I am looking at buying a Agile Septor Elite 7 string guitar.
What difference does the neck scale make?
They come in either 27" or 25.5"

Which do you guys recommend?
I am buying it to learn to play stuff like Periphery, Deftones and Born of Osiris, but am also looking to utilize it for clean playing, and towards my own style.
OMFG. I love you man. I didn't know that they made Agiles for so cheap! If i buy it from that Rondomusic place, do I have to wait until June to get it? lol
So, I am debating on whether or not I should buy a 7 string guitar.

I am on a price range of $1000 Max.

The two guitars I am considering are:
Schecter Blackjack ATX C-7
Ibanez RGD7321

I am thinking that if I get either of these, I will probably change out the pickups because I have a ESP LTD EC-1000, and I am not much for the active EMGs on it.

Pickups I am considering: DiMarzio Crunch Lab and Liquifire. I have always liked the sound of them.

What are you fellas recommendations?

P.S. - I am kind of a Djent fanatic, but I am also looking to utilize for my clean styles as well.

I would like to know what makes what makes your recommendation for a guitar better than another guitar (neck, woods, shape, pickups, etc.)
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thank you sir for actually doing something with this.
ok, i figured out how to do the IMG tags!
This is a snapshot of the drummer of Falling In Reverse from the music video The Drug In Me Is You. Meme or shoop him. Link to the music video below.

P.S.: I also hate this song and band.


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Here's a few that I have done.

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move your hand closer to the bridge it might be your muting the string to much
also hit the muted noted harder than the not muted noted because well they are muted and not as loud

Haha I was just telling my cousin who is currently learning how to play guitar that he needed to that with his palm mutes.. apparently I should have taken my own advice because that helped a little!

Quote by Geldin
Having listened to the riff in question, I'd say that your best bet is to probably use a down stroke for the notes on the bottom string and an upstroke for the higher notes. That, or just down pick everything but the gallops. It's definitely doable and I'd be willing to be that they're doing straight downpicking, but you could do alternate picking comfortably as long as you make sure that the bottom notes are down strokes and the upper notes are up strokes.

Make sure you're fretting them correctly if you can't hear them. Also, realize that they're palm muted. They aren't going to ring out much. They're kind of hard to hear in the recording, too (though hardly inaudible). If you think it's your tone, I have just one question: what is your EQ like? If the mids are scooped too much, you're gonna have trouble hearing yourself playing over a recording. Try increasing your mids and cutting the bass a little bit. That might help make your playing more distinct from the recording.

Thanks man, your tip helped me get it down! I think my current EQ will do just fine!
I am not sure if "Chugging/Alternate Picking" is the right usage of the terms.
Here what I am trying to play (below)

[Riff 6, Guitar 1 & 2] - [00:42] - [01:01]----------------------------------| 2x
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
- ----------------------------------------------------10p9-------12p10p9----|
- -------------------------7p0-----------------------------12p10------------|
- -----5---7h8-------------------------8---7h8h10---------------------------|
- -0-0---0-----0-0-000-000-----0-0-0-0---0--------0-0--------------------8--|
PM ... . ........... ....... . ... .
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------|
- ------------------------------------------------------------------8---|
- ----------------------------------------------------9--------10-------|
- --------------------------------------------8---7-------11------------|
- -8---8---12p8---7h8---10---12---8---7---8-----------------------------|
- ---8---8------8-----8----8----8---8---7---7---7---7---7----7----7---7-|
PM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It is a section of the song Crusades by August Burns Red.
What I am having trouble with is being able to make the palm muted notes on the 6th sting sound audible. I feel like I have no problem playing them, but I am having a hard time hearing them.

What do I do? Is it my picking technique that is wrong, my guitar tone (help from a different forum?), or what?

I am playing a ESP LTD EC-1000 through a Peavey Valveking Half-Stack with a Metal Muff and a Rocktron Reaction Hush out in front.
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Don't, the DS-2 is just an overpriced DS-1 with a Turbo setting. You'd be much better off getting the DS-1 and save £20 or whatever.

$20 bucks isn't that big of a deal. Plus the DS-2 is more versatile.
EDIT: Plus I kinda like the turbo mode :P
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tubes cooling down, your car's exhaust does it too.

