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Granted, I haven't personally ever achieved what most might consider a "high" ELO but like 5% of the League community is mature or otherwise respectable human beings.

I know what you mean. I've just noticed that after a certain point, people mind their own business and assume you know what you're doing. More pleasant for me at least.
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id be moderately proud but league? smh get back to rts and stay #elite

I was really big into them, but it just got to be too much. I hit Diamond in SC and had to stop, it was literally all I did and it was starting to fade ever so slightly, so I called it quits. League was a good change of pace, it's more social and isn't a terrible community after you get to the higher ELO's.

There's not many competitive RTS's I can get into currently anyways
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I finished The Last of Us Remastered in two days when I got it two weeks ago. Hardest difficulty too.

I swear I don't usually play games for that long.

TLOU doesn't take that long though, beaten it a couple times on survivor in under 10 hours or so, one sitting.

I used to competitively play Starcraft II and clocked something like 19 or 20 hours at a time when I streamed and was ladder climbing. Now doing the same thing with League.
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I take offense to this

Don't think you've been around long enough to be considered one of the weird ones.
Pretty much already been said above. More space from you and your amp/mic is better, depending on whether your using a condenser or something like a karaoke mic. Mess around and try to find a sweet spot with the mic and the amp.
I think his humor is pretty shitty and his channel and fanbase is very cringy in general.
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That's quite a lot of hate.
I hate the tones that Korn gets out of their Ibanez guitars and they both (as far as I know) use Dimarzio pickups. So that means Dimarzios are bad? No.
Also to add, Whitechapel's tones are quite horrifying IMHO and they use Dimarzios too.
I used EMGs for a long time and here's a recording of them:
MAybe has a terrible bass response and maybe I use a lo-fi shitty metal tone, but I can't hear it. I liked the sound I got with those.
Good sounding pickups are only good in the ear of the beholder.

However, TS, I wouldn't go for these pickups and I feel that you shouldn't either.

Fair enough. I just mean that EMG's might work well if you're doing straight metal, but DiMarzio's passives are excellent because I think they have a lot more clarity and feel more personal. Just my opinion.

But yeah, let's not talk about Whitechapel's guitar tone. Eugh.
Not bothering to read through the whole thread so forgive me if it's been said.

The new Wolves in the Throne Room was a pretty drastic change.
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So who else likes Death Grips

Love 'em. Got to see them live too, which was excellent.

Too much thread to peel through, anyone listen Burial? Didn't dig his newest release at all in comparison to anything else he's put out.
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Where does this idea come from? Never heard of anyone doing so and I don't understand the benefits/cons?

It's a pretty standard physics-of-sound idea, honestly. The high frequencies are more "fragile" and will get more caught in the paper and won't travel as powerfully, thus reducing the highs and giving a more mid range/bassy tone.

The benefits are just that. A very bassy tone (or simply one without a ton of highs [that guitarists seem to love for god knows why]) is prominent among a lot of genres, i.e modern jazz/fusion/prog rock/ambient artists.
12-60's would be good. I'm not sure what the build quality on the Ibanez is, so I'd be extra cautious and make sure that you don't horribly warp the neck or anything by setting it up for such a chunky gauge incorrectly.
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No, they're not worth getting.

If you're in the US check out GFS pickups. They're cheap, and fairly okay.

Seconded for not being worth it. I think that EMG's generally sound like shit as is, they have a terrible bass response and are pretty much only good for really lo-fi shitty metal tones. Invest in a DiMarzio or something if you really want a good sounding pickup.
What's been going on?
^ Exactly. But some of these viewpoints are rather silly, you must agree.
Oh god my eyes. This time because of the overbearing lack of intelligence everywhere.
Nice video name

Anyway, I think you really did well. I would work on using a couple relative keys (not necessarily always "proper") to "spice" up your style, maybe a few techniques not normal to your style. Your playing and tone are both pretty good. Well done!
AJSaw. Drawing if you please.
By "here" I mean the Pit. Either how much time you spend a day/week, or just how many times you come here. I ask as I haven't been here for a while, and I'm wondering about everyone elses tendencies.
326 at the moment. Mostly people from school or around the interwebz.
It's terrifying the first few times, but you get used to it. I love it now.
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Cobain #1?

This was funny on multiple levels
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Aww, happy birthday to you AJ. I hope you have a great and amazing day.

Oh and we can be twinsies now.

And the same to you.

Hooray for having a purpose!
Happy birthday to Andrea.

(..and myself )
Wintersun -
12 oz. Red Bull
12 oz. Whiskey
12 oz. Nordic Mist

Combine in shaker and strain into cocktail glass. Serve. Stir vigorously.

I kept going.

Arch Enemy
8 oz. Blood

Serve on rocks. Stir vigorously. Garnish with pickled carrot sticks.
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Not sure I get what you're saying. Do you think that was a stupid thing to say?

Not at all. I just mean that the character's expression sometimes fits a statement well, not in the sense that it's stupid, but often entertaining.
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America as a whole probably has never considered Australian schools in any way shape or form. It's not like the way we have this perception of English boarding schools here, most people just haven't ever thought of how it might be different down under.

As for Australia as a whole... well, Steve Irwin was a great guy, but that's pretty much what the bulk of America knows about Australia.

(Slight exaggeration.)

I always picture your avatar saying everything you post. So that last part was quite fitting.
I read about half the thread, and I'm just going to make my opinion known, and not stay here and debate.

I think if someone takes up the option of welfare, then they should be tested. But in addition to using it for food/shelter/basic necessities, I think there should be some sort of program for people who while on welfare had a drug problem, to get help. If someone wants to use their welfare for drugs though, let them do it. They just shouldn't receive any more than the next guy who isn't blowing it.
Silly bots, killing erections everywhere they go.
Signed, #113 here. Mind if I post this to a site or two? I can get some more signatures.

Fine. You get a large chinchilla to ride around.
Well, I'm looking for a beautiful woman to accompany me in the interwebz.

I'm just putting it out there, as this is an opportunity you ladies won't want to pass up.
At least the guy got some penetration before it ended.
Many beautiful women to spread STD's to.
I think mine would be just being with this girl.

We were just friends at the time, we went bowling, played some videogames, kayaked out to an little island, and just enjoyed being with each other. T'was also the night we fell in love, which eventually leads up to us having a relationship, but still, that day was the most incredible one in my life.

Besides that one, I'd say spending a week at a hotel for a jazz band competition as a freshman was pretty awesome too.
Basically what the title says. Personally, these last few months haven't been my most active, and I just don't login that much nowadays. Not that I can never find some lulz, but with adbots, lack of some older familiar faces, ect.

What about you?
Hey everyone..

So I have a good friend who I have fallen head-over-heels for. She's everything I could ever want. Recently, she's been flirting with me a bit, but not so much that it's blatantly obvious. So since homecoming is coming up, she was telling me about how her friend got asked, and how she isn't going because she has nobody to go with. So I asked her, just saying I would go with her if she wanted to go, and though she hasn't replied yet, I feel like I did something wrong. I really don't want to screw up our friendship, but I really want to tell her how I feel to find out if she feels similar..

Did I do something wrong? How can I tell her how I feel without chancing us not being friends?