Ran into a problem booting up Ubuntu from USB

I created a thread for it on AskUbuntu here

Hopefully there are some here who could help.

Downloading xubuntu now to see if that works.

e: also trying LiLi from
Out of desperation, after googling the problem, I put my HDD in the freezer... Because freezers are supposedly magical.

Although on a more serious note, I'm now considering downloading a portable Ubuntu installation that I can boot from a flash drive. Would that let me use my laptop again? All I need for the most part is to connect to the Internet for browsing and torrents and hopefully also a way I can transfer files to/from my iPhone.
My laptop won't boot up anymore -_-

I left it on overnight and I woke up to see a black DOS-like screen with technical details and something about how it can't find a bootable device...

Then when I tried to hard restart it (long press of the power button), there would be a clicking sound inside and I'd end up ok the same black screen described earlier...

...RIP laptop??? I hope not. Crossing my fingers this can still be repaired....
Around halfway into Enders Game. First part of the book is great, but towards the part where
Ender becomes commander
I find myself starting to lose interest.

e: the
Demosthenes & Locke
section of the book was a slightly jarring shift, but I was really impressed by how Orson Scott Card accurately captured the concept and mechanics similar to today's
online message boards
in that part of the book, considering it came out around 3 decades ago.
Interesting. Thanks for the nods for One Hundred Years of Solitude. I initially had qualms about him because I've heard people say that his prose can be boring.

Is it fair to say that if I enjoy Murakami, there's a solid chance I would enjoy Marquez by virtue of their strong ties with magical realism?
What should I read if I can only choose one? The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay? Or One Hundred Years of Solitude?
Finished Fear of Flying by Erica Jong. 3/5. Too much psychoanalytic babble. Too little actual story. But good - great, even - in some parts.

Also done with Storm Front by Jim Butcher, book 1 of the Dresden Files. 3.5/5. Very fun and entertaining urban fantasy, with wizards, vampires, demons and the like. Plays out like a standard police procedural, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I've also started Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Around 15% into it now. Really solid, very engaging sci-fi (looks like a space opera?)
current humble book bundle includes American Gods.

Started the Storm Front audiobook because I felt like trying out audiobooks. Pretty great.
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I've been wanting to read this, how is it?

So far it's been more memoir than it is about "on writing", really... He starts of with recollections of his childhood and only around 50 pages in does he really get into his beginnings as Stephen King the writer we know now.

Past a quarter into it, he's already discussing Carrie and there are a lot of nice anecdotes about how the characters and ideas were conceived and came together. Also a good number of scattered reflections on the craft (and business) of being a writer that will be of interest to aspiring authors.
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That book is excellent. You'll like the next book in the series too.

Indeed it is! I'm definitely planning on reading the 2nd book.

Book was just steady good for the most part, but things started to get really great once
Kvothe decided to leave Tarbean. Everything from that point - especially once he sets foot in the University - has been excellent.
Currently Reading

The Stand by Stephen King - p. 26 of 1,168 (2%)
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft , by Stephen King - p. 82 of 297 (28%)
Fear Of Flying by Erica Jong - p. 235 of 340 (69%)
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss - p. 272 of 662 (41%)
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami - p. 373 of 607 (61%)

copied from goodreads which is why that's like that.
The person that would be most recognized across all sorts of demographics.


Either The Pope or Obama, maybe? Kim Kardashian?
Yeah, I don't really understand why Tyrion did it in the show context.
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Enlighten us non-readers, who is Tysha? Is she the ***** Tyrion fell in love with before Shae that Tywin had soldiers rape?


The way it went down in the book is that Jaime reveals to Tyrion the truth about Tysha while they were in the tunnels. So instead of thinking that Tysha is just some regular ***** who left him for money, he realizes that Tysha truly loved him.

This enrages Tyrion, and he splits from Jaime in the tunnels and it's the reason why he heads to Tywin's chambers. When he confronts Tywin and asks where Tysha is, Tywin answers "wherever *****s go" (which is a popular line in the ASoIaF fandom/canon), which is basically why Tyrion kills him.

That's how I recall it. Other book readers correct me if I'm wrong.
worst omission from the book is that there was no mention of Tysha.

goddamn that was critical for tyrion's character and why what happened happened.
Daenerys = Emilia Clarke = atrocious "acting" in the finale.
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Why no LS? That reveal would have been perfect, would have had people talking about it till next season. Strange to omit it...


Instead they end with
Arya sailing to Braavos

...which is nice... but not the perfect cliffhanger that LS would have been.
No LS -_-
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what is this in reference to?
dafuq is wrong with Parker?
omg Kahwi Leonard = superstar.

unfortunately, the rest of his team doesn't seem like they came to win the title.
lol, I just realized that **book spoiler**
Tywin is getting killed by his son on Father's Day.
It's really difficult though because they have 5-6 guys that have been great for them in this series. Their big players for each game imo:

Game 1:
1. Manu
2. Duncan

Game 2:
1. Duncan
2. Diaw
3. Parker

Game 3:
1. Kahwi
2. Green

Game 4:
1. Kahwi
2. Diaw
3. Duncan
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Serious question: does Kawhi get Finals MVP?

He should even though he played not so good in the first two games.

It's either him, Duncan or Diaw.
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Lebron's gonna have to take over now if the heat want a chance at this. To think, Miami losing 2 in a row at home is insane

Well, scoring 19 of the team's 21 points in the 3rd quarter is taking over...
Spurs basketball = poetry in motion.
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These damn refs.

steppin' up their home cookin' in the 2nd half yo
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I thought Frozen and The Lego Movie were both pretty average.

Yes. and No.
^ huh interesting. Not absolutely conclusive though. There could be similar armors elsewhere. I still think the showrunners are leading us on.
The promo makes it seem like Hound and Brienne will get into a fight... but is there a frame in the promo that shows them both in the same shot? Just seems like a bit of clever editing to make viewers think that that is what will happen.
^ He's supposed to show up and he will.
The battle isn't over yet, that was just the first wave from Mance to test the strength of the wall. Season finale should show the climax of the battle with Mance going all out and Stannis coming in to save the day...

...which is why E09 ends on such an anti-climactic note. Unlike previous episode 9's which served as somewhat the season's climax and episode 10 as the resolution, this season looks like the season finale will deliver the WOW factor people have come to expect from episode 9.
Wow. Now this is a finals game.
^ Good point. Maybe in that aspect, GRRM can still pull a few twists in the story.

In any case, I wonder if R+L+J (assuming it is true) will be first revealed in the book series or the TV series.

If anyone wants to read up on the theory, here's on (yeah, they're pretty obsessed with this theory)
As far as I understand, the R+L=J theory has been floating for a long time - discussed to kingdom come on - and at this point the general consensus is basically that it is true.

I read somewhere that GRRM has practically confirmed it as much as he can without actually confirming it outright. lol.
holy shit though I hope Parker is ok...
Portland down by 28 and who's beating them?

Kahwi Leonard and Danny Green.
lol nets omg