No. You want to be able to stretch your fingers over many frets.

true, but i may have phrased that wrong. i'm not going to stop using my pinky entirely, just wondering if i should for that position?
I'm not sure where to post, this seemed the most logical place. anyways...

I was wondering if i should be using my third finger to the play the notes on the B and E strings for the first position box of the minor pentatonic scale?

I'm working on the solo for 'cum on feel the noize' and the first part is all in that box. i've been working on my trilling with my third and fourth finger, but i've noticed everyone playing that box on youtube videos only uses their third finger (i assume for bending purposes). except for the low E string.

i hope that makes sense?? i guess my question is should i forget the pinky all together and just concentrate with my third finger? i'm up to about 120 bmp with a goal of around 150. Thanks for any advice!
i thought it was pretty cool. main riff kinda reminded me of maiden with the harmonies at the end. guitar probably could be louder though.
yeah metallica is why i started playing so they definately shaped my style. thanks for commenting!
i've been playing casually for a couple year and have never written any songs until i just bought some software.

thought i'd try an instrumental cause i suck at singing and just wanted to get some opinions. its a little sloppy sometimes and my lead chops kinda suck, but any other constructive critism would be great!

song is in my profile. enjoy!
very cool. you pick like a machine gun!
If you never changed your tubes, you don't have to worry about biasing. XXX's already have 6L6's unless you bought it used.

I got it off ebay and it had EL34's in it. I'm not a big fan of its tone so i thought i'd try 6L6's, possibly sound more like my mesa? would i have to have it biased or just flip the switch?
Tubes aren't lightbulbs. They can be dim or not light up and still be ok.

How will i know when a tube fully goes out? it'll just sound ****ty? and will it hurt the amp playing with just one tube?
Let me know or post in the tubes thread if you want suggestions for a full retube.

Well there's only 2 6L6 tubes in the amp, its a 50 watter. I think i'll replace them both and probably get some nice ones if they're worth if. Looking for a metallica tone i guess, justice/puppets era?
I've had my peavey xxx 40 combo in my basement collecting dust for awhile, and just recently when i took it out its not working right.

The front panel will light up and everything but its not making a noise. The tubes arent lighting up so i'm guessing they're dead (i'm no expert, lol).

If thats the problem i also noticed there's an option to use 6L6's instead of the EL34's that are already in there. There's just a flip switch to make your choice. If i put in some 6L6's would i have to get it biased or just flip the switch?? and would any 6L6 tubes work? Thanks!
I just noticed one of my tubes wasn't lighting up in my rectoverb. It takes 2 6L6 GC STR 430 tubes, at least thats whats in it now. I was thinking I should get some Mesa tubes, but are there ones that will give me the same tone for less $$? Thanks!

Also I've heard Mesa tubes are just rebranded? what would be the generic name?
Whoever told you we were nice in Minnesota? maybe, but nice? Never! lol
Na man, I'm cool with it. Just wanted to make my point loud and clear is all. You did get the message I assume?
Chad's right, I've been in this game for a long time now, and seen my fair share of crazy stuff. It irks me to no end to hear of someone doing that to a nice acoustic. Treat her like a lady and she'll reward you instantly. Think of it that way and you'll have much better luck.

yep i got it loud and clear. thanks for the advice guys. i actually live in minnesota (st. cloud) so i should know better by now, haha.
You obviously have no idea how the slightest adjustment to the truss rod can damage a guitar. I've seen the truss rod be the cause for the fingerboard ripping clear off the neck and yanking the neck out of its pocket. The longer you let this go, the worse its going to be. You might want to listen to both LeftyDave and I. LeftyDave has many, many years of experience under his belt, and I have four years of actual shop work. Don't second-guess his advice for even a minute.

I shall heed your advice and relieve the neck to the factory setting til i get it setup. still i don't think the anonymity of the internet gives you the right to be rude :P
haha... relax man, pretty sure the guitar isn't f*cked up (although i just loosened it some just in case what ever happened to minnesota nice? i probably will have it professionally setup though sometime soon.
Be careful with that truss-rod - it seems your crankin' it to the extreme.

