Holy jesus it has been yonks since I visited these forums. I'm already glad I returned.
So my computer is fixed.
I would work with many people in creating some form of AI father for him.

Because that totally wouldn't go wrong.

EDIT: Make that some kind of female figure. With a mighty fine figure. Kid's gonna get lonely, especially once he hits his teenage years.
Oh, it's a Daily Mail article? That explains a LOT.
Jon777, you picked this up so well though once I couldn't continue helping. I think you deserve it

Also, my god my track sounds horrible
Downloading it now, cannot wait!
I was going to offer to listen to them and sort out a tracklisting, but I like Jon777's. Can't wait to get this thing released!
To whoever posted the camping experience story: I wrote The Whistling, I'm glad people remember it

Haven't checked in here for a while. Once my better computer's back up and running I'm gonna get back into searching for rarer and better stories, plus writing a few.
Once they're levelled I can work out an order if needed. Or we can vote on one here, I suppose.

As for me:
-The Wombats
-XavierOprah (Ashley Walters)
She's certainly a humorous thing.
Well guys, if we need someone to sort out the order for the track listing, I can definitely do that.
As for the levelling, I seem to remember Jon77. Is that right? If not, I can give it a shot.

Glad to see this is so close to release

EDIT: Also, the computer that my track's on is dead. Anyone know of a way I can download the track from my profile? Will the various addons for youtube and the like work?
Thanks for the votes guys. We could use a few more though..
I'm glad to see this is going well. I'm extremely sorry about leaving you all in the lurch.

But I definitely agree with the idea of another album. It was a fun project.
TheZephyrSon: Sorry I missed your sub. Am I right in assuming it's the Pink Floyd cover on your profile?

Tony, I agree with going for a 12-15 track album. I also like the idea of an extended edition if it goes well.
Tony, you have my blessing. Whatever you think will work.

I think Jon's idea has merit, but so too does a voting thread. Basically, I don't know which would be best.
GnR: I'm no great singer or guitarist, and I'm only 16, but I'm keen if you can't find anyone.
Oh god, if I lived in Welly I would. I love shoegaze, but no one else I know does.
I hate today because I have to call her 'as a friend', and I'm feeling shit already.
I love today because this thread lead me to the I hate today because... thread.

But I shall contribute nonetheless. I love today because I am feeling slightly better than yesterday, and for the first day this year, my school did not change my timetable.
Hmm, fair point. Well, we have a few days to get it sorted I suppose. No rush.

Guys, as of NOW the submissions are closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted a track, and keep an eye on the thread for the next step!

Jon777: You think judges rather than a voting thread?
Also, I'm not great with sound programs, so if someone wants to get that sorted after the album's been organised, that'd be great.
GnR, a few mates and I have some sorta jam/band thing going on. Currently there's a bassist who happens to be a brilliant guitarist too, me (I'm an average guitarist), and a decent drummer.

Whereabouts in Auckland are you?
Right, here's my cover.

Also, I edited the OP. If I've missed anyone's submission, let me know.

And, any ideas on how long the album should be, and if we need a voting thread, and if we do, how to do it?
to all.

Just a quick question, does anyone else have a heap of stuff going wrong at this time of year, every year?
I would sign up for this, but I don't think I want a date for Valentines. I'd just feel like a dick.
Chick I'm in love with broke up with me a couple of days ago. I aint gonna be over her by then.
But good luck to you all!
Yeah, you were. Well, at the very least, I'll count it as Monday in EST instead of my own timezone.
One more needed then.. an extension would be really useful.
^ I know I can't. I'll get through it, I've done it before. Already the pain is dulling.

I don't know what I can do to help you. But it will work out eventually.
I want to stay in contact with her, at least. I couldn't handle going from calling her every night, and talking until one of us fell asleep to not talking to her at all. It'd be too hard.
Thanks guys. It's our 7 month anniversary in 2 days...

Thing is, she said that the only way she could be happy is if we were friends. And I love her too damn much, I'd do anything to make sure she's happy.
There's not a lot of choice for me
Quote by Eddie4President


Well, she broke up with me. Apparently it didn't make sense any more. Couldn't stand only seeing me on weekends. And apparently we argued a lot, though I didn't notice at all. I thought we were perfectly fine.

Also, she told me she's been lying since the start about our futures. She doesn't know if that's what she wants. Which feels really ****ing bad.

I don't know what I'm going to do now. I'm a loving person, I need someone to text every night and tell them that I love them. I don't know how I'm going to survive.

She wants to be 'best friends'. I agreed. Dunno why, cos it's going to hurt like hell.
I need hugs
Guys... :'(
I need your help and reassurance. I am shaking. I feel like I'm going to vomit.
My girlfriend of nearly seven months (we were both extremely serious, I know it's the typical thing to go "oh, you're teens, you'll get over it, it wasn't real" etc, but that's not what I need. Please.) has just told me she needs to see me to talk about something. She won't let me call, she won't say what she needs to talk about.
What I COULD get out of her was:
Ash right now im confused beyond words and i wanna talk it out with you properly, i dont want to do it by msn or phone. its not right. i just need to talk to you.

Ash no matter what happens, youd never lose me. I'll always be here. Im just confused right now.

i've just been thinking about everything and i feel like i needa talk to you about what i've been re-thinking.

Sorry if this post is kinda shaky. I am stressing like mad. I normally stress a heap about normal, everyday things, so this is damn near literally killing me. I love her.

EDIT: Oh, I'm seeing her tomorrow to 'talk over some things she's been re-thinking'.
If we get say, 5 people asking for an extention I'll do it. I'm up for it, so that's 2.
It is Monday.
Shit. Even I'm running it close.
Guys, I don't know if you're interested in these, but they're kinda related.
A new ARG has started up.

Sign up if you can. They recommend to have as many people as possible helping.
We've got an IRC channel started up if you're interested. #TheBloodedKings
Either use Mibbit or download IceChat.
Quote by Butt Rayge

I'm looking for something more musical, rather than ambient and... well, I don't even know how to describe howe Victims of Hiroshima sounds, but something more musical than that.

Ambience is great, but I'd preferambient music to ambient sounds. Though, this is probably not the best place to ask. Still, it would be good to get some nightmare inducing music in here, to go along with the pictures, videos and stories.

Check out Lustmord's remixes of Tool's Parabola and Schism. Slightly more musical than their other stuff, and it's damn good.
SunO))) are pretty good as drone metal goes. Dunno about terrifying though, or nightmare inducing. Though I can see how getting high to them could be freakish.
Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima.
And check out Lustmord, I got an album or two specifically for nightmare inducement.
Right, sorry for the slow thread guys. My net renews in a few days, soooooo


Sound good?

Personal update: I have one song down, I may or may not re-record it. And I'm working on an acoustic cover of Third Eye by Tool (BDO inspired me), so if that's done in time, I'll submit that too.