90s music. Also, there's really no reason for younger generations to get into it since it just doesn't have the same legacy.

For now.