I wanted to do this at one point (I have the Cherry Red G400) but its not easy nor practical so I abandoned it. The Epiphone measurements are not the same as a true Gibson SG so much to the point where the pickguards aren't interchangeable. You'd have to get yourself a custom cut pickguard to Epiphone specs, but if you do that, the installation process is a breeze.
Take the pickups out of the rings, remove the rings from the body and attach the pickups to the full pickguard. then its just matching existing holes. if you want to drill more holes (to fill each screw hole on the pickguard), put masking tape between the pickguard and the body and then gently drill through the existing screw hole. the tape will help stop the finish from cracking (which would suck so don't skip that step).

Its not impossible, but the required effort is IMO far to great for just an aesthetic change. Sorry for wall of text, lol.
I've used a Lo-TRS. I didn't like it, but then again I never compared them side by side. I suppose I could've gotten a dud since the Ibanez Indonesia QC is hit or miss, but I still don't think it should've reacted how it did to a single little touch. It was also a floor model, so I bet that has something to do with it, but they said it was put out the morning I bought it. Oh well, bottom line is the Edge III and the Lo-TRS are not reliable like higher end LFRs or OFRs. IMO, I'd play the guitar for about a week with fresh strings, abuse it (but not too much :P ) and then decide if an upgrade is necessary.
I'll draw something up, 1 sec.


Input is on the left, not right. Sorry!
looks good so far, I'm kinda concerned about the gap in the neck pocket between the body and neck there, how tight is it in there? Also, will it be left natural?
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Well, not all licensed Floyds are drecks, some are the Edge III....

I hope you're joking. the Edge III is Ibanez's worst trem. Trust me, I have one on my Ibanez. I've given it a complete setup, brand new strings, stretched and everything, will not stay in tune at all. I've given up on it entirely and am getting rid of the guitar.

On that note, there are good LFRs like higher end Jackson made LFRs and Gotohs to name two are quite good without dropping the cash for an OFR.
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my dk2m plays so wonderful, too bad i'm bored with its finish... what do?

Eh, but then again, lots of different guitars have similarities like that. If thats what the players want, thats what they get. This might not cater to a lot of you, but there has to be some reason other than "its cheaper" since the DiMarzios certainly aren't. I want one of those, but I literally just bought a DK2M yesterday, so I'll hold off for a while.
Just got this DK2M yesterday. I've posted a NGD thread so I don't have to ramble all the upgrades over and over :P

2010 Ibanez S7420
Mahogany body, Maple neck
ZR Trem
24 frets (new for 2010)
And just for you, looks T3h Br00ta1z

Edit: Comes with passive pickup routes so no massive 7 string EMG routing, but its easier to take off wood than put wood back on . Also, Seymour Duncan make the Phase I blackout in passive size so if you really want actives, you can install them without worrying about possibly going back to passives and being left with a hole in your prized guitar.
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is it better than the rg?

By far. I'm getting rid of the RG since the Edge III is terrible and the Jackson Floyd does this odd thing where it stays in tune??? lol, the DK2M is just better overall. Alder>Basswood (opinion), stock Duncans (or EMGs)>IBZ (not arguable), better tuners (I got especially good ones though )

I'm really happy with this guitar thank you to all the HNGD wishes!

EDIT: I'm probably going to keep EMG's (possibly Blackouts) in this guitar to all of those of you who don't like actives. I'm going to be purchasing a 7 string soon and that most definitely will have a set of DiMarzio or BKP passives so I'd like to have a good quality guitar with and one without Actives just for some variation.

I'm not a huge fan of the EMG's, and I'll probably end up swapping them for Blackouts later, but for the price I couldn't pass it up. right now I'm just waiting to grab a set of black schaller straploks. it came with a set of straploks but I don't know what brand and I only trust schaller anyway so I'm willing to wait.
Today I picked up a Jackson DK2M with a professionally installed EMG 81/85 set, sperzel locking tuners and a professional setup for $350! the guitar has no visible wear except for an absolutely microscopic scratch on the very tip of the headstock and the frets are in perfect condition. The guitar feels great, balances really well and the neck is really comfy. Now time for the single picture I was able to get before I had to run away.

das pwetty! I've always loved your builds, please don't go away!
The switch in the standard Les Paul position does nothing. James used to keep hitting it as he played so he unwired it and put on the "other" switch. IIRC The remaining controls are 2 Volumes and 1 Tone

Exactly right.
I'd say no to the TOM on the strat since you'd have to angle your neck accordingly or recess the TOM and personally I don't think its worth the effort.
Believe me, I'd go in a heartbeat but its a long drive for me so I want to be sure. I'm going to try and get a hold of the seller again, then work from there. Thanks guys!
I found an MIM Fender Stratocaster on CG for $300 but the catch is, its seems to have a David Gilmour wired pickguard already installed which is $310 by itself. The guitar looks to be near mint so basically I would be getting a free MIM strat, $10 and free installation. I've been looking for something like this for a while now, but I don't want to jump in and grab it and have it turn out to be non functioning.

Thanks a bunch!

can I suggest a tone/bridge block? its basically a strip of solid wood down the center of the body the width of the bridge. if allows you to screw in your neck, pickup and bridge without worry of the bridge tearing out or your neck pocket falling off. You can even use pine (I wouldn't but its cheap for a first build). you can route it just like any other wood and you won't run into problems like chipping or bad glue joints on the neck pocket or pickup route.
Hi, I'm working on a schematic for a 12/6 Double Neck and am wondering if you guys could confirm if this is an adequate wiring for outputs.

