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See you fuckers next year.
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Today is the day guys. I r exciteded.

this has nothing to do with Devin Townsend, but I found it in my photobucket.

Don't ask me why. Enjoy.
Said it before, say it again.

You are all not listening to enough Skepticism I promise.

There is nothing more.
Djent is gay
Magero is gay.

I've made my annual contribution to this forum.

I'm gonna go troll some more threads and disappear back into the shadows.
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Can somebody tell me what vocal technique is used by Michael Armine from Rosetta? I think it's something between yelling and screaming. Also, what tips do you have for developing that type of vocals?


Be a giant vagina
Never have sex with a woman
Scream like a fagtard

That's what I got.
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out of us two only you were the one to bitch about me. just so you're being all arrogant, im not even gonna try elaborating what im doing with them and how.

That's mostly because you have absolutely no clue who I am, or what I've accomplished.

If you think a solo artist cant exist then you're simply wrong

I never implied that at all, but it does require proper recording to do so and be successful.

if you think that i target small companies to only use them you're still wrong cause i only meant that big people go dealing with big companies. i didnt think i was going to get endorsement with Fulltone or MXR or EHX or something.

and by any means how do you know if i earned my endorsement or no? you're just acting.. i dont know.. just inappropriate


so yeah give me young brand names, i want some more endorsement

Is all I need to think what I do.
Quote by Vendetta V
mp.... but i send people like you as far as i can... you know the rest
now shuttup or i'm gonna report you, im fed up with you and your stupid mind already. do and think that whatever you say is right/// just piss of mate///

I'll pass on the obvious butchering of the English language here. Go ahead, report me for expressing an opinion. I started this with absolutely no intention of taking it to a personal level, but you're the one trying to play some high road on me.

you're acting like some sort of... WonderBoy that's gonna save all the people out there from my evil exploitation ... i say go get yourself a life first of all and then talk fromthe name of people who work and enjoying working with me. it's not you to tell if they're happy or no...


No, I'm just telling you that you are using companies, and I don't think you have that right. I mean, if you want me to talk to your 'sponsors', I'm more than happy to send them this thread, showing you bragging about targeting small manufacturers so you didn't have to pay for their product. I can show them your miserable attitude show within. I can show them your childish rants at me and my 'stupid mind'. I've been on UG a long time, I've seen your type come and go a thousand times. Get a real band, put some real sacrifices into your music, and EARN your 'endorsements' like I did, and countless others before me.
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Look buddy, just because you're misinformed doesn't mean you can go offending people around.

Is that ms paint?? i doubt so and even if it is then by all the ****ing means the dude who could do it on paint would pwn the world

How bout this? Paint again??

I'm sorry, when I go to someone's 'website' and see:

I don't particularly feel the need to peruse their entire catalog.

now if you're not into my production quality then by any means go seek a better sound, I myself dont like the heavily filtered recordings floating nowadays and I go the more of a unprocessed sound. that's my opinion!

There's a difference between "raw" and "poor sound quality". I have rarely used a polished sound myself, but it at no point sounded like it was an amateur recording.

And do not ****ing try to talk to me like that, if it makes you sick go vomit on your chest and stop assuming I am robbing boutique builders and all. You either have some serious problems in your life currently either IDK what to call it

also I'm sorry to everybody else for quite the rant here, however I do require a bit of respect towards my art and everybody else's art and what other try to do, unless they are only there bitching on what you are actually doing.

You know who else deserves respect? The boutique makers you're attempting to exploit. You're the one looking for specific manufacturers to target for a handout, all so they can have the priviliege of being thanked on your 'album'. Hell, do you send them your 'autographed collectible card' as well?

Give me a fucking break.
I'm going to attempt to keep this short and sweet.

Quote by Vendetta V
Well excuse me good sir, I know when having a discussion people get on some minor irrelevant mistakes to prove their statements correct so I should have been more careful about my capitalization.

No, I just can't stand reading posts like that. Has nothing to do with whether or not I'm right.

The difference between you and them is that you assume that people are trying to rob someone and also have no genuine interest in the product. I myself can get their names under "special thanks" on my albums.

