This should be fine as long as the two circuits are never mixed. You can just lift ground for one of the circuits.

As for why anyone would ever do this. Ehhh

This should be fine as long as the two circuits are never mixed. You can just lift ground for one of the circuits.

As for why anyone would ever do this. Ehhh
I wonder what other forums that guy posted his custom guitar body story too.

I want to ready the delicious comments.

I admit to being incredibly inebriated. Glad everything g worked out for the op

A guy that sells you a body. And then a neck. And then can put it together for you if you really need it or you can do it yourself.

That’s a kit.
With good production guitars being so cheap now why the fuck would you buy a parts kit guitar from some rando on eBay.

Warranty doesn’t cover a headstock break.
What the hell is a guitar warranty for anyway.

There's no reason to get a ge300 when the helix stomp is about the same price now. just save up for that. 
Quote by yope
guitar can be setup ok and still have deadspots . The deadspots require fretwork . Fretwork and setup are  2 different things . I guess to you setup means something different than it does to me. If I were to take my guitar to have ,say the deadspots fixed on ,say, the high E from frets 10 to 15 fixed I wouldn't tell him set her up .

So you routinely get your guitars back playing like shit. Ok.
Quote by yope
setup means ,to the best of my knowledge, just about everything but fretwork ,touchup means nothing ,could mean what ? ,..a few high frets leveled ? just polished ,what does touchup,mean?  Setup is the hack adjusts truss rod to what  he thinks it should be ,intonate ,adjusts pup and bridge  height  to his taste , all of which can be done by  just about any schmuck off the street . ..The kid said string change and setup , not just string change . Im not trying to mean but its easy to get mad at w/ flippant remarks from know it all bags of hot gas .

The hell are you talking about Boris.

If the tech changed string and adjusted the action and there are dead frets then that guitar is not setup.
A setup without fret touch up isn’t a setup.

It’s just a string change.
Pickup covers are dumb anyway. Count your blessings.
If you don’t adjust the truss rod and action the guitar will have significantly different action.

Also the intonation will be off.

Live stacked coils
Dummy stacked coils.
Fishman fluence active preamp

Fake emgs definitely do exist.
No. They sound like their own thing.

First they are rails so the magnet construction is different. Then you’ve still got a coil close by when it’s split.

They sound like their own thing.
You can get a custom made. I don’t know why anyone other then a jazz player would want a guitar with only the neck pickup.
Well it's definitely not a japanese s540. Those have some version of the edge trem.
Are you sure that's a legit S body. That bridge doesn't look like any S bridge i've ever seen.
winspear shivs. only thing I use now.
gregs1020 no way anything can be worse then tlj so it can only go up from here.
those blackstar amps use an external switch mode power supply. the amp is powered by 12vac. 
Really the only thing that matters these days is the pickups.
Lol 750. R u srs.

Try aliexpress
if you are just playing acoustic why not just an acoustic amp.

another option is the blackstar id core beam

it's got modes for bass and acoustic. 

No shit it’s gonna be muddy if you set your tone control to 0
yes changing the speakers will make a big difference

right. but usually when we use attenuator in relation to guitar amps we are talking about power attenuators and not small signal attenuators.
I guess we could just be more specific. but isn't it easier to just call a volume pedal in the loop a volume pedal. otherwise we'd just call all the controls on our amps attenuators. 

but also screw jhs in general.
I've liked all the bogners I've tried but I've never been that wowed by them.
I hate the hype following that Friedman's have but I've liked every one I've ever played

There's a used JJ on seven string for 2200obo you could jump on that.
you can save a bit more and get a really simple kiesel Aries with those specs
1 piece neck. ash body. black paint. Floyd rose. you'll have to install the pickups yourself but you can sell the diesel pickups to make up some of the difference.

high string action will only mask some fret buzzing. 
if your nut is off or the neck is not set with proper relief or you have severely uneven frets there will be buzzing no matter how high you set the action. 
Everyone needs a majesty
Can we please not call volume pedals in the loop attenuators.

You are comparing 2 solid state amps that have no regulation as to what they claim to be rated at.

But I’ve only owned something like 30 amps so what do I know.

Just have fun with it.
A one watt amp is barely any quieter.

You need to determine what kind of sounds you want and how to actually dial in your amp properly.

The volume pedal in the loop gives you more control over the overall volume. But if the amp is too loud at .5 then any other amp will be too loud at the same volume.