So I'm listening to the song a sight to behold by Gojira and I'm trying to figure out what the harmonies are at the latter parts of the verses. It sounds so awesome like a weird dissonant harmony or something. But if any of you could tell me exactly what kind of harmony it is and what the shapes would be it'd be much appreciated.

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Yes, that'd be great for the tab metal!

I'll definetely be keep trying on a new sort of solo by Tuesday. Also, you know the bridge? What we're doign is having the guitar scratching with the drums playing. But it sounds a bit empty, is therer anything we can do there, or if you can tab out the proper bridge part too? Mayeb even if the keyboard does chords through there?

I really do appreciate your help!!!

It's no problem, mate. I play this song in Eb tuning and the bridge is the same progression as the verse, Bm to G to Em, only when they come back to the Bm they play it for an extra measure making it a 4 bar loop whereas the verse is a 3 bar loop, if that makes sense. I'm not sure about any keyboards, but if you want to play something throughout the bridge imho I'd suggest following the chords but playing a simplified version of the vocal medley as well. I'll send you a PM tabbing out everything I've explained just for clarification.
Hola volcz! I just recently learned this song myself and decided to put my own solo over it as well. I personally suggest just sticking to a the minor pentatonic as far as a basis on the scales.

You say you've extended it slightly, you mean the "pretty pretty" bridge part where they play the verse chords adding that extra A# and if so, how many more times do you repeat it before the G# before the chorus? What exactly do you need help with, is it creative inspiration or a few licks for guidance? Also, if it'll help at all I could send you a tab with the solo I've put on this song for something to provoke some ideas.