And here's the golden quote. Let me quote soemthing from earlier in this thread:

that's why im God Box's (quite a young boutique pedal brand) main artist endorsee. cause i tell them what iwant, how i want and why i want and they take it as a general musician preference. im not trying to get me a signature pedal lol, im just saying stuff i encounter and all and it's on a almost daily basis.

so yeah give me young brand names, i want some more endorsement

I've got news for you. Your music is underproduced, you don't have a proper website, you don't appear to play live, and your 'album cover' is done on MS Paint. Yet somehow, you think you have a right to ask boutique makers for free products so you can put them in your 'special thanks'. Then have the balls to call yourself an 'endorsee'? You make me absolutely sick with this pathetic attitude.

For the sake of brevity, I'll leave it there.
Quote by Punk_Ninja
I dunno, it started that way, as a rather amusing affair in which Zoot got a free $42 pick, but there has been discussion on how the companies have responded and stuff with people.

As i pointed out above, it's not a $43 pick. A little reading comprehension goes a long way. As far as I an tell, dunlop does not sell individual picks on it's site. It's also not known for 'boutique' items. Certainly picks that expensive DO exist, but not from Dunop

I mean sure it's not exactly a high brow discussion, but come on, it's an internet forum, not everyone does want to discuss the ins and outs of pick manufacturers, I for one, would, but I know most people wouldn't, so I'm cool with talking about free shit along with my learning of companies response to people and stuff.

My point being there's little worthwhile discussion that goes on on this forum anymore. It's the same old questions with the same canned answers.

To be honest, since I've been coming here (which is about maybe 3 months prior to my joining) there's always been a mass amount of ridiculous threads, worse than this one. Worse than the "I want a Marshall for £100" that are around today. I distinctly remember loads of "I want to sound like Slash", "I want to sound like Kirk Hammett", "I want to sound like Dimebag" threads, which were just tedious! I think a lot of what it is, is a bit of nostalgia, things remembered are always much better than anything going on now.

Well, I've been here since 2004. Threads existed in that vein back then, as well. The only difference was there was knowledgeable discussion to be found. I can literally look at the first page and find nearly no thread of interest to me.

I'll agree it wasn't presented as anything more than "I've tried to get a free pick and it worked", causing others to try it. But it has, as I've said, taught me how each company reacts and treats their customers (like how Dunlop will throw picks at anything, even when they aren't asked for one!).

They didn't 'throw picks' at you. You asked a question, and they made a good customer service decision in allowing you to try them yourself. I'm not sure if your original e-mail was a a genuine jazz question, or a veiled attempt to score a few free picks. I'm not gonna bother reading the thread to figure it out. There's a tonal difference between "Look at this great customer service" and "Look I got some free picks".

I'm fine telling people which big brand gives away stuff, cos they can easily afford it. The one thing in this thread that has irked me, is people going to V-Picks and Gravity and places like that, V-Picks are doing quite well for themselves, but I imagine Gravity aren't doing as well, so they will need the custom of people as opposed to giving away free picks. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a sample prior to a purchase, but I assume a lot of people in this thread aren't going to be buying afterwards, otherwise that'd be a lot of picks they have to buy!

I've made my opinions on Chris well-known here, and on another forum. I've covered this prior.

I've seen no one, nor done any, begging for picks here. People ask, and if they get shot down they leave it.

99% of the emails generated as a result of this thread are probably not genuine emails of interest, but just an attempt to get some free stuff. If you wanna get Dunlop for $2, fine. But taking advantage of boutique makers, I've already discussed.

Yeah, the whole Gravity/other unknown companies thing is a bit annoying, though if these people try their picks then buy one I see no problem.
But as I've said I can't see a problem with getting free stuff from the companies that can afford it, and probably spend like, a matter of pennies for every 50 picks or something...this is probably a very under exaggerated view on pick manufacturing, but I know that Dunlop and Planet Waves won't spend a whole lot on the plastics they use, and the manufacturing methods will have paid for themselves by now.

A company is a company, they exist for the sake of generating profit. Cutting into a companie's profit just because they've been successful isn't THAT different from receiving a sample from an artisan. The latter is a bit more personal, but the former is still a business.

Well that part was more to the guy who said "Because you're asking for free picks and strings, they'll raise the price", should have made it a bit more clear.
And I think it's human nature to think "Just how far can I go with this". That's why Zoot emailed Fender and Gibson, knowing he'd get shot down, but that attitude did reveal he could get an expensive pick for nothing.
Sure it's not exactly the classiest thing to do, but I can't see it really hurting anyone (this again isn't referring to Gravity picks or any other small business, but my thoughts on that are clear by now).

