i have an uploadet tab, behind him is standing status "W"...
what means that?
hey guys happy new year
greetings from germany

5 days ago i loadet up 2 tabs i made, but until now they aren't accepted...
how long do i have to wait?

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Sorry, but you want a new amp because the Cube 'doesn't LOOK very hardcore'?

not only because of this... he isn't loud enought for playing on stage and i'ts a beginner amp...
let's say it like that... I WANT A BIG, LOUD AMP!!!
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doesn't mean he or she or it won't like it.

i'm an he^^
Hey guys,
i'm playing guitar for 8years and i have a little roland cube 20x amp... i want to buy a new one, for playing on concerts... i mean... the roland doesn't look very hardcore on a stage...
what's better a marshal, vox, orange... tell me pls

the budget doesn't matter... my parents will pay everything^^
so i'm specialicated on playing rock/melodic Metal/ Gothic Metal...
so i'm searching for an amp who's powerfull, loud, who has a good sound and who's usable on stage...
greetings from germany
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record you playing the song then sell it without the owner's authority.

i mean tabs from popular bands who exist on ultimate guitar... if they have faults or if i'll change the tuning....
Hey guys
i have a question.. if i copy a tap from someone, change a few things of it and load it legal or can't i do that?

thx for your answers
so can you give me the thing for free?
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i can get you guitar pro for free ;D

so this seems not to be legal, but... i want it for free...
hey everybody...
at first i wish you all a mery christmas, and i want to apollogize for my bad english... i'm coming from germany...

my main question is:
are there any good programms for making tabs? i've been searching for a while but i didn'T find anything that is good...
so do you you know a software for this??
greetings dani