Haha, I was kind of thinking about how cars do that.. but I didn't know if it was normal for my amp to do it. I have never heard it do that before, or maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention to it.
I shut off my amp and was sitting down when I noticed a really light clinging noise coming from behind me. I looked around and noticed it was coming from my amp..

I have a Peavey ValveKing Half-Stack..
Why would it make these clinging noises?
Is this a bad thing? or is it normal?
Thanks guys, I looked, and right now I'm thinking that I am going to go with the DS-2!
I am just wondering what you guys think would be the best distortion pedal for pop rock and alternative rock. and maybe some punk rock (the more versatile, the better).

For bands like:
Framing Hanley
New Medicine
New Politics
and maybe some blink-182 and Brand New

I don't know if there is a pedal that works for all of those or not because I usually play all kinds of metal, and use a Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff (in my opinion works perfectly).

I personally do not like the lead channel on my amp which is a Peavey ValveKing Half-Stack. It's like it doesn't push the sound out enough or something.. if any tips for that tone, let me know!
ummm.. yeah. i dont know how to describe you..

Born of Osiris
For those of you who use a Metal Muff, what do you have your EQ set at? I'm just curious. I know that what your EQ is set to on your amp matters too, so go ahead and put that as well.

For me, I have a Peavey ValveKing 100
Clean Channel: Treble 12 o' clock, middle 11 o' clock, bass 1 o' clock
with the
Metal Muff: Treble 4 o' clock, Mid 9 o' clock, Bass 1 o'clock, Distortion between 3 and 4 o' clock.

EDIT: Using a ESP LTD EC-1000
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This thread is the essence of what's wrong with bulk downloading. Music becomes dispensable commodity. What a shame.

this is exactly what i mean. if we have all of this music, so much of it never gets played. its a waste of money (unless you illegally downloaded it) but why have it if youre not going to listen to it? this is why i have been working on listening to all of it.
I still have a ways to go, and i kinda hate some of the songs (ive grown out of some of the bands aka. asking alexandria, attack attack, stuff in their general area [EDIT: hardcore music, with not so impressive guitars]) but its going pretty well other than that.

Quote by piratemetalhead
i have 23 days of music, wouldnt be able to do it

and wtf, posting every single artist on your library? Why? I could totally waste my life doing that and take up a whole page's worth of space, but...

this took me about 2-3 minutes. not a big deal, bud. you've got alot of music, i wouldnt want to type it all out either. just figured some people would want to know.
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haha youre tough :P quit your bitchin
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I honestly haven't seen anyone triple post here before.

oh calm down, im noobish :P
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Ah, crazy shit, my best mate's girlfriend's brother is the singer, chilled with him a few times. Total arsehole.

aha. thats an odd way to know someone man :P but that blows dude, hes a good singer.
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It's my brother's old library so no.
5469 items, 14.8 days.
Balls to that.

Wait, Glamour are known in the states?

I found them while searching through youtube videos once, I enjoy them.
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I don't even listen to about 85% of my library.

I am the same as you, which is what got me wanting to do this.. its going to take a while.. but I am going to do it.
See, some of you need to put your music library to work. Get your moneys worth (unless you didnt pay for it :P)
I don't exactly know how to word this but here it goes.
Can you listen to your entire music library without changing songs?

I have decided to challenge myself to listening to every single song in my iTunes library.
My iTunes library consists of 3517 songs, with a total play time of 8.5 days.

Now I know that for some of you that this isn't very many songs compared to your libraries, but for others, it is alot.

This may or may not be a good idea, but I thought about how I don't even listen to all of my music, so it's kind of a waste, which is why I want to listen to it all.

I know my music tastes are quite up to some peoples standards, but I listen to a variety of genres (sort of).
I doubt many of you will read through them, but
my iTunes library consists of these bands.