Again, he didn't get an expensive pick. He got like $1 pick from them. The whole basis of this frenzy was a misunderstanding by Zoot.

Quote by Vendetta V
guys you're just talking gibberish..

Capitalization. It is a part of the Engish language.

i mean look i myself have more than 100 picks at the moment. all brand new in one place.

This seems entirely irrelevant

the thing behind this is that if i say like Gravity picks then il'l try and get into some better relations with Chris. if i dont like it. i'll tell him why i didnt and what i'd want it to have.

You're seriously jumbled all through here. I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say. Pretty sure you're trying to say if you're interested in a product, you're going to attempt to weasel something for free from the owner rather than, you know, buying it.

it's called relationship (in a musical industry)

Something tells me I've forgotten more about the music industry than you will ever know. Don't fucking talk to me like I'm some random kid who got lost on his way to a porn site and stumbled onto UG.

second, sending you few picks that you really like is more likely that after your pick is done you'll go get the same thing than sitting down sending people to stores.

Which is why they send the samples, because some people may be geniunely interested in trying several picks from their line. This isn't the case, this was just people trying to get something for free

clearly if you are making say 50% profit from the price you sell your product for, you can invest at least 30% of it into giving away some samples which can be of a bigger PR than anything.

If you're going to use numbers, don't just make them up.

Say we're already talking of Gravity picks for few days already, I'll get mine and post a review. and tell some other people who play guitar saying 'Chris sent me a gravity pick, you gotta check it out' and they can play it and like it and go get some for themselves.

You're trying to justify parasitic behavior. Unless I'm recalling someone else from this thread, you think because you're on some forum you have some kind of entitlement to stuff. Because you can type up a few words about something (albeit in poor English) people should honor you with them.

and finally, if you ask someone to send you some samples, it's not like he's obliged, if he doesnt want he will just say no

This is true, but that's not what this thread is about

I say this is a a very cheap and a very effective PR for a company

It is, when people who are genuinely interested in the product receive the samples. however, a bunch of punk kids on some forum requesting samples isn't the kind of PR they need. You're going to but dunlops in packs of 12 when you're at GC because they're cheap, anyway. That's not product promotion, that's wasted advertising budget.
Before I bother responding to all of that in great detail, I should point out:

Refill Bag of 36 Pick
$42.78 EA"

It's not a $43 guitar pick, it's $43 for $36. It's not a generous gesture on the part of Dunlop, it's some kid who doesn't know how to read. I'll get to rest of this in a second.
Quote by Punk_Ninja
I think guitar picks and the discussion thereof might be guitar-related.

There's next to no 'pick discussion' in this thread, a whole lot of "I want free shit, lol

Either way it's not like this is the only thread around...just don't read it if you want this particular discussion.

And compared to say, 6 years ago, the quality of thread around here is like 5% of what it was.

It's not really a case of saving $2 or anything. To be honest I have two picks that I've used for ages with each of my guitars, a handful attached to my keys and loads scattered about the house which are in some kind of limbo. I don't really need to have free picks.
It's a case of seeing what each company will do and how they deal with you.

This wasn't presented as some sort of customer service experiment, this turned blatantly into "Where can i get a handout?". I mean, getting a free sample of things is fun (on top of my gravitys, I recently got a few free picks and a free set of strings from another company). I'm not gonna run around and tell everyone "LOOK, FREE STUFF!!! EXPLOIT THIS COMPANY". Which happened with that particular offer.

Also there is of course the thing about free stuff being awesome...

I'm not opposed to getting free stuff, but begging for it irks me

Anyway, it's not like this is hurting any companies, Dunlop and Planet Waves can afford to give a handful of picks away (I've made my feelings on the smaller companies like Gravity picks elsewhere in the thread), and I'm sure they get plenty of people doing it, and probably even have some kind of amount budgeted that they can lose for free in this sort of situation.

