lol, I was staring at the bottom of the "Obligatory Foot Shot" seeing no feet until a few minutes pass and notice the shoes on the right side

Anyway, this is progressing really nicely. Good job
a humbucker is wired in series but it can be switch operated to go to parallel. Series wiring within a HB is what eliminates the 60 cycle hum you get from most single coils. It has the thick humbucker sound without hum. Parallel sounds closer to a single coil since it basically makes the HB two independent singles on at once. Parallel has a thinner tone, but not nasal like out of phase coils. Parallel wiring is also hum canceling. Think positions 2 and 4 on a strat switch, just a little tighter sounding (due to the coils being closer in a HB).
Look at the DiMarzio Tone Zone/Air Norton combo or the D Sonic/Air Norton combo. they seem to suit you well. they are all 5 conductor pickups so you can coil tap, series/parallel or phase switch them.
Bareknuckle Nailbombs and Warpigs are supposed to be highly regarded amongst the 7 string community, I'd look into those.
Its all trial and error really. you aren't going to break effects unless you stick an 18v in a 9v jack or something, so experiment. sometimes an effect that you think surely wouldn't sound good there, sounds fantastic. It takes all of 10 seconds to switch around pedals, move them in and out of the loop.
Ibanez TS9 would be your best bet. Variable gain and boost, exactly what you stated you're looking for. The MXR EQ pedals are very nice too. They give a great boost and precise control over your tone, but they do not actively add gain themselves.
Rondo does make quite good LP styled guitars, I suggest looking at them as there are so many that you could buy one similar to what you want and mod it. They are also very good bang for your buck as they are good quality but still very cheap in terms of cost. their custom shop is closed right now, but it will re open eventually.
You can route for a full sized humbucker, I suggest using a template though, freehand routing is never really the best way to go with pickups.

yes, you just put the wires from one pickup on the left center lug and wires from the other on the right, then ground the top two lugs. its simple.
gas = Gear Acquisition Syndrome
You can find a C1 Classic rather easily, I would also look into the C1 Elite as it has a figured maple top like you want. There is also another C1 I have seen, the name escapes me but it has a quilted maple top, its semihollow and has a stock piezoelectric pickup system in addition to the Magnetic pickups.

The Blackjack ATX has Seymour Duncan Blackouts, which are active but are supposed to give better clarity and headroom than EMG's without a thin, nasally sound. Now this is my opinion and even though its shared my many people, some disagree so I don't want to start a Blackout Vs EMG spam war, I'm just offering suggestions.
I've got 6 as of Saturday, 1 Bass, 1 steel string acoustic, 1 classical, and 3 electrics. one of my electrics needs a new bridge saddle so it is not in a playable condition, but I'll fix it eventually
^Thats interesting. I've wanted to do this very same build for a long time. What color scheme have you decided on (or are considering)?
How exactly are you planning on wiring each for stereo? You can't just split a guitar (or bass) signal and have each split be as powerful as the original. You will get half power on each side. I don't really see the purpose of this as you could just do this further down the chain if you really want to without complex wiring inside of an instrument with complex enough wiring as it is. My advice is go for a single stereo jack, send bass down one lug and guitar down the other and split at the other end. that leaves you with only 1 wire to trip over, not two and a much less difficult wiring task.

Props though, warguitars are awesome.
Roadster head found for $1375 used. is this a good enough offer to just go for it and buy a cab in a little while?
I'm looking, believe me. MarkIII's are kinda hard to find around here, not sure if its like that everywhere but I've seen very few. Never actually heard let alone played a Mark IV so I don't know much about them. I'll keep looking and post what I find.

Edit: Just found the head for $1475 about 35 miles away.
The reason I like the TSL over the DSL is the independent EQ for each channel which is a make/break for me, I'm rather eq-picky. Also, I really like the Roadster and would rather have a 2x12 roadster but I'm limited to what shows up on craigslist for this particular amp due to its immense price. I do play metal, but I also play rock, classic rock, punk, skater punk, classical, neoclassical, funk rock and some jazz/blues. I don't gig regularly or anything, but I jam with friends and sit in for friends when they can't play.
Hello, I've been playing guitar for 6 years now through a 15W fender frontman from the stratpack and through an atrocious Line 6 that I got as a gift. I believe it is time to take a step into buying a tube amp. I've played many tube amps before and I know lots about them but I'm in a conundrum. I've always wanted a Mesa Roadster but their high price (even used is $1550USD for just the head) has stopped me from buying one. I have the opportunity to buy a Marshall TSL 100 halfstack on craigslist for $900 and his description seems to say that the amp is in good condition. I have enough money to buy the Mesa actually, but then I would end up with only a head and no cab which is bad and I would like a pedal or two. I've also been looking at buying a Bugera 333XL halfstack with the intent of replacing the tacky front grill (possible?). I'm just looking for experienced opinions such. thanks for reading such a long, boring post

^ Agreed, Maiden FTW. You could find a third guitarist and play maiden arranged for Dave, Janick and Adrian Aces High and Fear Of the Dark both have great harmonies, try one of those?
Agile at Rondo Music makes some really nice Les Paul replicas for anywhere from $300 to $900
UG has a fantastic GuitarPro of The Bards Song. Has both guitar parts and everything.
In that case, just wire it up as normal then wire the hot wire from the humbucker to the middle push/pull lug as well and the bottom lug to the volume knob.

