Very good first attempt man! The guitar sound so crisp, may I ask how you went about recording that out of curiosity? As for singing tips, have you tried figuring out the vocal melody on guitar/piano, recording it where the vocal would be, singing along to it & then deleting the reference track? Its a good way to ensure you're staying in tune
Can't stand the idea of computer generated music. It's bad enough that vocals are now computerized with auto-tune, instruments are computerized with sequencers where you're essentially colouring in little squares but now the actual melodies and chords are being computerized??? So wrong in my opinion.
This is really cool, love the idea of using a broken down piece of junk as a metephor for someone's life
This would be my take on it if it were me.

"Just like he used to be"

mechanical maintenance
looking into the parts and pieces
his hands work round the clock
to smooth out the creases

a mechanic, he pays his way
by fixing flawed equipment
now he's trying to tweak himself
so his hard-drive's no longer vacant

he says a lot that he doesn't mean
he runs on empty
he'd give anything to be sparkling clean
just like he used to be

so he diagnoses the problem
greases the gears of his tired engine
he unscrews the nuts and the bolts
and he gets to work on mending

now his mechanical heart
has top of the range parts
no longer runs on jack and cigarettes
and it only took a turn of the wrench,

to get it shining again

he said a lot that he didn''t mean
he ran on empty
but now he's sparkling clean
just like he used to be

Feel free to take whatever lines you want or the whole thing if you prefer it, I liked the idea so much I went a bit mad with the re-writing sorry lol
I like the kind of tabs people do where they post the lyrics & put the chord name above certain words so you know when to play chords, they're great for learning a rhythm based song really quick.

I really can't stand tabs that have all those numbers and lines at all, they proper do my head in! Like, I can read them if its a simple solo or lead line or a few chords but when it comes to complex stuff, the tab looks wayyyy too busy and I actually find it quicker to figure it out by ear than trying to desipher all those numbers and symbols!
Try replacing any major chord in a progression with an add9 chord, sounds great!
Quote by Basti95
Good new music should be absolutely insanely insane, anarchic, grungy, punky, primusy and butthole surfersy with that J.A. sense of Freedom

I'll tell you what's going to be big when I'm done recording

Like KingHenrik said you could try Justin, his lessons are great! Or you could go to your local book shop and look at the music sections for books on music theory. Steer WAY clear of "Music Theory for Dummies" though, I flipped through that book in waterstones & its absolutley useless.

A great book I got when I started out was "The Guitar Handbook" by Ralph Denyer, it has eeeeeeeeeeeverything you could ever need to know from music theory, scales, chords, music notation to the different kinds of picks, strings and materials used to make a guitar, the electronics of guitars, famous guitarist quotes, stage set-ups... it just has everything! I got it two years ago now and still find myself looking reading it from time to time as a refresher. I highly recommend it

Music theory is a difficult thing to grasp at first, took me a while & I thought I would never get it, but then one day everything just clicked. Don't give up
Well, I don't know any death metal at all except giving the odd Cannibal Corpse song an occasional listen for the lulz, but from what I understand metal is mainly written in minor keys with heavy distortion, palm muted chords, diminished chords, drop tunings & pinch harmonics. I think the Locrian mode is also used occasionally?

If you're having trouble with lyrics then just think of the most grousome violent things you can think of and go with it lol
In regards to playing a song back instantly, I doubt you will get to that level unless you have perfect pitch. The best thing to do is to recognize intervals, try this site:

After a few months of this site you'll start remembering what intervals sound like, it'll also help if you relate the interval to a sound you recognise. For example I relate a major 3rd interval to the sound of a doorbell!
Well I stand corrected! That's very nice of you Mr. Smiley face man
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I just wrote something and liked it and now I don't want to give it to you.

I doubt anyone else will either.


Seriously man you're gonna have trouble finding someone who will go through the trouble of writing something decent and recording it for you not to mention actually give it to you! The best thing to do is find someone you know who plays piano or buy a cheap keyboard (get ones for like $80) and learn yourself - it isn't that hard, especially if you're just wanting a simple line.