I'm sure they have advertising budgets, and doing things like this is great, however, this isn't an experiment in customer service. This is "I'm too cheap to spend $2" combined with "I heard someone got something free once, so I'm entitled to it too!". I support your view on gravity. Chris sent me two picks, and they weren't for me (even after modifying them in every way I know how). I genuinely feel bad about not being able to support a craftsman after such generosity. However, for everyone like me, that is genuinely interested in trying a boutique, hand-crafted product, there's 5 people like the OP that just wants something for free. It irks me that people are so willing to exploit someone like that

So I think people should stop acting like we're the downfall of the world's economy cos we're asking for a couple of picks, and the companies are obliging in a friendly manner.

I'm not saying it's the end of the world's economy. I'm saying it's a sad state of affairs, when someone feels the need to post a thread about asking for a handout.
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Cya in the next few months, we'll definitely miss you.

Original ... oh no, it's not. Sorry if i remember the days when this forum had more than "I have $300 and want to sound like a Marshall" threads. School's back in session, I'd recommend finishing your homework BEFORE posting, kid.
A quick ctrl+f finds only one mention of Skepticism, and it's next to multiple inferior bands. That is a pretty massvie failure in my books.
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I seem to only get rushes of emotion when I listen to bands like Sonata Arctica, Dragonforce and Dream Theater. Recc me some of the gayest power metal you've ever heard

All Power Metal That Isn't Falconer - Discography
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What, are we supposed to be impressed?
Who cares if people want free stuff.

Once upon a time, these forums will filled with people who discussed guitar and guitar-related things, instead of some bored 20 y/o trying to save $2 through Dunlop. or some 17 year old kid trying to puff his chest out.

.. and people wonder why I only show up once every few months.
Well, considering I only play Blue Chips ($35 a piece), I don't have a need for mass produced picks anymore. I sampled gravity awhile back (Chris sent me 2), wasn't my cup of tea, but Chris was a pleasure to deal with.

In the coming months I am receiving a $3500 luthier-built custom to demo for a week at no cost. Gonna need some more picks to trump that one, am I the champion miser yet?

Also, this thread is filled with idiocy.
In a span of a few hours in the middle of the night we received over 10,000 requests for free strings

Oh my.

I was one of the first on AGF to see the offer. Had a shipping email in under 30 minutes and strings arrived in a matter of days. Came with some stickers, 3 picks, and a handwritten note from Mike on my invoice. It doesn't get much more classy than that.
My two beaters (an old laminate dread and Ibanez AEW) sit on stands, my Breedlove stays in case.
Returned a bit ago from a 7 hour round trip journey, and have arrived back here with my new love:

Breedlove AC25/CMBlack.
Play the Art and Lutherie, buy it if you like it. I'm suspecting it's probably a good buy. Godin products tend to be pretty consistent.
Oh man, that looks like it has a BAD attitude, in a GOOD way.
My friend Nick once had a band called Nick & The Invisibles.
Just play a bunch of guitars, and buy what sounds best to you. $200 used isn't going to get you an amazing sound 99% of the time.
Outside of absolutely extreme heat, it's fine. As mentioned, keep the guitar in the car itself. Loosening strings is something you do for flight, there's no extra prep for road travel.
Snark is considered the best value tuner.
Peterson Strobes are held in the highest regard.

That is the general consensus.
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^ Will you still be next time they **** one up and cause a shrapnel shower?

Note to self: Shrapnel Shower may be good name for war metal band...
make that Satanic Shrapnel Shower.

EDIT: Killing some time on MA and found this:

Though It'd make a nice addition to any " worst band names " or "worst artwork" lists going around.
Apparently they play Grindcore / Black / Death / Groove Metal...
Need I say more.

Yeah, you do, cause Bat Castle are actually pretty sweet (especially live).
Took my Guild back, something just didn't feel right with it. Fine guitar, just not for me. Went for something a little smaller bodied:

Quote by blue_strat
Easy. Mute the top string with your index finger.

Not saying it's not possible, just in most contexts OP is going to use this chord (which is immediately following a C) he's going to be playing that e. I know how to not play it, I'm just saying it tends to be there

You need to add a note to stop it sounding congested?/quote]

That voicing sounds cramped, having that high e helps it a bit.

Or add a different one to fill it up?

I don't get what you're getting at. It's the fifth, it's a fundamental tone of the chord? I don't see your apprehension heree.

Adding an E can make it sound more ambiguous - it could then be Em9/D.

In some contexts yes, but again, in most cases for the OP, we're coming off a C, so having the pedalled E is natural to the ear to tie the chords together with.

