the fb chat is still living tho it's mostly just me and Ig talking about computers/games, pat and shred talking about philosophy, and jay getting drunk and telling us how much he loves us 
split with my ex wife about two years ago, dropped out of uni, have become a hot girl, don't watch anime anymore. i watched uhhhh shirobako and sakura quest a few months back and also guilty pleasure binged log horizon recently. god i don't think i even remember anyone's usernames here except ichi's
wow this thread still lives!
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shred update: I've been terrified of death so much lately in a way that I never have been before for some reason

This is good
Yeah i reconnected with shred recently and it was nice so i decided to pop my head in here
thanks GoldenGuitar ^___^
Idk if they're supposed to be middle schoolers or high schoolers
hey are we talking about anime in here?

picked up gakkou gurashi, rly liking it!! i don't really like how young they make the characters seem though, idk it feels weird.

i am gonna rewatch ef memories and melodies soon too.

i haven't watched anime for like 3 years anyone wanna give me some of the best that have come out in that time, where is shred
it wasn't a complaint, just surprised

i'm talking to shred right now for the first time in ages
can't believe this is still on the same thread that it was when i left
20Tigers gave a pretty comprehensive post, but as far as other types of harmony that stray away from traditional use of diatonic chords (I'd venture to say that secondary dominants/secondary leading tones, while nondiatonic chords, only function to push a diatonic harmony ahead), look up the [John] Coltrane sequence. This is most notable in his songs Countdown and Giant Steps. I'd rather not explain it in detail because there are better sources on it that could more aptly explain it than me, but it's basically a substitution for traditional ii - V - I progressions that involve major chords all a major triad apart (their roots forming an augmented triad). Countdown is a reharmonization of a Miles Davis tune called Tune-Up, which is just several ii - V7 - I progressions, using this technique.
I like to think that i've started to master the art of smoking on campus

flagstaff is so incredibly lax about weed, though it may just be the college campus
sometimes it's weird coming back and seeing that everyone is still alive and also that i am still alive
So SWIM is going to be getting a small, but decent amount of DMT soon (~150mg), and wants to experiment with taking it orally, specifically taking it as "pharmahuasca." SWIM has found a herbal store online that sells 20x b. caapi, but SWIM doesn't know exactly how much caapi they will need to take if they're planning to do 75mg of DMT. What exactly does the 20x refer to? That it's 20x more concentrated than usual? If so, would it be a matter of finding out the ratio of harmaline/harmala/THH to DMT needed and then diving the actual quantity by 20?

The most specific answer SWIM has found is to take 50mg of harmala for every 100mg of DMT, though most sources say it's best in conjunction with all three alkaloids, or at least equal amounts of harmala and harmaline and DMT.
So I've been playing around with MXE the last few weeks and it's bizarre as hell, I love it. I've come to the conclusion that sublingual/buccal administration is the most effective way of dosing if you don't have the means of doing IV/IM or rectal in terms of amount of material used, duration, and come up. However, it hits so much harder and faster than snorting it, which is pretty weird and I'd like to know why, as so many other people have reached this conclusion too. Snorting still has its place though, it's a much more gentle way to ease yourself into a dissociative state, my first dose was sublingually and it overwhelmed me. I haven't really gotten into any higher range dosages mostly because I'm pretty tiny (5'5", ~115lbs) and I know it'll hit me hard. My best experience on it so far was while I was coming down from a roll, I put about 25mg under my tongue, and I felt two dimensional for a while, complete dissociation. Vaporizing it (I used a crack pipe) is also a viable ROA, but I need to explore it more, it's a much different experience.
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my last salvia trip was the craziest shit ever. i was convinced that the whole trip was just my friends playing a horrible trick on me. my first words after coming round were "are you guys... real??"

I have had a similar experience to this, it was awful!! I think my first words were like, "am I back? I'm okay?" All of my experiences with salvia have been pretty spooky. But I have heard stories of people have worthwhile trips on it, thought they are few. Has anyone heard of taking salvia orally in a tea?
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I really like 2c-b. Would be great for raves/concerts and the like. It's not as strongly psychedelic as most of the 2c-x's or lsd or anything, but it has a nice body high.
It's a little bit like candy flipping actually. Whilst it doesn't quite have the magic of either MDMA or lsd, it's still probably my favourite of the 2c-x's.

I agree that it's really great, and one of the best/better 2c-xs, but I disagree with it not being strongly psychedelic. I've had some absolutely wild visuals on standard doses of the stuff, it can be debilitating in that sense. It does have a really great body high though, everything is so enhanced.
SWIM gots a gram of molly and a gram of MXE headed their way
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how much does peyote go for like a G?

You're probably never actually going to find anyone selling "peyote," but mescaline is much easier to come by. Also all the different types of cactus that it comes from are pretty easy to acquire, like I think you can even buy San Pedro off of

Luckily for me, when I lived in Tucson, plenty of nice rich people with their nice suburban western/desert themed yards had Sad Pedro growing in them, so getting cactus has never been a problem.

