The last like..4 or 5 episodes have been absolute crap :/
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The volume of the Mac should be controlled using the master volume on the pod. Sounds like the patch level on the pod is too quiet. Try turning up the patch volume and turning down the master.

Patch volumes are typically 90-100% volume..
bump? Kinda frustrating seeing as I cannot record. Im afraid Japan might pick up my click track and think it's an earthquake, thing is LOUD. What gives?????

Also, all drivers are up to date.
Hey all,
I recently purchased a new Line 6 Pod HD500x. I am trying to record and rehearse using my macbook. I am plugging the 500x usb into my mac and plugging my headphones into the back of the HD500x... for some reason the volume on my mac, especially when pressing the volume keys, is EXTREMELY loud, almost deafening. I already went into the system preferences and lowered the audio to almost barely audible. I cant hear the instrument and if I turn it up ever so slightly, it's like Im cranking a 100 watt tube amp into my ears.
What gives?
Also, how exactly does a setlist work, because my unit is not saving my setlists or bundles. It just says "User 1"
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Wow, this episode ...

Terrible zombie action, terrible CGI, no plot development, badly written dialouge (apparently Michonne has multiple personalities or something, this whole episode was so out of character for her), bad camera work, shitty editing, no attention to detail (walkers no longer react to loud gunshots?)

I hope they stop it with the filler episodes soon. This one was really bad, I could barely finish it. Someone should tell the writers and directors a thing or two about how the zombies work, apparently they don't know much about them.

I noticed that right away. The deer CGI was god awful. You'd think a show that's been around this long with such a huge budget and FX team that they could make a deer look like...a deer?! The deer when carl got shot looked better than this.

Also, falling through the roof and just laughing was kinda dumb, landing on a mattress? How convenient. It's cool that they found the guns on all those soldiers, but that whole seen was dragged out way too long. Carl and Michonne's "one liners" were pretty bad. Emotionally, they seem to have "gotten over" Abraham and Glenn's death..they're too cheery, wouldnt they be a little more grim or anything while hunting for the Savior's bounty?
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As I said, I own the exact same guitar and almost the exact same amp (AC30C2 with a Blue in) and do not have your problem- or rather, it could be solved through equipment other than your guitar- EQ, a sparkly boost pedal, etc.- even the Celestion Blue itself does a lot for the sound.

If you wanted a simple, cheap solution, that involves modifying your guitar, try changing to pots to 500k. If you want a not so simple, expensive version, get some higher-end WRH's. Or maybe you just do not like the sound of a humbucker- if you stay in the humbucker route, you will likely not be able to avoid breakup at the same levels you set on your amp for your lower-output pickup guitars.

Sweet, I'll give the pots a shot. Would these do the trick?
does anyone own this specific guitar and have experience with this?
Hi all,

I recently just purchased a brand new Fender 72 Thinline in the natural finish. While I do love the look and feel of the guitar, I'm starting to get a little concerned over the sound, especially at higher volumes.

I mostly play ambient music (think Hammock, Explosions in the Sky, Caspian) and I use the neck pickup a lot. Im starting to notice it gets "muddy" and almost has a bit of gain to it when I play on the neck pickup or bridge pickup. Im not really getting the clean and crisp sound I wanted out of it. Im playing through a Vox AC15c1.

I heard that changing the pots from 250k to 500k does ...something? Would that solve my problem?
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Attached is a picture of my custom 1959 Fiesta Red Fender Jazzmaster with 24k gold hardware that my father bought brand new in 1960 at Pamona Valley Music in Pamona, California. He paid extra to get a "set-up" done, which includes setting the neck and bridge, etc., and it has held perfect tuning and intonation ever since. Bottom line, I would not buy any guitar from a shop that did not have trained technicians that can perform a proper set up.

