I would take "Two pieces of your choice" to mean two songs or compositions on whatever instrument you want. If it were me, I'd pick two pieces that vary - perhaps start off with a slow/haunting one on the piano then a nice energetic one on the guitar to show diversity.
Well I don't really know what "fluency" means but I guess if you're not playing something "smoothly" it would be combination of missing beats/going out of time and/or unwanted string noise when changing chords so your best bet will be to practice a song slowly with a metronome and gradually increasing the speed?

Also, if you're playing is described as "robotic" it probably means you're not adding enough "spice" - so try some vibrato, string bending, slides or quirky phrasing for leads and some different rhythm patterns for your chord playing. For rhythm playing you could also try palm muting for certain parts. Hope this helped!
I'd say use a pic at least for the first few months and get comfortable with the guitar before moving onto fingerpicking because it requires more co-ordination. It also depends on what music you want to play too
That sounds fun, the only thing I'd say is to do a kind of trial run before you make any long-term commitments with renting a place, moving etc.

Good luck!
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Pinch harmonics! Can't seem to get those down


I also have a hard time getting a tone that doesn't sound rattle-y when doing tapping/lagato and even basic hammer on's and pull off's.
What I do is have a floating hand when I'm playing the 6th string, then everytime I move up a string my hand rests on the string before it so I'm essentially muting the unwanted strings to avoid excess noise and resting my hand for greater control over the higher strings. When playing rhythm I always have a floating hand though.
Well, melodies need to be crafted and usually have a structure in which the verse melodies go in a step-wise motion in a lower register with few leaps while chorus melodies are short and sweet, using only a few notes and have a repetetive structure & are usually in a higher register to add more energy. A cool thing you could do is have a big leap on an emotional word so it has more impact.

The only thing I can thing of to enhance imagination with melodies is writing one in your head & figuring it out on the instrument afterwards so you aren't stuck in a box with scales... or getting high. I don't really recomend drug use but I'm not gonna lie, when I'm stoned I seem to come up with much more interesting music lol
The first half of "For the Love of God" by Steve Vai is pretty easy
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Alright, I read on several other websites that "A dedicated songwriter should write atleast 1 song a week."

You see, I think this is bad advice. If a person tries to push inspiration, the end result may sound forced or rushed. Not to mention, the writer might not be fully happy or proud with the end result, thus putting on a bad performance.

What are your opinions on this? I never agreed with it, but I'd like to hear what the regulars of Muscian's Talk has to say. Maybe it'll change my mind.

I disagree, songwriting to me is 20% inspiration and 80% craft, if you sit around waiting for inspiration to come you may never write a song!
You could use a riff is to use it as an intro, then go into a verse with just chords & bring the riff back for the chorus, if done well it can be quite catchy
I haven't read the book, but isn't it about "big brother" basically? Like, people being viewed by cameras all the time? If so, the only song that springs to mind for me is "Somebody's Watching You" by Sly & the Family Stone
Check out Prince, one of the funkiest of them all...

Its all about the rhyhtm. Listen to how the drums, bassline, synth & guitar all blend together to create that drive. That's what makes funk funky! How the instruments corrosponds to each other, filling in the gaps where the others left off, taking turns of filling up the space. Love love love!
I think you guys are going off the margain here, I don't think is asking the old "major key = happy? minor key = sad" question. I think he is asking what specific chords represent what mood.

The happiest chord to me is the add9 chord. The most chilled and soulful chords to me are the maj9, 11 and open chords. Power chords represent energy. Dom9 chord sounds aggressive and determined in my opinion, as does #9. Diminished chords represent mystery, if a song ends on a question, end it on a dimished chord too, sounds cool! Adds to the whole "unresolved" feel. Of course its all a matter of a opinion though.
I always start with a title & the general theme of the song. It really helps with the mood/tempo/chords/arrangement you wanna use. Then I sit down and think of a hook for the title, then work out a chorus in my head & figure it out on the instrument afterwards.

