I could tell it was a led zeppelin song from his voice but i heard it on the radio and i dont know the name of it.. the only instruments playing in the song were the bass guitar and the symbols and it was really slow and had a nice beat...What is the name of it????????
ive been dating my gf now for about 1 year now and we decided to take the condom off i only stick it in her for about 20 seconds tops and then i get scared of precumming in her. we've done it about 5-6 times now, if i do pre cum in her will she get pregnant?
right now i have line 6 spider 3 amp and its loud by itself but when i play with a drummer his drums shut my amp out completely, i need to upgrade amps what brand and voltage should i get? i was thinking a peavey speaker and halfstack but i have no idea about that stuff i only know amps by themselves
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The Mach 20 plane is a hyper-sonic prototype. It doesn't carry people and so far one hasn't been designed that does. It's been in the news before and definitely isn't a secret.

As for Area 51, the existence of that has been admitted before, heaps. That isn't a secret either.

yeah heres the link
There is so much stuff the government is hiding from us, i just saw today that a hypersonic plane crashed in the pacific ocean going mach 20. theres area 51 and aliens and weapons technology. will we ever know everything?
i have ass hairs
north dakota is one of the greatest states in the world, they have thei rown governemnt, oil, farming, transportation, and trading outposts.
alright pit so im having a party this weekend and i dont like to drink just pure liquor i would rather have mix drinks but what r the best mixtures for
1.Jim Bean
the oil doesnt reside in north dakota it comes from the deep depths of south dakota and flows through north dakota into other neighboring states.
how can a south dakota exist if there is no north dakota, shouldnt it just be called dakota?
best movies wars, harry potter, and hunger games
Amazing movie!! did u all like it? it was pretty intense for a pg-13 movie, i thought best movie of the year
north dakota is a lie made by the government to trick us
what is this "deleware" everyone speaks of? who the **** actually lives here?
theres never any news about the state, is it even real?
who even lives here? i dont u?
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I thought when my parents were younger they lived in black and white times and colour wasn't invented then.

i thought the same ****ing thing
1. big tender steak
2. dads fried fish
3. and for dessert a big bowl of coco puffs.......................or maybe a girl
at least somebody put down the hammer of justice
im with my wife and idk if i should wait til after dinner or before to make a move on her.... what do u think?
this isnt spam, i just want ur thoughts
Give me ur thoughts.....
Give me ur thoughts....
DUMP HER but if you want herpes stay with her
i couldn't tell if someone already posted this but im gonna try

what kind of paint do you use to paint a guitar. the first guitar i painted i went with spray paint and it turned out good but it felt rough. how do you get that gloss touch without getting it professionaly paintd.
so i have a cheap guitar that has the same body style as a fender strat. u think if took it all apart and i bought the parts used for the strat that i can rebuild the cheap guitar into a strat.
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Please say you're going to do an electric guitar piece with a full band, or at least a backing track. There's nothing more tragic than a single guy with his razorback playing crazy train onstage by himself.

Trust me im playing in a band.
1.Hotel California
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Angus Young
3. Slash
Is this a good a good wah pedal. It has distortion wah and chorus its called a

Diplomat: CTM-1 Multi Wah Pedal

Is it a good brand
Ok i got a jackson guitar for free off someone but i dont no what its called, its a jackson guitar with 22 frets and it has circle fret markers instead of the shark fin markers. Help me
Check out this guitar is this a good brand or not I played it at guitar center and it sounded good but then why is it so cheap.
i have a guitar that looks like a american stratocaster but its made by a differnet company that nobody nos about and i broke a string so should i get fender strat strings or not.

what should i do
who says holligan anymore
i was in a little stall and i took a crap and i clogged the toilet then when the toilet was overflowing the door wouldn't open and i had to stand on my toes.
I was fishing and I caught a 20 pound tarpon
Im saying Juno from star wars the force unleashed
That cat is a fricken beast