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You should not use words like that. And it would make matters easier. If every country has the same rules, the world would be a much simpler place.

First of all, its already being tried by the U.N with thier international conventions, which for the most part works, but a mass scale unification of legal systems is doomed to utter and complete failure. The problem would be that you can never compensate for all the differen't types of people and social customs and traditions with just one legal system, all you would end up with is a mass infringement upon human rights. My country alone, has so many differen't types of people and cutures that we don't have one unified legal system.
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That's just fancy talk for saying "I don't give a shit about other people".

Not to be a dick, but I see where he is coming from. Sure an artist puts all thier energy into creating a product that they wish to see returns on, but, they are meant to see returns on the products that they and the companies are attempting to sell, in other words the actual physical copies. File sharing on the other hand takes a a legally bought copy, i.e from the place where the artist is recieving thier revenue and redistributes it in a completely seperate stream, but instead it is free. He is not damaging the original revenue stream, as the same amount of CD's still exist waiting to be bought. This is not the case when stealing, as I would actually be doing damage to the Artist potential revenue stream by removing a physical copy, and before you say that a filesharer is "stealing" consumers, there is no legal duty on consumers to buy (or even just get) something from an original source.

I'm not saying it's right, but the situation isn't nearly as black and white as people think or want it to be.
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I'd rather have a new axe than a girl right now

I can't really decide which I would want more, although I do not feel the all consuming desire to have either...

OT: I don't feel like I "need" a Gf. I wouldn't mind one though, but I have quite strict requirements
What happened to the good old days when we rioted about serious stuff? Well I suppose hockey is a serious matter in Canada....
This thread is where sense came to die...
Suicide Mission by Jack Wall (i think) from the mass effect 2 soundtrack
When you and a fellow bro, call dibs simultaneously on the same prospective mate...
Is this in the sequel? if yes... Do you have any Pancake mix? cause I dont think you do
MAN FLESH!!! Luckily the locals reproduce quickly so I never go hungry in the night
Scrubs, for the very true reasons stated above... And Bleach, which teaches you that 80% of your life will be filler the rest is you squeezing drama out of every moment all while looking as cool as possible
I already know what my dog would say, since he conveys it through his eyes... They say "All you know, will soon come to an end at my paws! Bow before your Lord and Master foolish mortal!!"
Do Hands without shadows!!... Just kidding (or am I?)

Actually I have no real recommendations, just go with something that represent you and your style, cause I'm pretty sure thats what she wants to hear not some cheesy love song.

Also congrats!
I do this, and sometimes return from the verge covered in blood... Dunno wtf happened!
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You're shitting me, right? Take a close look. The eyebrows, yes, a little strange, but I can deal. The cheekbones? A little high, but not too bad.

THE MOTHERFUCKING EYES?!?! They look tiny, it's freaky. They're all squinty and pointy, and she tries to hid that fact with eyeliner and shadow and whatnot, but that just squishes them more!

It doesn't ruin her, but it bugs the fuck out of me. It always nags at my brain. Terrible, terrible.

After much painstaking research I have established that it is her FAT-ASS cheeks.. I even double checked... Its just not natural...

Also Ke$ha is better in every way...
Chrome... Its the most metal browser of them all
Why so serious?
I would burn it down!!!... oh wait
Not when they sleep... Just kidding, yes I was clothed...for the most part
I'm an insomniac, so the first time I slept over with my friends they were pretty freaked out when they woke up and I was watching them eagerly (eager for them to wake up). Now they are used to it
I go around murdering the local children... Just joking, I hope

On topic... I don't really get stressed, but if I do, I usually just watch a movie I enjoy (any will do)
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In this case, we need Mythbusters. But who can we use in Mythbusters to test this. There's Adam and Jamie, nah... Tori? Nope. Grant? Kari!

