Ibanez make the best 7 strings ever. The agile may look prettier, but in the long run, the Ibanez will serve you much better. The only downside to the the Ibanez is the pickups, but since you're planning on changing them anyway, this isn't really a problem.
Nah, it was in drop G# with the 62, which was too floppy, so i put the 66 on, which was too tight, so i settled on the 64.
I think you might be right Koshman, it looks like the previous owner had already put a shim under there, so maybe the guitar was prone to it. The only thing I still don't get is why both the 62 and 66 worked perfectly fine, yet the 64 is buzzing like hell, you'd think that one of the extremes in string gauge would be the problem and not the one inbetween...
It has a locking nut and everything worked fine before, so I doubt it.

If it helps, I'd just changed the 7th string from a 62 to a 66 today (tuned to drop G#), but quickly decided I didn't like the 66, so put a 64 on instead. Everything was fine with the 62 and the 66, so I have no idea why the 64 is giving me such a problem... I did put some shims under some of the other saddle blocks, but I hadn't touched the 7th string, so its not that...

EDIT: Sorry, replied before I saw your edit.
Its mainly the open string, the lowest frets and the frets around the octave. The weird thing is all the other strings are fine. I tried putting a few shims in under the floyd rose saddle block for the low b, but that made no difference, neither did raising the bridge.
Hi guys, just a quick question about adjusting the truss rod on my Ibanez 7 string.

I've been setting it up today and everything is pretty much perfect, apart from the low b string. It won't stop buzzing, no matter how much i raise the bridge height. I therefore think I have a neck with too much relief in it. Does this sound right to you?
Go for the RG7620, one of the best 7 strings ever made. You can't physically go wrong with it
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Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows what the retail price for an Ibanez SZ1220 Prestige (from 2004) was? It's the Japanese Prestige SZ.

Thanks in advance
Can't you borrow another bands amps? You said they're you're friends and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to if you explain your situation to them, since they asked you to fill in for another band in the first place.
Une fois, j'ai eu un projet que j'avais à faire et puis de gauche à la dernière minute. Quand j'ai réalisé que cela était dû, le lendemain je suis allé sur Ultimate Guitar demander aux gens de le faire pour moi, mais ils ne se moquaient de moi et m'a dit de faire moi-même. Je réalise maintenant que, pour réussir dans la vie que je dois faire ces choses par moi-même afin de devenir une personne globalement meilleure. A partir de maintenant je vais faire mon travail avant la nuit, il est dû, je n'ai donc pas à demander aux autres de le faire pour moi. Bien, je remercie les utilisateurs Ultimate Guitar pour l'aide, je ne vais pas en avoir besoin dans l'avenir.


That contains epic amounts of win!
I don't know about 'in house amps', but they should have a PA system they can mic your amp through.
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I got the Ibby for £376, pretty good deal I think
As long as everything is good with the M II, go for that as its a real ESP and they are so much better than the LTD's, even the 1000 series ones.
Yeah, I have no idea what to choose either :S
I would probably get the Ibanez SZ, as I already have an Ibanez RG Prestige and the ESP is pretty similar to it in terms of it has a floyd, bolt on neck, body shape etc.. and I would like a guitar without a floyd this time.
But the only thing putting me off is that the necks on the SZ series guitars are a bit thicker than the RGs and the scale length is a bit shorter too...

EDIT: I do also prefer the slimmer necks, like the ones you get on RGs.
Does anyone have any opinions about the neck on the Ibanez?
Actually Parkway are ESP endorsers, but both ABR and ATB are both Ibanez. I would prefer a guitar without a floyd as I already have a guitar with one. However, I've heard the necks are suppose to be quite a lot chunkier on the Ibanez SZ and it also has a shorter 25.1 inch scale, which is putting me off a bit as I'm used to quite thin necks and the neck on my PRS is a little too thick for me.
I'm considering both of these guitars:


I've talked to the seller of the ESP previously and I know he would accept £400 for the guitar, but I've offered him £350 for it anyways.

Which do you think would be the best buy (don't comment on the quality of the pickups because I would likely switch them out soon after purchase anyway)?

I play metal, bands like Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, After the Burial etc

Thanks in advance
Someone bid £400, so I lost it. Oh well, I guess I wasn't prepared to bid that much so what can you do? =/
Oh yeah I didn't think about that, thanks for the advice man!
Realistically, I'd go up to £350, but I was leaning towards snipe bidding £330/£340 in the last seconds to try and catch the other guy off guard.
Hey guys, I'm new to buying guitars on ebay and I need some advice.

The guitar I'm bidding on ends in about 25 mins. I bid £300 originally and then someone has bidded £310.

Basically I was wondering if I should wait until right before the end before bidding £320/£330 or if I should bid now, to test the water and see if he has an automatic maximum bid.

I really don't want to lose this guitar, so quick advice would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance
Well if you love it, surely thats your question answered? You can always replace the pickups at a later date.
And anyway, what kind of a shop won't let you try a guitar through an amp? I'd bring along your own amp to test it through to make sure everything works ok as it seems a little suspicious...
Thanks, I think i might get it
Anyone else have any opinions on it?
I've talked to the seller and he says he'll do it for £400 (not including p&p).

If anyone has any information about this guitar (I haven't been able to find any) or whether you think its a good deal, I would appreciate it

This is the guitar:

Thanks in advance!
Have you looked at an ESP Horizon? I don't know how much they are in the US, but they might be within your budget.
You could get a Dimarzio D-Activator, since what you describe is what an active pickup would give you, but you want it from a passive pickup and that is pretty much exactly what it is.
Seymour Duncan blackouts are beast.
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what genre? i have a couple of songs all done apart from vocals lying around, check them out on my page
used 6505+ 112 if you play anything heavy/hardcore.
I use 11-56's and they are perfectly fine for drop B, if that helps
Peavey 6505+ 112 combo, thread finished
I think seymour duncan passives are about £60 each off GAK, which is a little over your budget, but you know you'll be getting quality pickups.
I swear pretty much every metal amp thread can be answered by the Peavey 6505 :P
You could try an Ibanez RGT42, it a neck through body and should be somewhere around the £450 price mark you were looking for.