I also don't figure it out on the instrument for at least a week or so, as I feel the tell tale sign of a good song is wether you can remember it. So if I can remember what I come up with a week later then I know I've got a good'n!

The hardest part for me is then to come up with verses, bridges & connections for each section of the song. Sometimes I think of a really good chorus, but don't know what to do for the verse. Feels bad man!
I just wrote a song in C major in which the verse progression was simply CMaj - Emin

I thought this could do with spicing up a bit, so changed the Emin to a Emaj which isn't *~*~*diatonic*~*~* or whatever

It sounds really cool so you could give that a try?
I was actually quite suprised by the amount of metal heads on here!!! Lots of talk about alternate tunings and other metal madness that I don't personally care for. I do have metal head friends, but none of them to my knowledge only listen to metal. A lot of them branch out to other genras like classic rock and some are Zappa & Vai fans like myself.

I am trying to learn how to shred at the moment as its a pretty big challenge & when used sparingly in a solo can be really cool and a great way to build & release tension. Learning sweep picking is going suprisingly well actually & is keeping me very occupied indeed! Even if I never use sweep picking I've found its a lot of fun to do 4 string appregios. I do love the sound of tapping and legato, but thats not really metal I think???

I used to really like metal such as A7x, black dahlia murder, as I lay dying & the like, but over time just got bored of the whole genra because I found it all to be too similar.
Dear lord please tell me you're a troll *looks at you in a 'popstare' kind of way*
Can't go wrong with Imagine by John Lennon and Let it be by the Beatles as begginer tunes, then work your way up to something like Don't Stop Me Now by Queen and that thousand miles song by Vanessa Carlton, looks like a fun one to learn that one lol
A cool technique is to match chords to feelings & emotions. So you can call a maj9 chord "relaxed" or a power chord "determined", diminshed chord "mysterious", add9 "joyful" etc
I always write in my head & then work it out on the guitar or piano or whatever, try doing that? What I found when I tried to write at the instrument is I would get stuck in a boxy way of thinking and churn out pretty generic stuff, but when I write in my head everything comes out more interesting. I usually figure out the entire song in my head, like the arrangement, the bassline, the chords, the solo... it ultimatley saves a lot of time writing and recording your stuff.

Give it a try, you'll find that your head is like a 16-track recorder and you can bring up a song at will and work on it in a quiet place provided you've really drummed the riff or chord progression or whatever into your brain by repeating it. I often tweak my songs when I'm outside having a cigarette, walking the dog, or even having a shit!
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I am a student and also learning guitar, could you please give me tips that how to learn guitar own and tell me how long should i be practicing?

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I would give youtube a go, there's always great videos to show you what to do so you know you're doing it right. I always link to this website because it has it all...
Also, as a side question, if I'm trying to get into different types of music such as blues/jazz/pop/especially funk, who shouldi listen to?

For blues I would say the golden oldies like B.B. King, Muddy Waters... then there's the modern masters like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn

I don't know many Jazz guys sorry!

Pop... well there's loads of pop bands and singers that use guitar but I'd just stick to the I, IV, & V chords

Funk! Now we're talking can't go wrong with Sly & the Family Stone, Funkadelic, James Brown & Prince
You could try doing hammer-on pull-off exercizes with your pinky and third finger, keep your third finger on the 3rd fret and hammer on & pull off your finger on the 4th fret. Try it on the 1st string first, then after a while move onto the other strings
Prince doesn't actually use any special techniques, he just improvises a solo and tears it up! However, I do know that at the beggining of the 2nd Lets Go Crazy solo, it sounds like he's hitting loads of notes really fast but in reality he's just bending a note a tone upwards while doing 16 note rhythm alternate picking.

I could be wrong but thats how it looks like he's doing it on the live videos I've seen. The interesting thing about Prince is he plays guitar in so many styles; funk, rock, blues, jazz... & even though he doesn't do any unique techniques he still retains a signature sound.

