This reminded me that I only have pictures of my Sandberg from summer and fall. I have to take a picture with snow in the background.
But here's a picture from October.
I've been interested in Sandberg basses for a long time. I bought this bass from ( finnish site for used gear) user two weeks ago. Reason why I'm making this thread so late is that i wanted to get to know this bass. I love the sound of Delano pickups and the neck feels amazing.

I'm not sure if the fretboard is very dark rosewood or ebony.
Canadian hardrock maple neck
Alder body
Delano pickups
Sandberg bridge
Schaller straplocks (not from factory, previous owner switched them to black schaller ones)

Sandberg California TM5
WTF this is seriously ****** up list
New amp and maybe some pedals to fill my pedalboard.
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^ & ^^ do you guys know each other or something? your boards (not the pedals) are almost identical.

Yes, we're brothers and we play in the same band.

My handmade Pedalboard. More pedals coming.
I like it.
MXR El Grande Bass Fuzz
Jackson C20J with EMG pickups
I opened up my Cry Baby and i have to ask what is this?

I can turn it left and right.
I play the songs again and again until they go to my ''muscle memory''. Two weeks and 8 songs to learn, I hope that band is good.
Thats what I thought and will do.
Could I connect this head
into this cabinet (that cabinet has also an 8 ohm version).

I've heard that you can connect a head into a cabinet with lower power rating than the head.
Peace Sells or Five Magics by Megadeth and Lack Of Comprehension by Death
Money to buy gear.
Jackson C20J
Spector Legend 4

Warwick Blue Cab 30.1
Ibanez Soundwave 100

Ashdown James Lomenzo Hyperdrive
EBS MetalDrive
EBS MetalComp
EBS MetalDrive. I have it, it suits my needs better than Ashdown JLo Hyperdrive. If you like warm rock bass overdrive then EBS ValveDrive, but it's more expensive.
Nepenthe by Sentenced
Silent Night, Bodom Night by Children of Bodom
My first bass Jackson C20J which I still use to play in another tune than my Spector.
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Happy nbd, but for 650 euros it seems kinda steep. I think they sell for around $550 here in the states, couldn't you have gotten like a Spector Euro Rebop for that price?

You're probably speaking of the Spector Legend 4 Classic which has black hardware and Spectors own pups instead of EMG-HZs. Also the prices here in Europe than in the states when you look at instruments. Spector Legend 4 Classic lists for about 700euros here in Finland.
Spector Legend 4
I bought it on monday from local guitar shop for 650euros.

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It has EMG-HZ pickups (J/P), Active electronics, 3-piece maple bolt-on neck and all the hardware is golden which makes the bass look good. I am unable to identify other specs because this Spector is an older model. I think it sounds really awesome and kicks guitarists' nuts.
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Cradle Of Filth-Cthulhu Dawn (I don't listen to that crap band but that song is fun to play)
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Children Of Bodom-Everytime I Die
Megadeth-Peace Sells
I use 2mm Big Stubbys.
Here are some pics
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Yes i messed up the high strings (it was my first time)
Nepenthe by Sentenced and Silent Night, Bodom Night by Children Of Bodom
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