I second this motion!
Cool idea man

Check out Skyfire's Legacy of the Defeated...
Opening Credits:
This Cold Black - Slipknot (Not a very happy start)

Waking Up:
I Tradens Sang - Finntroll (Epic!)

First Day At School:
Roadkill Morning - Children Of Bodom (... Okay?)

Falling In Love:
Korpens Saga - Finntroll

Fight Song:
The Undertaker - Stigma (Hell YEAH!!)

Breaking Up:
Carved In Stone - Scar Symmetry (Very fitting)

Speak Of The Devil - A Day To Remember (I must not have enjoyed it)

Life's OK:
Life To Lifeless - Killswitch Engage (Nice)

Mental Breakdown:
Hangar 18 - Megadeth

Might Of Sword - Cadacross (wtf... I'm gonna die)

Chelsea Smile - BMTH (Could be worse... somehow)

Getting Back Together:
Valkyries Ride - Amon Amarth ( )

Birth of Child:
Say Goodbye - I Killed The Prom Queen (makes sense... I hate children)

The Fatalist - Dark Tranquility (its a very pretty song)

Final Battle:
Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth

Death Scene:
Gods Of War Arise - Amon Amarth

Funeral Song:
Murmaider II : Water God - Dethklok (Irony!!)

End Credits:
Saint Lucifer - One Man Army and The Undead Quartet (A dark way to end)
I can't get into metallica... also, I recently started getting into black metal, but i can't stand Cradle Of Filth... and I can't stand Iron Maiden
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Probably stab myself with the a giant sword after killing the King of Gods.

e-cookies for those who get it.

God Of War 3?

I'll probably die when I absolve myself by killing an evil emperor who is trying to kill my son. I will mortally wound myself in this act... I am allergic to lightning
Meshuggah does the trick for me
Criminal Law, I only start next year though
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basically, you all know the story of cain and abel... so cain never actually dies, and wanders the earth for the rest of time. Lo and behold, in the 1800's he comes up to a Mormon leader and again in montana to a different guy in 1940.

basically, us mormons have reason to believe bigfoot DOES exist and that he is adam's son, servant of satan, first murderer yadda yadda yadda

Mormons... believe bigfoot is someone from the bible? I'm not downing your religon or anything, but isn't that a bit of a stretch?
There is some serious false accusations flying around... I don't think it was rape, my reasoning: Did the young mans corpse say "No"? I'm pretty sure it didn't...

Just joking... but this shit is seriously messed up
I know a couple of Abba songs for some reason...
Vergil from Devil May Cry 3
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Why would gays want to be part of an institution that damns them to hell? Last time I checked, marriage was a christian institution. Between male and female not fred & ted. + it says in the bible that they will burn in hell.

A "christian institution"? You poor ignorant soul... Many religions have some form of marriage... So **** off, go research your bullshit, come back and try again
There are no good hipster clothes... You are going down the path of ultimate disappointment
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Rip the panties off the girl in the front row.

Someday soon... I am going to try this...
I wanted to become a marine bioligist when I was a young"un, but the wierd thing was I would tell everyone that once I achieved this goal I would commit suicide (remember I was like 4 at the time) because I thought the idea of being old was stupid, so once I achieved my ultimate goal, I would call it quits
I guess you could... In my country there is type of University where they just sort of give you all the info you will need for the semester, and give tell you when assignments are due and just let you do what you want afer that, whether you use the Info given or not is up to you... As long as you hand in your assignments on time and pass your exams for the rest of the course you will get a degree or whatever at the end of it
I was once about to get in this fight with a guy I would have no chance of winning against... Just before the fight starts a friend who also happened to be friends with my opponent was like (to the other guy) "You don't wana fight this guy... He can kick both our asses". The other guy then backed down... My friend saved me from a severe beating
I hate babies and children... this isn't some "teenage" thing, I've hated them all my life... Little annoying demon spawns is what they are
The Exorcism of Emily Rose in my pants
The Empire Strikes Back in my pants