That might be true, but for the mean time, it sounds pretty awesome.
Okay, So I've found this link. It's got an audio track, advertising 3D60, or 3D sound. Check it out.


It's crazy, and eventually, most songs will be recorded like this.
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Okay, to get us started, I'll give you some background information. I'll use names, just to make things a little less complicated.

-I recently broke up with my girlfriend, about a month ago. She's the sensitive type. (Sabrina)
-One of her friends (Although they don't get on the best) is the girl I'm interested in (Britt)
-Britt has a boyfriend
-I have no connection to her boyfriend, whatsoever. I have never talked to him.
-I've known Britt for around a month
-We talk a lot
-We flirt a lot
-I like Britt

So, me and Britt talk a lot. She says that her boyfriend "Is a dick, we're practically over."
She says I'm "Pretty much the perfect guy."
She seems interested in me, she hasn't talked to her boyfriend in weeks. We really get on well.

The problem:

Sabrina, my ex, warned me that Britt leads guys on. At first, I thought: "It's just a typical ex, being jealous."
But then, Britt has been throwing compliments at me for several days now. She always compliments me, in practically every way.
I ask her how she feels about me, she says she "Doesn't know, I'm not too sure."
Fair enough, she still has a boyfriend after all (Although a distant one).
-Is this her playing hard to get, her telling the truth and hiding that she doesn't actually like me, or her honestly undecided about her feelings?

Just as a topic of conversation, we were talking about a guy we both know. She knows him fairly well, I barely know him. She says that he's alright looking, but I'm better.
I look at this guy's Facebook, have a look at his pictures. Britt's commented: "Who's that hottie?"
What's more, a girl has commented: "Britt, you have a boyfriend, if you can actually remember him."
-What does this mean? Was this her just joking around to a mate of hers? Does this mean she can't be trusted? Does this mean she is leading me on?

I haven't questioned her on any of this. I don't know whether I should, or forget it.

TL;DR - Confused whether girl likes me or not and whether she can be trusted. Warned by my ex that this girl leads guys on.
Compliments me and flirts with me regularly, then when I asked about her feelings for me, she says she doesn't know.
Says I'm better looking than a guy, but I find a comment on that guy's Facebook photo from the girl saying "Who's that hottie?"

Just any advice on how to react or what to do, would be greatly appreciated.
Who really cares about this guy.
Eventually, people will get bored with him.
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inb4 old, but still...

fucking funny.


I just found this website: 27b/6

Check it out.

It's basically this guy, who is a total ass to pretty much everyone he meets, and it's a record of his email conversations with these people.
I haven't had time to read them all, but I've found some of them pretty funny. There's a list of all his email conversations down the left side of the page. My favourites so far are this one, this one, and this one.

Thought it could provide some lulz?
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Is it down, I can't seem to get a connection.

I have that problem too. "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."
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Tommorrow at 6pm. Got it.
***Ignore me, comment the above user.***

He's one of my favourite UGers around.

EDIT: geanes isn't bad.
Everytime I go to sync my iPod, it syncs, but freezes at the very end of the "Backing up" stage.
I'm running Vista, and a dialogue box comes up with "Mobile sync has stopped working," or/and "Yahoo Go Sync Client has stopped working." Help?
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The harpoons. Man them.

The main reason is jealousy.
And also because they are fakes. The music media do all the work. They find someone good looking, and who can partially sing and play some sort of instrument. They write their songs for them, advertise for them; they do most of the work.

Quote by JimmyBanks6
they didnt do something with their lives, disney did something for them for their lives.

if they were just a band without disney backing there ass, they would never even be heard of

Pretty much that.
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Dough Boy... I'm laughing so hard that I can't breathe

I had stupid nightmares too though

Hey, hey.

It's so scary
I only have one proper nightmare that I can fully remember, since I've had it so many times.
I'm out in a little patch of grass and flowers, skipping and playing with the flowers. To one side theres a HUGE black wall, with red digits right in the center - Like a digital alarm clock. It counts down, I'm yet to notice the time runnng out, and so I'm quite content in my little garden. The countdown reaches zero, a voice booms out and I scream.

Sounds pathetic when you try and explain it, but it's scary shit.
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Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it Connect to it

Pretty much this.
I lost on OP.

Quote by Dirge Humani

What is this shit!?

7/10. I like the quote.
The Office, Catherine Tate, Little Britain, and Rhys Darby.
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Well, I mean, I didn't know about it until I made this thread because I wasn't sure about the situation, but if it's really that big a concern to you I can apologize to the girl for urinating on her toilet...

I think The Pit just loves to turn threads against people.

No Michael, it's a shadow.
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lol, I'm just trying to defend my douchebagary. and it's funny seeing everyone's different take on the situation.

How's that going for you?
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Someone to throw knives at! But seriously I don't know...

No-one does..
Life wouldn't be worth living after committing such a crime.
Cool story, bro.
"Wow! I could have a dough_boy!"

'Tis tru, 'Tis true.

"Top breeders recommend Harry."

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Is it just me or is it impossible to treat acne and feel like a man?

Moisturizing cream? Putting it on before bed? Not touching my face because it'll make me break out?

So sissy..

It's not just you, we all feel this way..

Quote by OddOneOut
*Useful advice*

So sorry. I must have skipped past it. And the FemFresh thing.. Removed.
Thanks for the help, it's greatly appreciated, I'll add it all in the OP.

I think if you pop it it would make things worse, and so would continuing on tapping. I'd just give tapping a rest for a moment.
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I remember in Year 2 asking my friends what the proper name for "willy" was. They all just looked at me like "what the ****'s he been smokin'?"

'cause when we were year 2 we completely understood drugs and smoking.
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Does anyone else notice a difference in their acne during different seasons? LIke for me, in winter I almost dont get any pimples, just maybe 1 or 2. In Spring and summer, i get a bit more. And in Autumn, its the worst. Like every 2 days, some new pimple forms. I was scared to pop them cuz i didn't want scars. My face looked horrible. Right now, i just have a few small pimples on my face. But i also have scars. Anyone know how to fade them quickly?

Not really? Not for me anyway. I would say because of the heat levels, but you can't say that for Autumn.
And like I said above, scar treatment products?
zilant is the best in making good threads.