I honestly think that your first time with mescaline should either be with peyote, or you make the mescaline tea yourself and drink it all. You will never ever ever ever forget the taste.
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i might try and make kief butter next weekend.

aw yeah.

Like two weeks ago, I took all my keif and I was gonna make hash, but I was super lazy about it so I did the method where you put it all in a plastic bag and heat up a knife hot enough to where it melts the kief, but doesn't melt the plastic, and then press the knife on top of the keif in the plastic bag. It worked pretty well, but then I first did it, I didn't test to see how hot the knife was, and I burned a hole through the bag and a bunch of keif and plastic got all melted together onto the knife
This is going to sound like a joke, but I'm being serious; if you want to get the most out of your wax on the cheap, just buy an incense burner (crack pipe) for a couple bucks at any headshop. Works extremely well and you doesn't waste nearly as much as when you put it on top of a bowl.
But what kind of amanita are they? Amanita is just a genus, there's hundreds of different kinds of amanita mushrooms, and I'm pretty positive that only a handful of them are safe to eat

Actually regardless of which amanita mushroom it is, I'd still advise against it. Getting sick and then tripping out doesn't sound fun, and like other people have already said, it's not even a psychedelic high. But do as you please, you sound confident that you won't die so I wish you good luck
Amanita aren't psychedelic, there's no psilocybin in them
who wants to battle me i'll destroy u bringi t
I definitely agree with you on 2c-e though, my experiences with it were pretty incredible. But I think 2c-b is still my favorite 2c-x, one of my favorite RCs as well
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25-i is probably the best analog. Just my opinion.

After doing copious amounts of 25i over an extended period of time, I can tell you that it has really messed me up. I've definitely had many good experiences on it, but I really think nBOMEs need to be treated with much much more caution than typical psychs.

College has been a very emotionally taxing journey so far. I've drank so much delsym over the last few weeks, I'm at a point where it's more of a high than a trip.
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I was worried about this. My actual wording will be something like "I don't think I can do this if other guys are in the picture". Something that sounds less like a demand and more like an explanation.

Yeah Sam, like I totally understand not being able to do it because you're not just interested in her from a sexual standpoint, it sounds like you're genuinely attracted to her overall. Hooking up will probably only make things more complicated, especially if you want to remain being friends. But yeah definitely just be as clear and honest as possible, and if she likes you and respects you as you do her, she'll be cool and understanding. She has made it clear that she doesn't want to be in a relationship, so it's probably best for you to not try and get anymore intimate, UNLESS you find that you can handle having casual sex while she's having sex with other people, but that's a totally different obstacle to overcome. but i'm like 12 anyway so i'm not qualified to be giving advice on sex in the first place
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Yeah and I've got no way to test it either so I'll just have to go by feel I'll be taking it tomorrow night with some friends, so that's gonna be awesome

Yeah just take it and it'll be great
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The funny thing is, the first time I saw no country for old men was about two weeks ago. And I just started aku no hana day before yesterday,

i never finished it and i don't know why, because i really liked it a lot
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Where is Shred or Pat I want to talk about how DEEP penguindrum was. Just so many layers. Like a big fat smelly onion that no one wants to take apart but you can still appreciate it for how big and smelly it is compared to most other slightly large and not-quite-so-smelly onions.

penguindrum is insane and incredible
i think i'm going to start dating a korean boy thati met he looks like he is in a k pop band i'm so in the love
I love playing music on drugs

my friend and I recorded this jam when we were on a ridiculous amount of 25i (this was at a time where we didn't know much about it) but it was on cassette and I scribbled "Velociraptors on LSD" on it
i feel so pathetic all the time
college sucks someone kill me
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1. Many, if not most of our drones don't even carry a payload. I'll venture to guess a "lighter than air" one would be used for reconnaissance, or other non-lethal tasks.

2. By the logic that drones kill innocent people, beer kills way more innocent people. I wont hear Iron Maiden be called out for their "Trooper Beer."

3. If drones kill innocent people, then we should charge them with murder and not hold politicians accountable.

4. Drones also save lives.

stop being a military apologist
College has been pretty great so far, and I'm excited for classes
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Speaking of xanax, my friend just came and dropped off some xanax blotter tabs. At first I was skeptical but my friends older bro apparently got alprazolam powder off SR and used it to make these. It's kinda funny cause 4 blotters = 1 bar. So its like I have bars in blotter form cause of the same increments. Well anyway now I can feel like a hippy taking xanax

Or sell it as doses at a random party then dip out real quick.. just kidding. But it would definitely work they have art on them too.

that would be most unrighteous, dude
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no juston beirber clone is not ckawai

i don't fujcking look llike jsutin beibertjoiikl;
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No. Shota Shred is dead. We will never see him again.

but i'm here and i'm cute
somone tell me how i download anime once i'm in my dorm

my friend told me to learn how to download thrruoguh irc