Basically, its a two output design allowing for independent amplicifcation of any combination of Magnetic and Piezoelectric pickups so I could theorectically run the following setups provided I use a stereo signal split:

6 String Magnetic to one amp with 12 String Magnetic to another
Both 6 and 12 String Magnetic to one amp and 12 String Piezo to another
6 String Magnetic to one amp, 12 String Magnetic to another and 12 String Piezo to a third amp.

Am I on the right track here?

go to the Ultimate Wiring Thread for more help on the individual pickup switches.

Good Luck!
you could wire it as an S/S/H?
if you want an introduction to soldering, I suggest you make some simple effects pedals like a mute, an A/B box or a fuzz. those will get you closer to proficiency with the iron.
Also +1 to whoever suggested Carvin kits. they make fantastic guitar kits as well as bass kits. if you have the cash though, nothing beats warmoth or original manufacturer parts (parted out fender).
I assume he means he put epoxy under the rod to stop it from rattling. I hope *cringe*
Orion - Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Stairway To Heaven - Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Classical versions of both songs, they're played on steel string, but they sound fine on nylon.
You're going to want the boost before the OD so you can get more bite out of it instead of just a volume increase. basically, take the input from the Muff clone and connect the hot and ground wires to the output of the boost respectively. then just drill a second hole for the booster on/bypass switch and toss them in the same box. I've done it with a boost and a fuzzface, it works great and save board space.

Also, I would stick to what was said a while ago in the sense of keeping the effects independent so you can turn one of them on by simply hitting its own switch opposed to the on switch and then the switch to choose between effects.

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maybe an mxr 10band eq?


MXR make great EQ pedals that can easily function as a solo boost. Go for a 10 band if you are a tone freak and have the cash. alternatively, go for the 6 band and get just as good of a boost, but with a little less tonal options. I've wanted to try the MXR Kerry King 10 Band for a while as it is basically the MXR 10 band, but with two equalized outputs to run stereo amps. Looks like a great idea, might pick one up eventually.
Ocean - John Butler Trio is open C capoed to open D but this might not be what you're looking for.
Wrong to the 81X being passive. Passives are the EMG-HZ series. The 81X is a newer design EMG 81 that was created to compete with the increased headroom and fuller tone of the Duncan Blackout. all of their lineup (or most) was recreated in the X series to have a less nasal, thin sounding tone that the 81 is sometimes known for. the 18 volt mod does help this too so I would imagine both in conjunction would be good, not sure though. I personally like the Blackouts as they have a rounder tone clean and distorted and still have the same ridiculously high output.

Yes, strings matter A LOT.
From my understanding, EMG'S don't really split as they aren't conventional two coil pickups. I'm not certain what in the hell they look like on the inside but I know you can't just ground a coil and be done. The 81TW, 89 and 89R have an EMG 81, 85 and 85 (backwards) inside them respectively so they should sound as identical as two of the same model. If I understood correctly, they also have an S style pickup in the casing as well that is switched to when "coil tapped" to give the single coil sound.
You could look into a fuzz face clone, I'm going to build one as soon as I get the parts in.
Thank you guys, the pickguard was what I was worried about in the first place (upper horn and tone knob areas)
Hello UG, I call upon you to help me. I came across a craigslist add that has me confused.

It looks like a JEM to me, but it looks too flawless to give away at $900. There are 3 pictures in the listing, but not too much is visible. The poster referred to it as an "Ibanez Guitar Steve Vai edition" which indicates JEM once again but it could be a cheap copy. Basically, is this legit?

Thank you UG for your noble services.
the only problem i see with setups like this (on switch for each pickup) is when you need to go from the bridge pickup to the neck pickup for rhythm, or vice versa you need to flip two switches in opposite directions which takes alot longer than one might imagine. I would go for a separate volume (so you can put individual coil taps) for each pickup, a master tone and a single pickup switch (think Schecter wiring). You can do what you want though, this build looks fantastic so far and I imagine it will stay like that.
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Building a Strat...

^This could have something to do with it?
if you're having a tech do it, why not have him stick in a push/pull for coil splitting? its just an extra tone option (great for D Sonic because of bar+coil configuration). It won't affect your humbucker sound at all when disengaged and gives you an optional single coil sound at the flick of the volume (or tone) pot.
I say go for the Ibanez. The ZR trem is really smooth and stable and allows you to change tunings more easily than the Floyd Rose type of trem. S series to my understanding are all mahogany too, so you will get a nicer tone. If you go for the ESP/LTD and end up not liking active pickups, you have to replace all electronics except for the jack for it to work to max potential. Passive pickups coupled with the mahogany body of the Ibanez will give you a warmer tone than thin sounding EMGs. The S is also really thin around the edges, so in turn its a lighter guitar meaning less stress on your back over the years. If you don't like the stock Ibanez pickups, you can always swap them out for a set of DiMarzios or Duncans easily.
If you want that gilmour tone, you can get a set of 3 EMG SA singles which are the same as on the prewired pickguard. The only reason the prewired costs that much is due to the expander circuit and other custom tone circuit built in. a set of SA's would be in your price range. They are active though, and that can be a hassle on a strat (or any front routed instrument for that matter) since you have to remove the pickguard to swap the battery unless you modify the body. batteries tend to last 1000 hours though so if you unplug your guitar when you're not playing, it shouldn't be a problem.

If you want passives, go for a set of Fender Noiseless over the Hot Noiseless. Better tone and you won't need them to shred like you said (you could if you wanted to though).