The answer is always torture.

I just figured out how to mention things.


That is all.
So, yeah. That's that. Let the bashing, senseless arguments begin.

I vote Metroid Prime and GBA Metroid Fusion.

Personally I could never get into the Legend of Zelda series. I've played 5 games all the way through and I'm working on Majora's Mask for the "new" 3DS and still trying to convince myself. *shrug* I guess it's not meant to be.
Get off your ass and serve the elderly you young POS.
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I died at 1:23 Holy Shit

Dat classical nylon supa bend though!
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the hotter the outside temperature the more efficiently a fridge will run don't ask me how exactly but it's to do with the way the refrigerant reverts back to a gaseous state after it has been compressed

Must be a fridge thing I guess, auto HVAC has a near linear relation with ambient temp vs cooled temp.
I've had no issues with windows 8.1, I like it quite alot. The move to Windows 10 for me will be a lateral one. Took only about an hour or two to figure it out mainly. Still learning little tricks for it now.
Also for me including my 5 second post delay it takes 23 seconds to boot up. Another 15 seconds after login to start up all its 'run-onstart' programs.
1 minute from doing jackshit to fully operational doesn't seem like a long boot up to me.

It's only gotten faster since I've installed an SSD and put all OS files and 'mission critical' shit on it.
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I love the 350 and 370. my only gripe is it feels like you're driving a bathtub, the side sills are too high and visibility is shit. I could live with it but only if it wasn't my main car

Reminds me when me and my boss were driving back cars we had gotten and I was in the Z31 300zx. When we got back, he told me "Stop punishing our new products, and don't tell you frickin' didn't cause I saw the nose of that thing try and touch the goddamn clouds."

Good cars

5 Classes, 18 Credit hours

Auto-engineering Spring semester back in '12.
It's a hard tie between CoreysMonster, JewChords, and the pentagram guy from (2011?). This assuming i were to decide based on lulz had.
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I'm a technician at a Ford dealership and I've never seen a 4.0L with anywhere near 300K on it, but it may just be me. I see 4.6s and 5.4 powered trucks go over 300K easily, and do I even need to mention the 7.3 diesels?

Maybe the older ones are better, but the newer ones, I guess like '02 or so onward, are less than phenomenal to say the least.

Now I was gonna comment on behalf of the 4.0 v6 but then I realized you meant the SOHC. I've seen about half a dozen 4.0 OHVs with 300k+ (one with 520k, everything else around the engine was crap though haha, I beam explorer, whoop whoop). I don't think i've ever seen a SOHC roll through the shop with more than 250 that wasn't about fully cooked.
Playing monopoly and landing on the Go 2 Hell box.

So many times....
My aim is ridiculously amazing so I never need to raise the toilet seat (excluding the lid you silly fellows). Sooooo, lid down all the time, works for everyone with me.
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02. A guitar's minimum requirement is an amp. A girl's minimum requirement is something shaped like a dick.

I fixed that for you mate. Thanks and Your Welcome
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Ya m8 m so sad I can't afford the truck equivalent of a motherfukn Pontiac AZTEC.

The equivalent would be a Buick Rendezvous.

Just thought you should know.
I would count it as entrapment. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, by definition, they have set someone up. Entrapment.
Hyundai owns 35% of Kia if it matters btw.

Also this is why I have FearML blcoked, sadly enough, I have to see his quotes thus me resulting in seeing his shite anyways. Nice Avalanche btw, he's probably sad he cannot afford something as such. That or he has such a heavy redneck mentality that he cannot see anything else.

Anyplans for the 'Lanche?
I thought you ****ed women in their piss-holes, and then experience hit me with a brick.

Also, Catholicism.
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u dont call it shit specifically like that unless its really really bad---


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The catalyst was that I just wanted to Google what the differences were between a 1968 and a 1969 Dodge Charger, but I can't tell if there are entirely separate models or just the same stock car with different engines/specs.

Thanks for any help, guys.

The differences between 68 and 69 was all purely cosmetic and option based changes (for the most part).
There was a lot more wiring in the 68 which was refined in 69.
Drivetrain/suspension and such is fully interchangeable. This assuming you are going v8 to v8, 6 cyl to 6 cyl.

Also --
Every one or two days.
I personally do not use a tone knob or a volume knob. In place have an on/off switch and a momentary push button as a killswitch. For any tone variances I switch between 4 channels on my eq before the signal is sent to anything else. It's only for major in depth tone changes you
cannot achieve with a 3knob eq (vs the 24band EQ). I tend to only use 2 of the 4 settings primarily.
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Should I got for it and just replace the post-cat O2 sensor? And perhaps piss my girlfriend off out of 120$ for nothing and still have to figure out what's wrong and spend more money?

Swap the posistion of the pre cat and post cat 02 sensor. If you get an opposite code, it is your O2 sensor, if it's the same your cat is bad or there is a wiring issue.

