Uploaded by KOBIBA on Sep 29, 2010 .
Thanks for comment on my video

i agree with shornifier here
nice try still needs some final touch with whamy bar but appart from that really good work
get M-audio MKII fast track it has guitar jacka nd XLR input with phantom power.

it costs around 130$
try ejamming? i jam online with people latency isnt an issue
blues- rock ima slopy player lol but there are many people there . its kind of a lobby
try ejamming?

i cant find anyone in my area to jam with so i find good people over there . latency is not an issue

this is a software i came when i was searching to jam online .

No i am not advertising - i am just looking for some fellows to jam along .


You need a decent connection + you need a external sound card for ex . Pod gx line 6, maudio fast track etc

there is really no latency , so who wants to join? its only 13 mb in size and its free for 1 month trial

Anyone wana give it a shot?
Thanks if mod could move this thread there .
sure mother Teresa haha :P . i will do that next time
dude i watched your covers , but all i wanted to say was already said .
+ i havnt heard those songs before so yea :|

what do you expect? point less criticism ? O_O
i improoved it check out my youtube video . its not perfect but yea
dude , practice slow at 80bpm to iron out the mistakes .

theres a lot you missed i think . i been practicing it quite a long time and i can tell that lol .

c4c ?
dude i sent on one video

and my comment was "nice

c4c?" -.-

and one on ""

i belive "nice" isnt criticizing . unless your dictionary is bit off
i havent heard this song much , so i cant think of a critic .
but it was spot on for what i hear now . maybe after few more times hearing orignal by jhon i can spot something but for now its preety good
It's a Cort X-11
thanks i improved it a bit more and made this video
thanks i gave it a 2nd try lol
same here lol but kinda scary sorta lol
Thanks man i will try another shot at it without so much delay and re verb
Hey guys

I know the timing is a little of in a part.
i guess theres too much delay and reverb

I tried to synch in pro tools essential ,but i was unable to completely synch in pro tools essentials.

2nd try with no reverb and less delay

3rd try - Video
i have vox vt 20+ as well as marshall mg30

i know both arnt good but both are just practice amps
but how can passives give more output then actives?
i have heard active ones were better , so i guess active pickups
vox vt 20+ im planning to buy new linear pedal or effects latter on
Hi Guys

Ima noob in pickup area
I like metal i am looking for a tone like Metallica . Should i put new pups (pickups) in x11 or get new guitar.

Cort - x-11 has passive emg hz and they sound muddy and if new pickups then which ones?

Please help !!

Thanks in advance
thanks so much guys ,

sliding (if i feel no pain)
picking improvement with as much less effort as possible
ear training .

i will try these