All That Remains
All Time Low
Angels & Airwaves
Army of Me
Artist Vs. Poet
As I Lay Dying
Asking Alexandria
Attack Attack!
Audio Bullys
August Burns Red
Avenged Sevenfold
Band of Horses
The Beatles
The Bloody Beetroots
Bo Burnham
Box Car Racer
Boys Like Girls
Brand New
Breaking Benjamin
Breath Carolina
Bring Me The Horizon
Bullet For My Valentine
The Cab
A Change of Pace
Chase Coy
Children of Bodom
City & Colour
Close Your Eyes
Coheed and Cambria
The Color Morale
The Contortionist
Craig Owens
Cute is What We Aim For
D.R.U.G.S (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows)
The Damned Things
David Cook
A Day To Remember
Dead By Sunrise
Death Cab For Cutie
Deep Purple
The Devil Wears Prada
Dream On, Dreamer
Dynamite Hack
The Escape Frame
Escape the Fate
Every Avenue
Eye Alaska
Eyes Set to Kill
Five Finger Death Punch
Flo Rida
For Today
Forever the Sickest Kids
Four Year Strong
Framing Hanley
From First to Last
Get Scared
Glamour of the Kill
Greeley Estates
Guns N' Roses
Haste the Day
Hawthorne Heights
He Is We
A Hero a Fake
Hit the Lights
Hollywood Undead
Hot Rod Circuit
I See Stars
I Set My Friends on Fire
I The Breather
Inhale Exhale
Jack's Mannequin
Jamie's Elsewhere
John Mayer
Kid Cudi
Kid Liberty
Kings of Leon
Linkin Park
Lorene Drive
Lykke Li
The Maine
Maria Mena
Mariana's Trench
Matt Nathanson
Mayday Parade
Midnight Juggernauts
Mike Posner
The Mile After
Misery Signals
Miss May I
Motionless in White
My American Heart
My Chemical Romance
Neon Trees
New Found Glory
New Medicine
New Politics
Of Mice and Men
Oh, Sleeper
Our Last Night
Owl City
Ozzy Osbourne
Papa Roach
Parkway Drive
Pat Monahan
Person L
Pierce the Veil
Plain White Ts
Protest the Hero
Rage Against the Machine
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Rob Thomas
Say Anything
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
The Scene Aesthetic
The Script
The Secret Handshake
Senses Fail
Set Your Goals
Sick Puppies
Sky Eats Airplane
A Skylit Drive
A Smile From the Trenches
Soulja Boy
Sparks the Rescue
The Starting Line
A Static Lullaby
Straight Line Stitch
Sum 41
Surrender the Dance Floor
System of a Down
Take Charge
Taking Back Sunday
Tanner S. (A good friend of mine)
Texas In July
There For Tomorrow
Third Eye Blind
Three Days Grace
Tickle Me Pink
To Speak of Wolves
Uncle Kracker
The Used
Veil of Maya
War of Ages
We Came as Romans
We the Kings
Weird Al Yankovich
While She Sleeps
Within the Ruins
Woe, Is Me
The Word Alive
10 Years
3 Doors Down
30 Seconds to Mars

I am starting my challenge now, I just thought that maybe some of you would want to do the same.
you're a viking? But a good viking at that. I like the band.

The Damned Things
likes to make me listen to good bands! (Liked the song)

Within the Ruins
thanks guys, i think i am just going to go ahead and get the Metal Muff. Been looking at youtube videos of it and it sounds pretty sweet. Thanks alot for the help!
So I just bought a Peavey Valve King Half-Stack (on a budget) and I'm going to need a distortion pedal for it
I play things like August Burns Red and Misery Signals.
The two pedals I am kind of looking at are the DigiTech XMM Metal Master and the Electro Harmonix Metal Muff.
Which one of these pedals would be best?
or any other suggestions?
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WEBBDIT: I love that the vid was uploaded by one of the members, and that this is the comment with the most thumbs up:

Rather telling.

Yeah, im sure that if you had a youtube channel that recieved 1,000 to 120,000 views per video, you would promote your band on it too.
they actually have new members, i believe. if you watch the Take Charge studio update on the youtube channel above ^^ they all look to be in their teens still. maybe not one of them though.

i could be wrong.. :P
Take Charge!
From Clearwater, Florida.

They have a 3 song EP out now, which is available for purchase.

The song: "A Path To Abolishment" can be heard on their myspace
can also be heard here at

Their facebook page:
I just went to their cd release show last night for Breaker. they did an amazing job, and i think Breaker is amazing.
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meh, I like them.

i really like anything though, except most synthcore. fuck synthcore.

dude **** synthcore, and nintendocore. ever heard nintendocore? terrible.
0/10. every time i click on this forum to look at what people said bout people, youre the last person to post.
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10/10. we have similar hair.

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