Or you could write the riff on the guitar and then figure it out on a friends piano?
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Dude, I've been chomping on my nails ever since preschool O_o There should be rehab for this habit, man!! Actually, I grew my nails for a while and fingerpicked with them, it was very different and my nails kept on hooking onto the strings. >.<
Anyway I've learned to fingerpick with flesh: it's easier to get more volume when playing unplugged with nails mind you, but I've learned to play loudly (and confidently) with my fingertips.
by the way - have you ever tried using fingerpicks?

Good luck man!

I've never tried those fingerpicks no, they look kind of annoying to use like they'd twist around the finger while you're playing or something.
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Mine are all teaching site related.

1. Complete my site redesign (ON test servers since September, hopefully ready for release later this month)
2. Video Studio skill sets, and equipment upgrades, staging, lighting, and other tecnical upgrades.
3. Complete my 3 adjunct courses - Counterpoint, Shred Academy and A solo improv approaches course I'm collaborating on with a fellow UG'r. Get all video shot content edited
4. Sign on with an advertising firm out of Houston (The CEO is also a student)
5. Streamline my video content and editing - as well as shoot a free beginner skill sets course.
6. Mentor 50 people successfully and help 5 of my currents be accepted to music schools.
7. Get Guitar Munky as a student, and have him like me. (hahaha hey a guy can dream!)
8. Have online enrollment of students from 30 countries (currently teaching students from 17)

I'm hoping for a big year


Yowza! Looks like 2011 will be a busy year for you

@Mushroom; oh man I am the WORST nail biter, I've been biting them ever since I can remember. I've tried finger picking with my fingertips but nails just seem like the more easier option. (not to mention my nails look downright gross when I bite them)
E|------9----9--11--12--14--14-16--14-9----9--11--12--14--16------------- 9-----------|

Think thats right. Wahey my first tab!
I find it halarious how so many people here are bitching and slagging off the music industry and record labels when they, if given the chance, would sign up to a major label so fast the ink would set on fire!

Its a shame that the band isn't making that much money from touring, but what do you expect by being an independant band? Becoming rich through music is mainly down to 2 things: being talented and being popular.

Being talented and generally appealing is down to the band, if your music sucks then not many people will like you and so not many people will go to your shows, therfore you won't make much money. If you look like a sack of shit and have no unique image or sound then nobody will take any interest whatsoever. People want something different when it comes to bands!

Being popular is the biggest thing that makes you rich through music and that is down to the record labels. Without a label behind you getting you the best songwriters, the best producers, the best studios, the best venues, and most importantly - the best promotion then you will not become popular. It's a 2 way street - the band can't make a decent amount of money without the label and the label can't make a decent amount of money without the band. Even with things like youtube and myspace and the like, the odds are you will not be taken notice of because there is so much competition out there people will most likley prefer listening to someone else.

The best possible situation for a band or musician is getting their foot in the door through a major label, getting rich and famous off of them and if they're talented enough they'll build a large fan base that will lap up everything they have to offer. Once that happens they could go independant because they have such a huge fan base. This is what Prince did - he left Warner Bros records in 1995 and went completley independant. Because he was so talented he had a massive fan base so he is still selling out arenas and having albums rank high in the charts to this day! Without a label he wouldn't have become famous and he would not have the sucess he has today.

The truth is, unless you're increadibly talented (or somewhat talented and increadibly good looking sadly) then you will not be able to earn a decent living through music. Your talent and appeal will get you down the path but the label holds the key to the gate of fame and fortune. And to be fair, the staff at labels also work very hard for the artists so they are entitled to a cut, maybe not such a large cut as they get, but they're still entitled to it!

At the end of the day, if you truely love music and its what you want to do for a living then you will live in a shabby apartment, eating baked beans straight outta the can, without cable tv or hot water and you'll play that funky music, white boy.
Hey guys, since its a brand new year, no doubt you have thought about what you want to concentrate on music-wise? What do you hope to have accomplished by 2012?

Here's mine:

  • Get back into a proper practice routine (been slacking the past few months!)
  • Improve tapping
  • Improve sweeping
  • Learn how to shred properly (Not a metal guy at all, but I love me a wee bit o' shreddin')
  • Improve knowledge of music production/recording
  • Finger picking (&on a related note, stop biting my damn nails!)
  • Improve transcribing/ear training

These are the (main) things I really want to concentrate on this year because since the 2 years that I started playing guitar, I haven't learned much about these things at all except the basic techniques. So It'll be great to finally get a decent grip on 'em!