A lot of his more "WTF how did he do that" guitar moments are down to effects. For example, in "Kiss" the guitar was put through a drum gate or something to match the snare drum, & you wouldn't be able to play it like that normally.

In regards to tone, he's exclusivley used a boss pedalboard throughout his carreer (distortion, wah, flanger etc) and most of the time uses a cheap hohner telecaster but sometimes uses a fender strat.

I'd just try learning some of his solo's & see what he does. My favourite is the end of "Computer Blue" or the solo in "Thunder".
To add to what others have said, a big part of funk guitar is left hand muting. You play a 16note rhythm on one chord lets say E9 or E#9 but kind of swing the rhythm a bit while muting with the left hand with some of the strums... its hard to explain but this guy has done some videos that show you what I mean...
To be rich and famous and have everyone love me and cherish me and be remembered all over the world for thousands of years and have a big statue in my honour in every town hall...

Just kiddin', I wanna give someone that warm fuzzy feeling that I get from other peoples music. If I can do that for one person and enrich their lives in some way then i'll be happy
A good one is that "wah, wah, wah, wahhhh" on cartoons when something sad happens, just take the dominant 9 chord and play it descending down 4 frets by a semi-tone. For extra fun use the whammy bar on the last one
My favourites are "Peaches En Regalia" by Frank Zappa & "Dear My Love" by Miyavi
For me solo's are the peak of a song! Like a mountain, the song gradually builds up to it so that, if done right, it reaches that climax where the listeners emotions are at boiling point and a good guitar solo just gives you that orgasmic release~ to me there's just nothing better
I don't know if it's just me but that's the only way I can write anything decent! When I actually sit down with the guitar & noodle around with scales I get stuck in a rut most of the time. But if I sit in silence & come up with melodies in my head & then work them out on guitar they turn out so much better because you're concentrating on the actual sound, not the physical aspect of playing the sounds if you get me? You should definatley try sitting down in silence, maybe putting a backing track on & coming up with riffs or melodies in your head & then working them out, it's a lot of fun & much easier than you think
You just have to remember the time in which he was around really, if he where to come out now... he'd probably have success sure but would never get an iconic status. Back then his style of playing was unheard of & I'm sure it would have been quite frightening, then the was the whole race issue...
I like it when people mix both! It's cool when a solo starts off slow & then gradually builds up to a shredding climax
Sorry to hear that, have you tried ebay & amazon?
So you just want to learn something new?
I'd try for online lessons & "the guitar handbook" by Ralph Deyner explains most of what you need to know.
I'd also learn some techniques like hammer-on/pull-off tapping, bending & vibrato to spice up your playing, if you don't know them already.
Also look into extended chords for jazz?
You could try improvising to a backing track or song you like (you'd have to figure out the key & know your scales first though)

You say you want to "jump into a genra" - pick your favourite & search "genra name lesson" on youtube, there's always a lesson video for anything you need on youtube
I've always loved tapping even though I'm not a metal fan, I just think it's the most perculiar sound! For me, there's no sound greater in music than a reverb-drenched & distorted guitar solo with a bit of tapping here & there... heaven~
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when it's time to learn, practice is work. and most work should be done sober. i have a feeling that practicing diligently sober and then later making your brain blow chunks into the universe with a fun stoned session would be a whole lot more satisfying and effective when it comes to being a better player.

Bingo! Agree 100%
Practicing high never works for me because I always get distracted & end up forgetting anything I've learned. It's so hard to concentrate! Improvising or playing songs while high is great fun though
My weakness is muting, I just suck at it! Whenever I take my finger off the top 3 strings they ALWAYS ring out. So annoying
You should always warm up first! I tend to get really cold hands which affects my playing, so I either warm them up by the fire or in hot water first. Then I do this -
& also some chromatic runs up & down the fretboard.
Only takes about 15 minutes & then you're good to go!