The tech may have used a 5 gas analyzer to determine the cat was bad. It would be best if you can find out how he came to that conclusion of a bad cat.

EDIT: This assuming you can swap sensors on this vehicle.

Why let everything drip out then be picked up versus being picked up at the source preventing a nasty mess?

Pads are stupid and should be obliterated like I obliterate uterus.
Me gusta mucho Stratkat.
Hellz yeah?
Yeah! hellz Yeah

No action photos cause I haven't bought a gopro and my phone will only stay still in my steering wheel for gauge shots. :/
It's 7pm you douchèr
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skrew u guys i have a Miata in GT3 thatd kik ur asses.

Seriously though, I'm going to have to start playing those games more.

skrew u bro I have a Cappucino/SC400 in GT3 thatd kik ur arse.

I can't use a 46 gauge so no.
Gerard The Hedgehog

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of all the GM compacts, Saturns were very consistently rated the best. They were not, however, known for outstanding fuel economy like the Corollas and Civics of that time.

The older models were though on the other hand. First generation SL/SW series 96/95 and below. The manuals are ******edly great on fuel. (Before GM stepped in and "helped" it's independent branch.)
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One of the favorite Volvos ever, except for the fwd.

What kind of cars do your friends have?

C55 AMG, 3800 S-II Supercharged Grand Prix, 260Z w/2jZ + BMW 318i, SBC 85' S10, 91 Accord wagon (gutted), 97 Accord turbo Wagon, 04' Altima, and a 94 Saturn SC2 TwinCam.

EDIT: Undisplayed picture
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Better question

What would the pit do

for this Tron Wilde girl

(Invalid img)

Or this Tron dyke girl if you watch House.

Edit: Shit, getting less racy picture.

Edit: Edit: Gigantic ****ing picture, but idc

would not ****, also. I would run over a school playground during recess for a Klondike bar.
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Car thread - If you were to create your own production mid-tier sports car what would be the specs?


Length: 3200mm (10.5 feet)

Width: 1680mm (5.5 feet)

Height: 1270mm (50 inches)

Wheel base: 2250mm

Weight: 1225-1270kg (2700-2800lbs)

Drivetrain Layout: FMR

Seating: 2 Seater convertable or non

Suspension Type: Torsion Beam, fully independant

Tires: 275/40R17 (Diamater 25.65 inches Yoko S-Drive)

12 gallon tank, Slant mount coolers/radiator

Front Brakes; 6 pot calipers; 13 inch disc
Rear Brakes; 4 Pot Calipers, 12 inch disc
5.1 DOT Fluid (not 5)

11 inch steering wheel, Sparco design

Engine; YB48PiNA [Cronian's Big Block]
4.85L Flat 8
(3.1416 / 4)*((105 mm)^2)*(70 mm)*8=
4.8490596 liters
Port Injection
Natural Aspiration
Dry Sump
2 cyl per crank journal
105mm bore, 70mm stroke
Flat plane crank
Rev Range: 7-8.5 (Power Band)
Red Line: 9.1
Rev Limit: 9.6

HP est: 415hp (with emissions), 445hp (w/ EORM*)

CVT or 7 speed Manual (syncro or dog box type engagement) [Sequential as an Aftermarket Option]

Final Drive; 4.27 or 3.9 (Option)
1st 3.75
2nd 2.72
3rd 2.05
4th 1.64
5th 1.37
6th 1.17
7th 1.05

Base features: Gutted; manual windows, no A/C, no radio, track suspension, EORM*, track computer***

Add-Ons: Radio**, Lite-A/C, CB radio, Race Suspension, 48 inch Rearview Mirror, bumper canards, hood Naca ducts, bootlid spoiler (bump spoiler). Lopey race spec Cam, carbon fibre fenders and hood.

Never will have: carpet, insulation, TCS, ABS (**** da law),

Sale Price at 23-25k

*Emission Override Race Mode

** #2, 6x9s and 1# 10" (fills up the already small trunk area)

***Lap Timer, car recording (with 6 way G-meter), 0-60, 60-0, etc. 6 buttons in wheel excluding horn
73 inches
6' 1"

I like tall and short chicks, even chicks bigger than me. mmmmmmmmmm >_>
I actually like this colour to be honest.

Though later down the road I'm going to have it painted Desert Beige and get a second set of rims with some dirt tires (A whiiiile from now)
Dem 245s

My old rims gettin the boot.

Orig Spare, old rims, my Supa Spares (27" tires, currents are 25)

After I finish all my inspection items and sway bar bushings Il'mma save for brakes because now my tires gripping ability exceeds my brakes clamping force.
this show sucks so much ass. >_>
Just put in an order on TireRack for 16x7.5 rims (18.??lbs) and 245/50R16 Kumho Ecsta's to replace my 205/60R16s with 28lbs leaking rims.

Awaiting mail delivery (ETA 10-12 days), then Picture Taimz