Tonelab ST. Insanely easy to use compared to the RP355 and although it doesnt have as much effects all the effects are good quality. The stompbox mode is a pain to use, but using the RP you could get used to if you really want the ton of effects that you'd never use.
The direct to PA yields really good results. Ive done a few gigs direct to PA and it was perfect soundwise. If you're using alot of sound patches you might need to organise your patches cause there isnt much of a way to just scroll through it fast
Cleans are the best thing about it. I couldnt coax the same cleans out of the RP in months of trying, it lacks something...
The distortions are IMHO a lot better on the tonelab than the RP355.
Specs wise both are on par with the exception of the RP having more output options
I just find linear taper pots help me control my tone(lowering volume=lowering gain on my guitar sound and stuff)and generally give me a more more controlled feel than audio tapers, personal preference. This maybe be cause I had a few nasty experiences with audio tapers..

Damn I was hoping I could pull the Wiring off.. Will the S series switch be different to wire? Im only adept at regular 5ways and I really dont want to screw it up

Thanks for the help man
I just ordered an Ibanez S570b and realised that I still have enough money to upgrade all the electronics on it

A Quick Spec Rundown on the S570b:
Neck Type: 3pc Wizard III Maple neck
Body: Mahogany body
Frets: 24 Jumbo frets
Bridge: ZR bridge w/ZPS2

Neck Dimension

Scale 648mm/25.5"
a : Width at Nut 43mm
b : Width at Last Fret 58mm
c: Thickness at 1st 19mm
d : Thickness at 12th 21mm
Radius 400mmR

Im aiming to make this guitar the most versatile guitar(albeit not perfect for any specific genre) that can handle ANYTHING I can play since I can only own one guitar right now
What I had in mind is the Dimarzio Crunchlab+Liquifire set cause it really can do the heavier stuff im into(Djents and Tech Metal) and with the right wiring and tone settings possibly some jazz fusion
I depend 100% on my Vox Tonelab and if I manage to borrow it for the larger gigs, a PODHD for my tones and effects.

But I ran into a few problems which I hope I could be helped with.
1.What pup for the middle?
The sound Im looking for is a country twang. For those bluesy moments which I usually have to break out at gigs more often than not. Could anybody give me a few pointers about single coils particular for the task?

2.Wiring Diagram for the set up I want
Ive been looking at all the wiring diagrams and I couldnt find the specific one Im looking for. Have a set up exactly like a H-H set up with the middle option adding a standalone single coil. Is this set up even possible?
1 Volume, 1 Tone, 5way pickup selector:
Position 1(most towards neck): Neck
Position 2: Neck Split(like a single coil)
Position 3: Middle
Position 4: Neck Split and Bridge Split(humcancelling like a strat)
Position 5: Bridge
Since the humbuckers I'm considering are 4-conductor I hope its possible

3. Crunchlab bar towards neck or not?
Most people, I notice use it with the bar towards the neck even JP himself, but some use with bar towards the bridge. Is there any effect on tone and response with this?

I know that I would prefer Linear Taper 500k Pots but I dont know what brands and models are quality products. I am ordering all of this online so I really do have too many options

5. F spacing or Standard Spacing?
As a general rule F Spacing is for guitars equipped with floyds(right?) but I have seen some guys installing F spaced pups in the neck for non trem guitars saying that the spacing at the neck is more than that of the bridge. I really got confused about this and I want to install whats right for this guitar. Could somebody explain what the spacing is about

Sorry for the really long post but I hope its easy to go through and that you guys can help me.
Thanks for reading, Even more If you can help
Im buying one just for the tremelo on the SE Customs.. Sure dont see a pop in arm on anything in the price range
Nice to see you run with my idea for temporal GAS managment
Why the Spare Parts?
A Pickup, pots change would improve sound, locking tuners would improve tuning stability, but why specifically PRS Parts?

I wouldnt buy anything but the 2012, but thats just cause I hate flat things
You knw the best thing about that camo finish, Its really easy to sand down. The two guitarists in the band I used to be in had a shit time with both guys having the same guitar and one of them got so peeved that he sanded it down and refinished it. Even if ya CBA to try the tuning messing, just knowing the piece of wood has uses to be messed with one day is worth spending the 100 on... XD
But john mayer.............. nope thats no sound that the camo can getcha but you dont need THAT sound now eh? ;D
High chance for gems among the camo vendetta's, ive extensively played 2 of em and both outplayed the Dean MAB1 handsdown. The electronics are very meh but otherwise if maintained well.
Also great guitar to keep around for B drop and such tunings.
The guitar played OK(the wizard II-7 felt odd, maybe cuz it was myfirst time with a seven), the pickups were meh, the body felt very comfortable, and by god that trem was AMAZING.
The trem alone is worth buying it for.
Wasnt there even a video BY THE BAND on UG for this song?
Muhammed Suiçmez. Smooth mix of legato and picked notes.
For that budget you could probably get an ibanez S series guitar. They have mahogany bodies as opposed to the basswood in the RG's(personal choice here). Plus it has a more durable trem unit. The ZR uses ball bearings so there is no issue of dull knife edges(like on the edge III's). The Edge zero II that issue has yet to be seen since.. nobody has yet had any long enough to see it
But the edge zero II and the ZR are some convenient trem systems cuz they are a bit idiot proof than OFRs and LFRs, much harder to lose the small parts in it Very stable with the ZPS. Stayed in tune after complete vai-ness.
When it comes down to it its just the body shape and comfort thats the issue, same pickups on both... Go play both and then some
Quote by kutless999
Yea, I guess I'll just get the 355. I probably really don't need the extra foot switches anyway. At least the rp355 has stomp box mode.

