Talk some Nascar
The official rugby thread

Talk some rugby
she must have been TONS of fun
im thinking the baltimore ravens
thats some hardcore shit
make cookies with your grandma
ok im going to the movies with my girlfriend this week and i can't decide which movie to watch??

or just wait until book of eli comes out

I need your opinion?



Book Of Eli

Sherlock Holmes
These kids must be beasts if they choke the chicken in public.
what kind of music do you play
Is this a good deal theres a used fender deluxe series powerhouse guitar in the paper for $375. Is that a good deal lor not? It says it has new pick ups and strings.
Fap all over her face and that should show her whos boss
At least somebody put down the hammer of justice.
"Don't you think were going to fast, we hardly know each other?"
I wrote a song a couple of days ago and it sounds more like a rap than it does a rock song even when i add the guitars and drums in it. what do i do?
Pittsburgh Penguins are going for another stanley cup
sometimes i stare so long i get in a daze and i think they notice me staring
1.when people walk around your school with a guitar and they play it acting like thay know what they're doing.

2. When your mom comes in your room and acts like your going to play her a song
you gotta do what you gotta do
Fap right in front of her and see what she does and that will tell if shes a true girlfriend
I would have took the bitch by the hand and make her take the guitar and put back where it was then tell her to get the hell out of here.
THE STRANGERS scared the crap out of me
Strike that kid down to the ground!!
When I play video games at Wal-Mart and little kids stand behind me acting like their going to play I look in the glass in front of me and laugh and I hope nobody sees me.