I'm guessing i do have the truss rod too tight if its not budging... still the neck is totally straight, and the action gets higher farther down the neck. i got a cutaway so i could play the high frets, and it is playable, but not its not low enough! Thanks again!
I've been playing electric for 4 years and just bought my first acoustic guitar, a takamine G440c. couple of questions here, feel free to answers any or all....

i'm used to the low action on my electric so is there any way to lower the action more besides modifying the nut or bridge? i've already tightened the truss rod as much as it will go, its not budging anymore.

will lighter gauge strings (10s) help me crank the truss rod more and hopefully lower the action and relieve the string tension. i'm used to light strings (9s) on my strat, so these feel unbendable! it didn't say what size came with the guitar, but i'm guessing probably 12s?

and if i switch to 10s, will it change the tone that much? i like the sound of it, just not how my fingertips are raw. I'm sure i could get used to heavier strings, but i'm a wuss. Thanks!
I have a mexican strat and the other day i noticed the trem making a vibrating noise when i strummed really hard. so i tightened the spring claw screws and that helped, but made other problems.

anyways after playing around with the screws for days trying to make it right it seems like the string tension has increased a lot. its no longer easy to do bends, and it even seems like the action is higher, even though i only adjusted the screws and tuners.

any way i can get my strings nice and loose again? i had it professionally setup a few months ago because i always **** things up when i do it myself!
k thanks. i'm just paranoid.
I got a pair of dimarzio d activator pickups used off ebay, but i noticed the pole color is black instead of gold like on other pics i've seen. maybe you can get them with that option, i have no idea, but is there any way to tell if they're actually d activators? It doesn't say a model # or anything on them. i haven't installed them yet so i don't know what they sound like.
i think i'll go with a boss SD-1 and see how that works. thanks for the help!
Quote by littlepenguin
Zw-44 Od.

that was one of my choices. is it worth $100 though? or will a cheap boss overdive be just as good?

i was also thinking maybe a tube screamer, but not sure which version would be best for the tone i'm looking for.
i got my xxx for $380 on ebay. i'll sell it for $450?
i use a boss ns-2 noise suppressor. some people think it sucks the tone but i can't play without it.
I have a mesa boogie rect-o-verb and i'm wondering whats a good overdrive pedal to boost my dirty channel to give it some more crunch and sustain?

i'm looking for a master of puppets type tone.

and suggestions?
i have one, but i saved up for a mesa boogie rect-o-verb which totally owns it.
i'm trying to get a awesome scooped tone like Metallica's "Sad but True". i'm close except that it seems like i'm lacking some sustain and also some "crunchiness" when palm muting.

my setup is a mesa boogie rect-o-verb (vintage channel, gain=9, treble=8, mid=3, bass=8, presence=7, master=5, output=2) with a mexican strat with 2 humbuckers (bridge pickup).

i'm guessing the best way to fix my problem might be to get an overdrive or distortion pedal to boost the channel for a little more gain and sustain. or else i was thinking possibly active pickups or an attenuator so i could crank the volume more? any suggestions??
i've got a xxx 40 watt combo i'll let go for $450?
i have a peavey xxx 40 watt combo amp and am using a metal master pedal on the heaviest channel with the set gain really low. someone told me this would hurt my tubes??

also i was thinking of getting a mesa boogie rect-o-verb for a heavier sound. good choice? thanks!
cool. thanks for the advice guys.
whats a good pedal i can use to get a heavier sound from my amp? right now i'm using a metal master pedal on my peavey xxx's ultra channel, but its kinda noisey and sounds too digital.

i'm after a metallica black album tone like the rythm part on 'sad but true'. i've got my setting scooped so thats not the issue and i'm using a mexi strat with humbuckers which i think works fine. thanks!
ok so i just got a new tube amp off ebay, a peavey xxx 40 watt combo, and it has a pretty good metal tone, but not the metallica tone i was after. more randy rhoads than master of puppets. so i used my metal master pedal as a boost for the ultra channel, which is the heaviest, and it sounds better but it steals some of the "warth" from the tubes and also hisses like a son of a bitch, even with the gain on the amp at 1 or 2. it would be totally unplayable if i didn't have a noise suppressor. well just wondering if anyone knows a good boost pedal i should buy for a warmer/metallica tone. i was thinking maybe tube screamer? thanks!
nylon strings.
ok i wanna find any place that sells mesa boogie amps online besides ebay cause i want a new one, but no one sells them!!! not even the damn mesa boogie online store!
nope avt. i have a crappy mg 15 that my brother blew out though. thats why i need another practice one.
wow. that roland cube sounds better than my marshall 50 watt piece of ****. thanks for the help.
hmmm. the cube sounds like a good choice.
You go to your guitar store and try out stuff, what ever you think sounds best buy. Try not to pay attention to the brands.

well the only guitar store round these parts sells only fender stuff so i don't try out most stuff before i buy it.
lol. i just pasted the names from their websites.
i'm moving into an apartment soon so i was thinking of getting a smaller amp to play whilst there. i was thinking Line 6 Spider II 30 Amp or Fender® FM 25 DSP Frontman Combo Amp. something with a couple different tones and effects cause i'm too cheap to buy more pedals. if you got an opinion on either let me know or suggest a better choice. thanks.