What nobody tells you is that the stompbox mode is a bitch to use and you wind up wishing it had more footswitches after using it a couple of weeks
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Hush children.

There are guitars to be admired.

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If you have/make a feedback looper and an EQ pedal (you could build a feedback looper with a simple high end filter like a guitar tone control) you can get some cool effects with delays.
Set the delay so there is only one repeat, and run the delay and EQ in the feedback looper, you can set it so each repeat has less and less treble (this is good to do if you have a digital delay and want to replicate an analog delay tone) or you could do other things with the EQ too.
This probably won't work that well with the ToneLab delays though, its more for use with an individual delay pedal.

Sounds like a lotta work
The tonelab sounds pretty analog already, I would like it to be a bit more digital
Quote by fly135
I don't think the ST read out even gives the delay in msec. I believe it's all by ear and maybe it has tap tempo.

Yeah it actually doesnt but there's this software is use that was developed by a user that allows patch edits from the computer which shows all the parameters and also the delay time in ms. It also has a sweet little looper function.
Thanks for all the Help. Found some cool stuff in there
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I can't imagine that it would be any harder to get tubes than it is to get the tube amp

True dat. You can get a tube amp. Then you can ORDER tubes on and learn how to operate on the amp if the tube blows [lets just hope it doesnt ]
Quote by slingshotjr
usually when i get a new effect ill just set all of the knobs to 12 O'clock and play with it from there

I tried that and i got irritated by not knowing what to do with it
So. Recently i got a Tonelab ST which has an analog delay effect and im wondering about how to use it. Ive never heard much songs that use delays so im wondering if there are any ideas and tips that you guys may have to share.

I already know that delays can be used to add depth to solo's but what i dont know is how strong that delay should be. And any sweet songs which use delay is much appreciated
The fretboard (size) you refer to is called scale length, to avoid further confusion.

I suppose I should point you towards the infinite wisdom of UG. All and anything you would want to know probably is in the forums of this ridonkulous place. So good reading to ya
A bit of a rarity but If you can find any one of them Ibanez RGR's itll be perfect. They pop up occasionally on ebay and other online places
Most john mayer songs, slow dancing in a burning room or vultures is a good start
Now this sounds like a very stupid question. silly me. Thanks
Ive noticed jazz string sets have thicker gauges than regular sets. Whats the merit behind that?
Is it for the thicker tone?
Is it a semi-acoustic(as in transducer pickup equipped)?
Pointlessly curious here. How IS that done?
just makes me sad. very very sad once i realize i has no talent
you culd drop the E to D and aviod the B
i know this aint helpful(Sorry) but borrow a good 4-string and drop it to D or relearn the songs using that b-string, which I promise you WILL be worth the effort
The dean IS a good idea for a starter. but its still hit and miss most of the time. a buddy of mine got a vendetta camo which smoked a MAB sig in comparison(WITH CRAP AMPS, i note) and it was all stock so you could get lucky with it...
dimarzio. go to their site and browse. a good starting point
Quote by Zaphod_Beeblebr
It's probably either all downstrokes or all downs on the lowest string and upstrokes for all the others.

The second way sounds the best(i think). All downstrokes makes it sound chopped up... maybe my bandmates doing it wrong but i play the song the first way. its soo much easier
Anything with EMGz coupled with the 6505 will make that sound purr-fectly
I dont have a garage
If you dont want a glorious load of effects that you will never use but a good tone i suggest checking out the Tonelab EX. Its waay cheaper than the line6 HD and fixes the flaws of the ST.
Quote by deepsal
you have a cube no use of buying a multifx

Not necessarily true. I have a spyder but i still bought a tonelab. Its just personal preference, that and the fact that the tonelab sounded way better tonewise
If you bump up ur price range to the price of the Rp355 then you can have alotta great options
like: Vox Tonelab ST, Boss ME-25, Zoom g2.1nu and the line6 Floor pod plus...
Right now that Rp255 IS the only thing worth it
I was actually thinking of outing it via the record out. its basically what my band does with almost all our instruments. the only mic-ing we ever do is for the trumpets nd sax (yeah its kinda a jazz ensemble) Granted the sound wont be good but since 50% of the listeners never notice the difference between bad and good sound i really dont care

Ill be screwing myself if i sounded like i knew what DI is. all i know is that its a thing without speakers