In the context of a band you might want the guitar playing a simpler chord so it leaves room for other instruments.

Trust me, I understand all of this. I've been playing a good long while, and went to college for composition. We're not talking about a band context here, OP specifically cited a song for acoustic/voice from a post-hardcore band. I'm talking strictly in that context.
Quote by blue_strat

I'd be apt to call it Dadd11(no 5) cause I like o be as accurate as humanly possibly, but you can technically omit the fifth without changing the name.

Also, you're very, very, very, VERY rarely not going to hit that open high e


As the chord really needs that ninth to not sound congested (and since 95% of the time in modern music, you're strumming a C immediately before, so you're not going to refine your motion for this chord).

or, you could us this voicing:


ro replenish the tone of the fifith, which immediately fills the chord back up.

As the chord really needs that ninth to not sound congested (and since 95% of the time in modern music, you're strumming a C immediately before, so you're not going to refine your motion for this chord).

(this could also be a G5Maj7/D, it's highly inlikely you're using it in that sense.)
Quote by pauldawg1177
look up the Cadd9 chord. You can usually substitute it for a regular C and it makes the transition between G C and D easier.

It also prevents you from learning properly and promotes lazy habits later. Definitely not something you want to promote in a beginner.
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oh and by the way, I am From a country called Australia, its like down under the US kk?

The condescending tone is completely unnecessary "m8". Thanks for assuming the US education system omits an entire continent from our system.

I'll now pass on helping you improve your shabby playlist and go back to listen to my primitive American music now.
Quote by Dee Ay
And the taylor is the one i feel will be a few hundred dollars more, not the breedlove.

Breedlove American C25/Cre - $1799 (1866 USD)
Taylor 314ce - $1679 (1742 USD)

Color me confused.

In almost all universes, a cedar top American Blove should run about $2-300 above a 314.
If a few hundred is really a big consideration, just get the Taylor. IDK if you've played a cedar top before, but it's quite a bit softer sounding than Sitka, so you're not gonna have that punchy bass line. If the extra few hundred is really a consideration and you like the Taylor, I'd buy it. It's a very well-crafted and great sounding guitar.

And let's face it, it's highly unlikely that this is going to be your final and ultimate guitar, so you don't have to get it perfect.
Quote by Dee Ay
I've only played the taylor and I really really liked it.

If you've played the Taylor and like it enough to spend the cash, fuck what everyone else has to say about it. That's the ultimate rule.

Sounds like you're trying to be a bit too analytical to me, trying to find all the 'perfect' features and 'perfect' tone for the 'perfect' price. I certainly understand your want of information, but when we're talking guitars in this price range, it's gonna come down to personal preference. If there is a theoretical 'perfect guitar' here, none of us will know it but you.
Frank Turner
Tim Barry

right up your alley.
Friday by Rebecca Black or you're a failure.
Quote by Dee Ay
o.o Really...are you sure it was the C25 Cre Herringbone...or was it just a normal C25/Cme sitka one? Either must have been an atlas, I've yet to see an American one for that price...however...maybe since you're in the states...1200 dollars there is 1600 dollars here or something...or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Either way...this could be a great thing for me. I hope it was what it was for you xD

*Edit* And what's all this stuff I hear of western cedar wood only being good for fingerpicking...does this mean I should avoid getting a western cedar wood breedlove and instead just get a sitka one (I really think western is more visually appealing because it's darker...but I guess aesthetics aren't everything )

Normal C25, sitka top. It definitely ewasn't an Atlas, the Atlas series has the Breedlove logo at the tip of the headstock, American made Bloves have their logo more to the center. There is also a MASSIVE difference in tone. I wouldn't give most BL Atlas series the time of day, I'd have music-sex with the Americans.
Quote by Dee Ay
Oh haha, well like i said, the American C25/Cre Herringbone from breedlove is the guitar I really really would like to have, it has the right woods and all the features i would want, but the price I don't think will be less than 1400, and breedlove doesn't list the prices on their websites really. says it would be 1899...but...then a different site said in canadian dollars (that I would be paying in) that it is 2800? I'm just confused. If I can find it for maximum $1600 and bartre downwards I would... I just don't have any starting prices for it -.-

I literally just played a American C25 last night that was marked priced @ $1199, and that was Guitar Center wall price.