Don't cruise the forums too often. Mainly signed up to favourite bands to see tab updates, news, etc.
I have a set of dean markley 11s. I know ive read before a good rule of thumb is 1 heavier for every half step. Checking out the sticky, thanks
so i could even do it with the .09s i have one, would just need to adjust the springs? interesting. I'm presuming would tune them down (6, 1, 2, 5, 3, 4) then adjust as required?
Hi UG,

I have an Ibanez JEM, which I currently have it in standard tuning. I am wondering about tuning it down to full step down. I am wondering if getting heavier strings will do the trick, or if more adjustments are required for it to work.
Alternate picking is basically picking up and down constantly, regardless of what strings you are playing across. Economic picking, which I tend to do, didnt even realize it. Is when you do alternate picking, but you might start with down strokes every string. For instance when I pick the major scale.

(low E)v ^ (A) v ^ v (D) v ^ ^. Is my pattern when I go through the first 8 notes.

When it comes to soloing and such, I like using a combo of both. I find some hammer on stuff sounds amazing, while shredding hard does as well. Just not sure if one should do one technique before another. Walk before run kinda thing
I was watching this video on youtube the other day:

Paul talks about how he started learning to play fast by doing hammer ons and pull offs for all his scales. Then the alternate picking for it came later. He goes on to say thats how one should really learn it. Do you agree?

When playing through scales and such, I find I can play more on time and smoother with economic picking then hammerons (perhaps cause its a bit slower).

What do you guys/girls think?
dont know the song specifically, but theyre a difficult band on the most part.

Too many songs ive attempted, but maybe only know 90%. Mostly dream theater of those.

Id say the hardest right now is probably always with me always with you by joe satriani. I used to know satch boogie fairly well a couple years back. Knew voodoo child note for note at one point, wasnt hard but fun as hell to play.
Quote by Jumeriah
I personally thought that revelation was a good song. I get people are saying said the rhythm part of the song sounded elementary at best and lacked in overall creativity ( because it does ). But the solos in the song are charged with such raw emotion that it more than made up for the somewhat stale rhythm work. It reminded me alot of chords of life. So if you are looking for something new and revolutionary then yes you wont be thrilled with revelation I guess. But if you want to hear the guitar playing that made satriani a living guitar legend, you cant go wrong with revelation.

I agree. Revelation is a very nice song. I also love Out of the sunrise. I havent gotten to into Satchafunkilis, im sure i will with time. Andulasia i havent listened to much to have an opinion yet, asik veysel is nice. Great intro, and just a nice rock song.

yeah, ive listened to all studio albums, except scenes from a memory, i just have the live one. great music. how they added majesty stuff, raise the knife (great song, hope some1 tabs it) is so great. they played a majesty song at massey hall, dont remember if it was the same one or not.

i saw awake album at music world for 8 bucks, at the time i knew one song off it, i knew it was a good buy.