That's quite a long time for a setup to last! lol

Also, going to post pics soon but last Wednesday I returned the faulty guitar and went to a local shop to buy a new guitar. I go to this shop at least twice a week in between classes as it is right next door to my school. I've played dozens of tele's there and the 72 thinline they had turned out to be the one I bought last week. It's in the natural ash finish and it's pretty! It plays well, feels good and is built the way a $900 guitar SHOULD be built.
Not to dissuade you, but I have had an awful experience (two actually) so far with the thinline series tele (I got the 72 semi hollow version). Not saying it will happen to you by any means, I wish you the best.
Check my thread about it and keep an eye on the build quality! Other than that, they sound amazing.
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I'm not an expert but that nut looks insanely deep. It's a quick & cheap fix but you would have to bring it to a guitar shop. Jeez louise. Is that a gap between the neck and the body? Or am I seeing things????
Yup. I can almost squeeze a paper in there.

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I'd keep sending them back until you get a good one.
I'm just returning it. Not even worth the aggravation of the new one coming in with issues.

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The nut being cut a deep by itself isn't really a problem. So long as the nut action is correct (low action with no buzzing), the string spacing is correct and the slots are smooth.

But that neck angle does look strange though. And being unable to set the action to an appropriate height with the saddles being at the top of their travel is totally unacceptable.

Out of interest, put a straight edge that runs the length of the guitar's scale down the neck and see where the end of the straight edge meets up with the bridge. If it keeps overshooting the saddles then either the saddles are set too low or the neck angle is too steep. If you can only get the straight edge to meet up with the saddles at the top of their travel, the neck angle is wrong.

But just judging from the way it looks and the way you're describing the porblem, something is really wrong with that guitar. Return it. That is pretty shocking.

There is extreme fret buzz on all the strings after fret 8. Before fret 8 there's some buzz near frets 1-3 on the EAD strings. I put an 18 inch ruler on the neck and bridge saddles, for the D and G strings, at their highest setting it's just little under an 1/8" of height from the top of the I cant really lower the ADGB saddles. The Low and high e seem to have a little bit more leg room, but not by much.

I was upset before now Im just livid. I've called my local store and the customer service and they are going to get in touch with the distribution center and Fender mexico to figure out why these are passing inspections. Interestingly enough, when I spoke to one person at customer service they said a while back a customer called with a similar issue (holes for the strings unaligned) for a standard strat.

Got the new guitar in the mail today. I am actually MORE pissed than I was with the original. Does this neck pocket look weird to you? It does to me, and the strings are at such a strange angle from the bridge to the nut (higher at the nut but the saddles are at the highest they can go)
Speaking of the nut, it looks cut too deep for my liking.

For what its worth...DO NOT BUY THIS GUITAR

Seriously, is there even a QC or anything resembling it at Fender Mexico?!?!?! I've never experienced QC issues with TWO guitars before.
So done with this company. What a ****ing letdown.

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OP - that sounds like too much of a QC messup not to send it back, regardless whether it is 5 mins or 30 mins to deal with it, I'd have it replaced.

Agreed. What a joke of QC on Fender Mexico's part. New one arrives today or tomorrow!
UPDATE: Returned the guitar. They ordered another guitar for me, same model to be shipped Next Day Air. Hopefully it comes back in one piece...
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For a factory new $900 instrument, it is absolutely worth the "hassle" of putting it back in the box and spending 5 minutes on the UPS web site. It's damaged goods, and for that amount of money the manufacturer/seller owe the customer something that doesn't require repair right out of the box. Why take any chance at all of being stuck with an expensive and defective guitar when you can just get a different one without problems?

Absolutely agree. $900 isn't cheap. I didn't pay $900 for a poorly crafted instrument. Also, upon closer inspecting, it's actually the bridge and the holes that are both off. Aren't these Fender's machine made? Haven't been able to return it yet, been snowed in. This is quite aggravating. I expect more for a $900 instrument.
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Fair enough if TS isn't confident with a screwdriver, but I personally am and I would want to avoid the hassle of returning it if the fix is this simple.

I carefully loosed the neck and tried your method, also moved the strings on the bridge to see if that'll help. Not so much. It still doesn't "feel" right. It certainly looks better than before but in terms of intonation, it's still a pain in the arse to get right.
Certainly disappointed that this is happening to a $900 guitar.
dspellman thanks for your very useful comment.
Hi all,

I just purchased this brand new Fender 72 Thinline telecaster in 3 tone sunburst.
I love it, it's super light but very versatile.

