even with your thumb?
i was thinking of getting a LTD EX-400 or a Gibson Explorer. I want it just to play metal so i was wondering if anyone had an opinion on either? thanks.
your the biggest ass you dont know what your talking about. too lazy to practice standing up, thats why his strap is high? idiot. it doesnt matter as long as your comfortable. and Tom Morello could whoop your ass in guitar anyday

yeah. he probably practiced only sitting, so to get his guitar in the same position relative to his body when he's standing he has to have it super high. and its just an opinion so take it easy. you may think he looks cool...... but it is a fact he could whoop my ass.
best way i've learned is to only practice standing and your shoulder will get used to it. and you should have low enough to at least cover your groinal area, lol. otherwise you'll look like a dork like tom morello who was probably too lazy to practice standing up.
where should your thumb be when fretting? I'm guessing behind the neck not reaching over is the correct form. also i have my thumb positioned across from my middle finger if it matters at all.
strat is probably the better well rounded choice. if you check out ebay you might find a cheap fender. i got my fender strat for $260 and it plays much better than my old squire strat.
Thunderstruck is not really tapping. more like a bunch of hammer-ons.
I've always picked at about a 45 degree angle cause it was more comfortable. is that bad form or will it reduce my max speed? thanks.
no wait. better would be the end of the Am I Evil solo. thats pretty basic tapping.
you could try metallica's "one" solo. thats pretty fast tapping, way faster than eruption.
Know what grinds my gears? You America! F*CK YOU!!!!
The overdrive on my avt amp sucks plain and simple. its not for metal. it doesn't come close to a metallica sound, thats why i bought a pedal. and i'm not gonna use my pedal on the o.d channel cause it sounds like ****. i just wanna know the cheapest way to get a warmer tone while keeping the crunch. i'm guessing the way to go is a tube amp with out a pedal.

and i'm not a dumbass who doesn't know that mid and contour are the same! lol.
no wait. there's no mid knob on my amp for the clean channel, only gain, bass and treble. and there's no way my amp will sound metal without a pedal.
ok i'll try that. thanks for the help.
^^^ lol. you must be bored to make retarded threads
i'm trying to get a metal sound like the old metallica without using a pedal which makes it sound too cold or "digital"? or maybe its cause i dont have a tube amp, idk. I have a fender strat with 2 humbuckers, marshall avt50 amp, and a digitech metal master and noise suppressor. which would be the best to upgrade or toss out to get a better sound? I was thinking of a mesa boogie amp cause i heard thats what james used in master of puppets. thanks.
ok, i tightened it again but its still not completely flat. suppose i'll just go pick up 2 more springs to stick in there since cheap ass fender only stuck 3 in there. thanks for your help jenny! hopefully all my problems are fixed.
god this sucks! as soon as i did that my action was wrong, and then when i fixed that and tuned it the ****ing bridge crept back up! i need my own guitar tech. or only play grunge music maybe.... ****ing bridge!!! i don't even HAVE a whammy bar!
yeah as i soon loosened the strings it went down. i'll have ta do that. thanks, your a big help. i swear i'm not a newb! i've been playing almost 2 years!
hmmm.... well its lifted a little in the back because its a tremolo bridge, even though i don't have a bar to use with it.
keep working on your guitar, get famous and we'll talk.

someday...... lol. yeah i set my action way too cause i wanted to do some easy hammer ons after picking an open string, but then the string would "klang" everytime i picked it so i set it back to where i had it. but thanks anywho.
ok, can i get some action with you jenny? i'm too low on that type. jk, thanks for the link.
ok thanks for the help.
well i found the article and the second sentence is "The Truss Rod?s Primary Function Is Not To Ajust Your Action!!". i've never messed with my guitar so i don't wanna **** er up.
Actually my action is too high on the higher frets, so how can i adjust this? its a fender strat if that helps. thanks.
I used the picking method where your hand hovers above the strings when picking, but during certain solos the strings ring even when i don't pick them. Lately i've switched to where i'll mute the higher strings above the one i'm picking with the side of my hand, almost like palm muting. is this a bad technique? i've also tried anchoring my pinky, but that doesn't help cut the feedback. if you know a better way let me know. thanks.
ok, thanks for the advice guys. i gotta pay for tution anyway.
lol... its funny i have to get advice from kids just over half my age! guess i should have started playin earlier than 20.
I was also thinking maybe a Esp LTD MH-400 which is a little more. I've never had active pickups though so i don't know how'd they'd sound. I don't want it to be too noisey. thanks again.
Right now i have a fender deluxe strat with double humbuckers, but i was thinking of getting an ESP F-250 because i play a lot of metal. short on cash though so is it worth getting? thanks.
is there any special technique to palm muting faster only using downstrokes other than just practice? i wanna be able to play master of puppets without using alternate picking, which sounds like crap. thanks.
if you get a better one you'll probably want to play more of the time like i did, and get better faster.