Ideally, i would like the bridge pickup to be activated no matter what setting the 5 way switch is on, to blend any combo of pickups i like, e.g 5 way set to "neck," push the pot, and the bridge pickup is added to the neck, at the volume set by the push/pull pot. If possible, i want it to just function as just a volume knob for the bridge pup if the 5 way selector is set to "bridge" or "bridge/mid," but im not sure if this is possible. (I just dont want to be on stage, flick from "neck" to "bridge" in the middle of a song, just to find that i forgot to push the switch down... )

I've played a guitar that was:

1 Bridge HB
2 Bridge Split
3 Bridge + Neck Split
4 Neck Split
5 Neck HB

with a push/pull on the tone knob to engage the other two coils in position 3 to have Bridge HB + Neck HB. you could try something like this, I'm not sure how it was wired, but apparently it can be done.
^ That would work fine. I'd post in the Ultimate Wiring Thread, since wiring questions outside of there are not allowed.
I'd go with a DiMarzio Air Norton instead of the SD in the neck, just because of its warmth and good tone. For an HSH config, I would go for two coil taps on one knob, and a series/ parallel switch on the other so with a 5 way switch you get:

Vol: Down
Tone: Down
1 Bridge series (humbucker)
2 split bridge + middle parallel
3 middle
4 middle + split neck parallel
5 neck series (humbucker)

Vol: Up
Tone: Down

1 Bridge split
2 split bridge + middle parallel (same)
3 middle (same)
4 middle + split neck parallel (same)
5 neck split

Vol: Down
Tone: Up

1 Bridge parallel
2 split bridge + middle parallel (same)
3 middle (same)
4 middle + split neck parallel (same)
5 neck parallel

Series/Parallel only works with two (or more) coils so a single coil in parallel sounds no different than a single coil in series. same goes for out of phase.
Ghost is a piezoelectric pickup system for reproducing acoustic guitar tones with a "plug and play" solderless attachable 13 pin MIDI pickup system. Its a great piezo system (don't know what AXmichigan is talking about) but if you want the MIDI capabillity you have to buy the seperate circuit board/13 pin jack package. But again, with any MIDI system it requires two independent parts. The pickup is in your guitar just like you said, but you can't just use the pickup. the pickup won't do anything plugged straight into an amp or PA, you need a synth system usually held in the pedal, a rack mounted box or into a computer to process/modulate the signal.

Watch this , it helped me understand lots of this stuff:
This sounds like it would be a great all-GFS build, shelling out money for an edge and dimarizos and whatnot will end up getting you way over the original price of the guitar, really fast. I say paint it with the JPM P3 Picasso graphic, just to have it stand out a little.
^Yes, thats it. I'm not sure how it was done, but it has adjacent woods stained differently so its not impossible to mask when staining, just a certain technique is required is all.
Quote by Jason Jillard
but he said he was leaving that part natural. not staining it red...

It isn't definite, but it was implied
that would work, but then would he have to sand off the layer of laquer to apply the red stain? there was a build thread not long ago where someone (don't remember who, sorry) built a neck-through 27 fret PRS that had been stained red, black and had parts left natural all on the top. if whoever made that sees this post, could you explain how you did that? also, both builds look fantastic so great job guys.
definitely ground the bare wire. if you don't your pickups won't be properly grounded and you'll get icky buzzing and humming.
A'ight, thanks a bunch, I'm not going to test anymore until I get new pickups or my strings wear out enough to warrant cutting them to get under the pg. When I do, I'll post all the values tested with each pickup and see what happens.
Quote by The4thHorsemen
.001 and .01 is a pretty big difference and the .047 is about twice as big as the .022. you could try and see what it sounds like, I doubt it'll be what you're looking for but the worst that can happen is you'll have to take em out and throw in something else.

just pick up the caps you need, they're pretty cheap. even at radio shack's jacked up prices they're still cheap.

I know the difference, but I've checked all around locally, even radioshack, and thats all I've come up with, no .022 caps anywhere. I can't order anything online for a little while either so I'm a little bit stuck with them. How exactly does the cap value affect tone? I know how they work outside of a guitar, just not inside one.
I posted in here a while ago about modding my SSS strat with a high pass and low pass filter and was wondering about cap values. I only have a .047u and a .01u cap. Will these be ok or do I need a different cap value to get a good tone? The diagram says .022 for regular tone and .001 for bass cut, but I want to use the .047 and .01 respectively instead. will this work?
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This is bullshit. You can use the same jacks and the same power cord will be just fine!

don't forget knobs and LED's, maybe even a switch or two.
when I first saw your thread, I thought "Oh god, some kid put strings on a baseball bat and called it innovative". Upon further inspection, you have created a badass instrument, job well done.
Get a new amp, you don't know the potential of your pickups if you've only played them through a line 6. A D Sonic, BKP or Tone Zone, whichever you buy, will sound basically the same through the Line 6. a new amp should be your primary concern, pickups come after.
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Instead of a switch, how about a relay? Normal state is bypassing all the active stuff. If the relay is powered, it connects the guitar signal through the active circuits. The relay gets its power from the ring terminal on the guitar output jack, just like the active circuits do. Automatic, yeah?

Hmmmm...You sir, are intelligent. If I get time, I will try this. I haven't used a relay in a guitar yet, It'll be interesting.

EDIT: I understand how all of this works, but installation is confusing me. Imma cook up me a diagram and when its all drawn, I'll post it so you can tell me how wrong I am

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thats the best post i have read all night.....thanks for makeing my day!!!!

Look at Bugera Amps. they make really awesome clones of the Peavey 6505/6505+ called the 2620/2626 respectively and they make a XXX clone called the 333XL. They sound really similar if not better than their Peavey counterparts and are really affordable. They also make a clone of the Marshall JCM900 called the 1990 if you want a little more brit in your tone. Look them up on youtube and (as much as I dislike GC) Guitar center stocks a few models so you can try one there.