However today I noticed something really strange, it seems like the neck is, off?
If you look at the high e string you can see some space, like about 1/8th inch near the last fret. Then the low E string has almost no space and is almost sitting at the edge of the fret. Is this normal? Can this be damaging to the guitar in the long run? is it fixable?

Hi all,

Wrote this little bit the other day and my girlfriend decided to shoot a video for it woo!

Vantage there is no input 2, just 1+2...Ive just about given up on this product. My line 6 tone port GX works better than this AND it's stereo..wish I still had it..
What a joke. It's a pagan holiday. lol.
Everything is set to stereo. It also plays in stereo when the "direct monitor" is set to on..but then I'm hearing the dry signal from my guitar.
Once I record a track and hard pan it left, there's no sound. What gives. Tried 2 guitars and 2 cables...

and even with only the right channel playing it's very sharp and frizzy sounding. Not a good tone at all. So far Im not a huge fan of the scarlett. My line 6 pod was plug and play and worked right out of the box.
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So if Donald Trump doesn't own anything, and his tower will be owned by someone else only after he dies ... who or what owns his tower while he's still alive?

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Check out Faith Plus One they are sick

+1 for a 5150/6505 combo. A lot of the bands you listed have used/do use a 5150/6505 at some point or another.

also lol @ listing favorite bands in order
You're just starting out and have a $1200 budget?! That's incredible lol

I'd recommend the blackstar or another small tube combo. 15 watts should be the maximum you'd need.
As for a guitar, a strat should do ya good!
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There is something only allowing mono output. Look around the DAW and see if you can find it. If anything double the track and pan one hard right, another hard left.

Nothing is indicating mono output. Music plays just fine and listening to a separate project plays fine.
Also I can't pan hard left..nothing comes out
Hi all,

I just brought a brand new Focusrite Scarlett Solo home. Unfortunately I can't figure out why my guitar is only coming in through the right channel?

In logic pro x, my pans are dead center - sound only coming in through right headphone
moving them to left pan, no audio output

Im plugged directly in to the Guitar jack on the Scarlett. Also, if direct monitoring is off, I get no sound at all.
Hi all,

I've been in an uphill battle trying to find a case that fits my guitar. I've tried a few gretsch cases and none seem to properly fit my brand new Gretsch G2655t.

This pic is a little blurry, but there's about a 1.5 inch gap between the lid and case that I have to push down hard to close. Im pretty sure this isn't good for the Bigsby vibrato...

I've spoken to gretsch, posted on many different forums and there's been no help. This guitar's been on the market for almost a year and NO ONE's had this issue?!

emailed gretsch and called the retailer, both do not accept this as a return. Awesome.
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Looks like finish scratches to me. Can you feel thr crack? Do you wear rings when you play?

Yea but Im just confused as to how and why, there wasn't any drastic temperature differences in my room..and if there were, why haven't any of my other electrics or acoustics shown the same symptoms in the years they've been in my house..?

Yes, I can feel the crack and no I don't have anything on my hands/fingers when I play.
Here's the crack, photo bucket and tiny pic have been down all day? weird..

Hi all,

I recently just purchased a brand new Gretsch G2655t from Guitar Center last Friday, less than a week ago. I keep all of my guitars in their gig bags / cases in the closet when not in use.

Today I took my guitar out and noticed these cracks in the finish.

What on earth caused this? I've had a Fender for almost 4 years stored in the same way and it has never happened.

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motherfockin tigers, man

I want to see Shiva vs Saviors in action soon
I feel like the saviors are gonna kill Shiva...
That episode brought me to tears. Brilliant acting on Rick, Maggie and Negan!
I live in Boston. There's a ton of used gear shops / mom and pop shops. Both of the GC's in the city are a mere 15 minute walk from each other which makes no sense.
Autumn. 110%. Beautiful sites and comfortable weather.
Hi all,

just curious if you guys write your original music by "accident"? meaning improvisation, random idea or creativity. Or by design, which is by using theory?
I am not taught in theory, I know the names of maybe 5 or 6 chords but I've written a lot of music over the years.

Is this a disadvantage or should I invest more time in learning theory ? Just curious.