Don't do it a lot.
I was doing about 5 grams a week for a whileeeeeeeee.
Which is a lot, considering the effect it has on you

I didn't sleep for like 6 days one time.
Like you said, you just feel the need to have it.

I'm not saying everyone would get addicted to it though. Just don't do it a lot.
The come down is HORRIBLE.
I mean.. it was a gooooooood, and i did it all the time.. and i threw up blood once. And I also hallucinated. of course, that wasn't after doing it once.. it was a binge. But still.

I love it, but i don't advise it.
If that makes sense haha.
at a party.. in front of people
in dressing rooms, bathrooms, backseat of the car, hotel balcony, beach, movie theatre, and in the woods against a tree.
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she's on disney channel

hahahahaha props
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im sure he just needs a hug

don't we all?
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Banned because i don't want to have a magical ponytail.

banned because i agree.
who the hell wants a magical ponytail?
well... your names death drummer, and you're wearing a mask.
so i would do the obvious thing...
make sweet sweet love.
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I'd wish for less psyco-bitches.

well he's tearing down my balcony, so that's quite a sign of unfriendliness
banned because beastiality is just plain wrong.
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I found it, TS, thank me later.

Lemme tell you.
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This? First thing I thought of with vague description.

I got so excited hahaaah
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Lithium by Nirvana??

Nooooo haha
That's not upbeat. And he doesn't sound like a woman hahaha :P
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listen here youngin' aint no song existin with yeahs between the verses and chorus neither, YUH HEAR?

Right. Well when I figure out what the hell it's called.. I'll be sure to send it to you.
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Maybe if you gave us the melody?

How? haha
She (i think) just says "yeaaaaah... yeahyeah" over and over again
while a 80's upbeat sound plays in the back ground.

Quote by Lt. Shinysides

seriously dude, no song exists that has "yeah" anywhere in the verse and chorus. You're making that up.

1) I'm not a dude.
2) If you read carefuly, you can clearly see that I said "between the verses and chorus"

So... Good job.
This is gonna be extremely vague.
But my mind is totally and entirely blank.
What's the song called that goes "yeaaaaah... yeah yeah"
It's possibly a girl singer. But then again it could be a guy with a very womanly voice haha.
It's upbeat and they repeat "yeaaaah.. yeah yeah" over and over between verses and the chorus.

Help me, pit <3
I say "legit" alot. It annoys the helll out of ME.

I also use extremely brutal threats.
Doesn't really ANNOY people, I just think it takes them by suprise alot. Haha.


Me: Will you hand me that?
Friend: Um.. No.
Me: Okay, well expect to be ****ked with a knife!
........ in the butt.
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She's a lesbian!

just because i have a girlfriend, doesn't make me a lesbian. so yah..

but i mean, thank you for assuming things.
seriously. it's so attractive.
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It's like a 1.9

dude, seriously?
its not that big of a deal. you can pull it up.
its not the MOST HORRIBLE GPA in the world.
take extra classes. go to summer school. apply to an alternative school for GPA approvement.

just chill.
i have a 0.9 GPA
so be happy it's not that.
i'm boogerrr. i'm a female. and i want sex.
hardcore sex.
all day, and all night.
365 days a year.
and twice on christmas
Oracular Spectacular - MGMT

Homesick - A Day to Remember
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pick his nose a little too much

i'm not a guy.
so yaaaah..
shows. shrooms. party. sleep. eat. fuuck.
loves to go purple whale watching!
ha. and has a good taste in music
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Girl that lurks on my profile, and doesn't add me or leave a comment.

IRISH_EDIT: How the hell am I a gypsy?

didn't know i was supposed to, mister.

and cause i said so.
irish gypsie with a nice smile?
if you want my comeback, you can go wipe it off your moms face.
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Dimebag is overrated, british humor sucks, I don't like The Beatles

you are my long lost best friend.
dave grohl with long hair :P
(while carrying a guitar case around) "oh, is that a guitar?"
no. its my lunchbox. want a teddy gram?
you know, in high school i would get boners so hard they'd break my desk in half.
i don't think you're a sociopath. you just speak your mind. even if it's in front of people who think it's a little "too much"

next time someone calls you that
then pull out their eyeballs, and wear them as a pretty lil' necklace.
super funk-a-licious jazz!

ze' flappy bawlsacks
marlboro menthol 100's