That would be kinda cool though on stage. every time a pyro goes off, your guitar wahs. Or, you could (safely) light the pedal on fire and tape down the momentary switch so each lick of the flame affects your sound and you could honestly say that your guitar sounds like fire

On a serious note, has anyone tried any of those passive stomp boxes? I'm inclined to build one if I find a working diagram but I want to know if its even worth it.
Well first off, what amp/effects are you playing through? If you're playing through an MG or something, you're not going to get much variation in tone from pickups, no matter what make/model, just because the signal is filtered and processed so much.
D Activators are nice for BtBaM kind of stuff (seeing them in 4 days )
My friend plays in a gringcore/deathcore band with his Xiphos and stock D Activators and it works great even against EMGs.
@Jim: Thanks a bunch
@Bellette: Esplain switches!
I would look into either a D-Sonic/Air Norton combo or a Tone Zone/Air Norton combo both by DiMarzio. I really like the DS/AN set but I'm a Petrucci fan so I'm a wee bit bias. The Air Norton is really smooth, creamy sounding neck pickup great for cleans as well as solos.
A few more to look at are the classic JB/Jazz abd JB/'59 combos by Seymour Duncan and Bareknuckle pickups are supposed to be really nice although I haven't tried any.
I'm modding my Squier (I'm sure none of you have heard of anyone doing that ) and I came up with this little idea for my 3rd knob. Its really simple but I don't trust myself so if someone could make sure I'm not going crazy, it'd be much appreciated
Master Volume
Master Tone (Low Pass)
Master Tone (High Pass)
5 Way Switch

Thanks SYK. I was thinking just a switch (recessed and covered) on the back of the guitar to bypass all active electronics (mid boost, etc). In bypass mode, the signal would still pass through the passive volumes and tones and go straight to the output jack like a normal guitar, but with the switch on, the power lug on the jack would connect to the power input on the active circuit and the guitar signal would route through the active circuit. Is this at all possible/a good idea or am I just being stupid?
You could, but in that case, whats stopping you from just sticking a regular 9V in the guitar in place of the battery being charged? You'd also have to leave your guitar plugged in and the amp turned on for a long time before its charged (guitar signal has a tiny voltage) and that could be bad for the amp. Its technically possible, but I just don't think that its worth it.

Also, question to anyone who is skilled in wiring:
In the case of my diagram, a stereo cable is ran from the power pedal to the guitar to provide electricity. Am I correct in saying that a mono cable ran from the guitar to the pedalboard or amp bypassing the power pedal would allow the guitar to function normally as passive opposed to active?

I don't mean to threadjack if that how I came off as, I'm just trying to contribute
I've been planning a similar project to that previously mentioned in regard to using a stereo cable as power and I drew these up just to see what I could come up with.
Its a two part system, 1 in the guitar and one at the end of your pedal board. The pedal is powered by daisy chain like any other pedal and is fed current down the middle lug of the stereo cable. The guitar side has a stereo jack to split the guitar signal from the effects power, but also has a separate jack for a power cable if no stereo cable is on hand.