How about you?
Just listened to it, I'm no good with tabs or bass either really but from what I can gather the main riff goes:

C# - C#.D#.E.F# - F#.G#.F#C#-
C#.D#.E.F# - G#.B.C#-C#

I'm playing all the notes on the low E string except the bolded notes which are on the A string 14th & 16th frets then you go back to the C# on the 9th fret of the low E string which is a bit of a difficult jump but do-able

is that right? I'm using my guitar to figure it out so it might be different on the bass
Quote by rkk94
Cmaj and i let it ring, i have no idea why though its a habit now i guess.

Me too!
You're welcome I always go a bit mad with the criticism and worry people will think I'm saying their song is shit so sorry if I came accross like that lol

It's a very good thing, Newton is boss! check him out..

He does lots of easy listening acoustic stuff & that seems like your fortay so I think you'll like him.

P.s. let me know when your song is recorded, can't wait to see how it turns out
If it were me, I'd call it "the man with no face" & I'd start off with that fast intro but make the verse slower by strumming each chord once on the first beat of each bar, then halfway through the verse i'd strum on each beat to give it some momentum so it builds up to the fast chorus if you get me? Then after the chorus I'd include the fast intro but layer a catchy riff over it and do it again after the second chorus also.

Something you could do with the intro is play the progression twice & then play a V chord once at the end and leave it ringing for the one bar before you start singing to add a little tension. (love that chord progression btw)

I'd close the song with the first 2 lines of the 1st verse as well just so the title is really cemented in people's minds and gives the song more symmetry, I love songs that end with the opening lines and I think it'd work great here. This is just my style though, I think your song is really awesome keep up the good work!

P.s. do you like newton faulkner? You remind me of him lol
Funk is alllll about how the seperate instruments blend with each other. It's all about the rhythm and where each instrument comes in...

Listen to how the bass-line, synths, and guitar all have their own little parts that are seperate to each other but blend together to create that driving groove.

Funk guitar is mainly thought of as 16-note rhythms with heavy use of left hand muting and you press down the chord on certain strums to get the groove, it takes a while to get a hold of but you'll get it!

In regards to chords, funk guitar mainly uses dom9 and #9 chords, but a lot of the time they use basic triad inversions on the highest 3 strings and sometimes just 2 strings because funk guitar is usually very minamilist!

When writing Funk, people usually start off with a shuffly drum beat, then they add a funky bassline with the occasional slap/pop of the bass and then the guitar, sax etc.

Remember, its all about the groove! Start off with a funky beat, get your dom9 chord on the ready with your muted 16note rhythm and just feel it!

Check out funkadelic, sly & the family stone, prince, and james brown for the funkiest music around. If you want modern funk check out Jameraqui & Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

also look up funk guitar lessons on youtube! This guy is great -

Good luck
Funk it up dude! I loves me some funk music and if guitar solo's are what you're after then head straight for the back catalogue of Prince & Funkadelic.

try to find the extended version of this song, it has a guitar solo that lasts for well over 2 minutes & is rockin. also:

Solo starts about a minute in and lasts for ages. That should keep you busy!

The good thing about funk music is that a lot of the songs come with extended versions, so you can just jam along to it for 10 minutes straight and improvise your own solo's
Yeah, if you dare venture outside the given key then the music theory fiends will descend upon you and tear you limb for limb.

Nah you can use whatever notes you want really, I like throwing in the odd "blue" note to keep things interesting. Just remember that the more you venture outside the key the more dissonant it will be, so use those notes wisely!
P.s. all this talk of *~*~*~context**~*~* is irrelivent, I think the OP is talking about chords that are isolated on their own and mainly about extended chords, not just major and minor.

