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Not at the moment but it is indeed a tchoooon.

Converge - Jane Doe


Key Entity Extraction IV: Evagria the Faithful
maxwell - acension (dont ever wonder)
al green - lets stay together
dream theater - learning to live
pink floyd - comfortably numb
Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
New found glory - my friends over you
miles davis - hannibal
paramore - fences
i miss you - blink 182
were all to blame - sum 41

not in any particualar order, cant put it into a list but ^top ten definately
Honestly, I think it's because they hype the s*** out of the CoD games like they revolutionalized the gaming industry whereas Pokemon just say "here's a new game whoo"
Cool to see this still being updated so

My vote is A
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First band I saw was the Arkells at Edgefest back in 2009. I went, however, to see Billy Talent as they were the headliners. Was like 8 or so hours and I was 13, it was fantastic.

ah dude, i remember that year, didnt go but i wanted to so bad
A good friend of mine had introduced me to Ben Harper and trusted me to help her with her music exam, i haven't seen her in a couple years and honestly every time i hear Amen Omen i get on the verge of crying.
First band I saw was Paramore, great show, i was like 13.
i love the idea, but i dont have the body to actually dress up. Im currently reading Clockwork Angels which is cool but other than that I don't have much exposure to steampunk media.

I feel like steampunk isn't going to be a mainstream trend only because it seems a bit excessive and most people think it is over the top for no reason.
That wasn't very long ago, bout 3 years but

Senses fail
The used
Bullet for my valentine
Breathe Carolina

Other bands like that

I still love all of those with the exception of bullet. My music taste haven't really changed just widened like most people.

That being said I also loved zeppelin, Floyd etc.

Dream Theater
Zappa Plays Zappa
Roger Waters
Rise Against
Lamb of God

Wanna See

Explosions In The Sky

Also Pink Floyd
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hi five for mississauga!

Whoo high fives all around

OT: I work with DJ Danny D
I've met and on a different occasion played Jesper Stromblad(sp?) guitar. My Brothers friend is related to Alex Lifeson and I've met him. I went to school with an NBA player.
My music teacher is friends with the drummer from Gwar. I met the guys from both Big Elf and Scale The Summit. I met Knaan last year and Adam Levine.

And not proud but not ashamed I've met and have a signed Fall Out Boy poster

EDIT: Also met Joe Bonamassa

EDIT 2: can't remember his name but the dude who did the drums for Billie Jean

I think that's it :|
Hey, thanks man. Also I agree with everyone, kudos for doing this.
hey man here ya go
Hey man, they all look great. wondering if you could draw me with a maganium

P.S i dont have the mustache now.

thanks so much man
I bought Riot by Paramore, Finding Beauty in negative spaces by seether and Fantasies by metric without having ever heard of any of them. Not disappointed with any of them.
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Anyway You Want It - Dave Clark 5


New Eden - Animals As Leaders
Owen Cornings Pink Styrofoam ... Its very good, full of fiber
The problem with a slutty daughter is that sluts font go after the upbeat citizens, they go after the losers and I can't deal with that. A gay son would be easier in my opinion plus I would feel like I had failed both myself and my child.

Also I don't define slut as just the amount of sex but the reasons behind then aswell
I think A would be interesting but we need to build some suspence so I chose D or B
I have a feeling like a is going to win although I think b should

So I vote for B)
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EDIT: Also, considering that it must be between 8-9 PM, and that Simon's had a long day, a nap would most likely turn into a full sleep.

Most likely but looking forward to it.

Also C)
A) seems like one of the only reasonable choices. So A)
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I've also got a BC Rich Mockingbird named Pheonix.

Damn you for using Pheonix! Na, i name all my guitars, my p bass is Aoki, my millenium is Elizabeth, my peavey vortex is Anissa and my APX500II is Pheonix.
Really good man, im not a singer so I don't have any specifics but just keep practicing. The lyrics were good too. Keep it up man

P.s I favourited it and would like to hear more
dont know if it has been said but

Assassinate the Following


Ion Dissonance
hey everybody, so i have the album but its it worth listening to? i kinda want to wait and listen to this specially when it comes out.
heres my first, its not as good as some on here but its still fun to play
Oreos and gummy worms
The John band

John Bohnam - drums
John Petrucci - guitar
John Myung - keyboards
Ozzy "John" Osbourne - singer
John Paul Jones - bass
eventually you should get up there becuase performing live helps your playing a lot. coincidentally i went to my first jam a couple days ago, it was awesome.
That's a sexy bass, congratulations on the find, my peavey millennium was used when I found it too. Actually all my gear is used
i can do it for free although im nnot amazing, what do you have in mind?
It would take awhile but you could use powertab couldn't you? Also you can play it back
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My lawd, that bass is beautiful.

Anywhoo, Night guys, and love to all.

Good Night Tomus.