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As if masturbating isnt a part of my song

You’re covering Turning Japanese?
Finished my song. After going through 3 covers, I picked the best sounding one.
I’m almost done, I’m just too lazy to record the guitar solo that isn’t hard, but I’m really just lazy.
I told someone to git gud at Dark Souls
Because I'm crazy, I almost have 3 songs done. I just need to play with the mixing and add the finishing touches before I decide which one to use.
Oof, I should hang out here longer, so I could gave signed up
I’d walk in with ass-less leather pants and ask if he wants to suck your dick while you fuck his ass.
The only way to reach enlightenment is to have a girl suck your dick while you fuck dat ass
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Horsedick.MPEG yeah fuck that guy

Popeyes >>>>>> KFC

There is this dope chicken and waffles place in town, the seasoning is great, but I wish they toned down on the salt.
I had an inflamed bladder and went to the doctor’s office. He checked my prostate somehow, despite having both hands on my shoulders.

I still don’t know what it meant when the nurse showed up and asked me “who the hell was that?”.
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Having a girl suck your dick while you fuck their ass requires a high skill level.
I move around because of work, so renting works for me.
My dick is probably taller than OP and I’m only 3 inches.
He’s not cool if he can’t have a girl suck his dick while he fucks their ass.
I already saw people listing the South Park album for $150 before I went to the store to buy it.

Like damn son, wait until the day is over.
I’m not sure if this was just coincidental timing, but the Pit seemed to have a sharp drop in activity when Lolmnt was trying to purge the forum of people he thought were problematic, until he purged himself off.

I got caught up with school stuff around that time, and disappeared for several months, and when I returned, the activity dropped significantly.
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Going by the literal meanings of those words, I have to ask...what planet is that girl from?

Virgin spotted.
Once you have a girl suck your dick while you fuck her ass, why play a guitar?
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what impact will this have on pornhub though?

Pornhub probably won't affect the EU much, but starting on Monday, the Brits are going to have to require a license to watch porn.

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Fun fact: Horsedick, not actually black.

He's Arab.

Fuck, cat’s outta the bag.
Head over to Party City and buy a pair of those inflatable feet. They are usually really big. Inflate it until almost full, but you can bend it a little. Now fold it in half so that the place where you put your foot in is sticking up. You should have formed two holes now. Lube them both and stick your dick right in. I like doing this when looking in the mirror. I get off so damn fast. Sometimes I rub oil on my nipples. I explode everywhere and my hard throbbing cock is still asking for more.
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Actually I just class all that stuff as grunge. Bush, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Pumpkins. Lyrics that make no sense and hard rock and singers with voices about to decay at times = grunge.

The Pumpkins aren’t Grunge, but it’s okay to be wrong.
Don't let the days go by
She died last week, but I still use her for spare parts
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i remember when i started playing ffx i was like "ey this is the one with the laughing scene" which i had heard about before, but didn't know the actual context of the scene until i watched the completionist do his review of ffx.

which i forgot most of that review so i pretty much went into ffx blind, aside from understanding many terms from ff7.

i knew ff7 was the one where
aerith dies, which knowing that ruined the impact of that scene for me, something that the original generation must have felt
and you can beat a demi god by punching him hard enough or a sharp spindly boy

each ff has a "its the one with" methinks

I mean, Aeris dying isn’t really a spoiler, it’s like putting spoilers around the misquoted “Luke I am your father” scene in Empire Strikes Back. It’s one of the most famous spoilers in games.
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Lel, I remember how that scene was always used as the reason why you shouldn't dub Japanese, until more people discovered the Japanese version of that scene and realized it was even worse in Japanese.
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You are the only username I recognise here! Old times eh

Really? I remember at least half of the users in this thread.
I know like 10 years ago, The Pit was trying to be 4chan or Something Awful lite.
My dick is real
Woah, Jay Seeney is a country rock legend
Imo they look better on a strat type body, the cheaper the strat, the better.
They’re on my POS first electric when I was really big into Pop-Punk.
As long as you don’t do “metal” covers of songs from old Nintendo games and use the same generic rhythm section that everyone uses.