I personally think labelling a chord with a mood is a great idea. For example, I wanted the chords in the song on my profile to sound very chilled and relaxed & I immediatley thought of the major9 and major7 chords because I labelled them as such when I learned them. I used them in the progression & they sound very relaxed and chilled indeed! (Plus, steve vai uses this approach too and it seems to work for him)
Doesn't sound like a bad idea, just do what you feel will be the most effective way for you
I am no good with recording "in the box" as they say because I always use a standalone multi-track recorder but from what I've heard you'd need a decent sound card in your computer & sequencer software like cubase, pro-tools or garageband. As to how you actually plug the guitar into the computer I have no idea, probably midi?
Quote by Ihatelovers
How do you know what sounds good if you don't know how to put it together in a split second.without knowing theory you will be limited to only things that you've already learned by trail and error.and that's ok if you don't want to advance and grow as a musican.on the other hand theory will open your eyes to whole new world you never thought existed.
Let me put it this way,if you don't know theory,you're navigating through the world of music blind folded and theory lifts the blindfold off your eyes.

Don't get me wrong, theory helps a bunch. Think I could have written that genra medley on my profile without knowing any theory at all? All I'm saying is its only essential for improvisation, composing and songwriting. If you just wanna learn rock/pop and most metal songs from tabs then you don't need theory, all you need are power chords, barre chords and open chords and that's what the OP was asking right?
Add9 is pure joy to me, dom9 & #9 are determination and anger, and major9 is chilled and relaxed (i like nines in case you didn't notice!)
Like anything, the more you write the better you get! My approach is to always start in your head & then figure out everything on the instrument afterwards. Theory helps with this because you find the notes and chords you're hearing much faster, so write a simple riff in your head & then try to figure it out on the guitar!
Well you coud either learn an instrument from scratch or you could find a songwriting partner who can put music to your words, maybe post an ad in your local music shops or here on UG! Good luck
Good question, I don't suppose there is a cut off line though. Personally I think you should only primarily call yourself a musician if you're studying music at college, or do it as a profession i.e. composter, perfomer, session musician etc.
This blog is quite helpfull and has loads of tips
Quote by Junior#1
I think theory is making it "hard to feel" for you because you don't know theory well enough. Once you learn it and use it, it becomes second nature. You can still play with feeling, you'll just know what you are doing, and you can play with feeling while making it sound good. It's extremely helpful to know, regardless of how you play.

Totally, I'm a person who doesn't think theory is absolutley essential to be a good guitar player because if you're "playing from the heart" and translating sounds from your head to the guitar, you can find those sounds without theory. But if you know your theory, you'll find those sounds a hell of a lot quicker!
I think learning a variety of chords is essential, it only took me a few months to memorize power chords, barre chords, open chords, xtended chords with a couple of different voicings & triad inversions & then I was pretty much set for life chords wise! They really do come in handy & besides, more guns for your arsenal is never a bad thing!

However I am more of a rhythm player and so chords are more important to my playing, but if you just want to play metal and rock and a lot of pop songs then you could probably get by with just power chords, barre chords & open chords which wouldn't take long to get the hang of at all. & remember, once you memorize the chord properly, you pretty much never forget it!
I like this, love the imagery especially the line "obese supermodels in hot pants" lol
The idea of writing a song thats a prequel to another is also really cool
If it were me I'd add a simple chorus, perhaps repeating a simple phrase for a couple of lines, just to tie everything together and add a definitive hook that helps the song stick in people's minds
Congrats dude same thing happened to me, you can read something about intervals or inversions or scales over & over again and be so confused, but then one day everything just clicks into place & you get it its those "aha!" moments that make the confusion and stressful process of learning theory worth it because it really comes out in your music.
Thanks dude the lyrics are very simple and the structure seems quite strange when reading, but when put to music they make more sense & no I don't do drugs lol
Hey guys! I'm looking to purchase a moog little phatty stage 2, a lot of my debut album is synthesizer based and all i have are like 2 crappy patches on a shitty ass yamaha starter keyboard, so i'm in dire need of a real synth!

& after lots of searching I think the moog little phatty is exactly what i'm looking for

so if you are looking to sell or know anybody who is please PM me thanks
Lyrics from a song I recorded this week, will be on my profile shortly :3

Let's take a bubble bath
Wash all our worries away
Scrub off our insecurities
& watch em circle the drain

Let's take a bubble bath
We need to learn to relax
We need to forget about the present
the future & the past

So let's take a bubble bath, yeah~

Let's take a bubble bath
Cause its been a long hard day
Let's light candles we made ourselves
& listen to corrine bailey rae

Let's take a bubble bath
Complete with a rubber duck
& while the tub is filling up
I think we've got time to....