BFCA/Critics Choice Winners:

Best Picture: 12 Years a Slave
Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey - Dallas Buyers Club
Best Actress: Cate Blanchett - Blue Jasmine
Best Supporting Actor: Jared Leto - Dallas Buyers Club
Best Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong’o - 12 Years a Slave
Best Young Actor/Actress: Adele Exarchopoulos - Blue Is the Warmest Color
Best Acting Ensemble: American Hustle
Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron - Gravity
Best Original Screenplay: Spike Jonze - Her
Best Adapted Screenplay: John Ridley - 12 Years a Slave
Best Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki - Gravity
Best Art Direction: Catherine Martin (Production Designer), Beverley Dunn (Set Decorator) - The Great Gatsby
Best Editing: Alfonso Cuarón, Mark Sanger - Gravity
Best Costume Design: Catherine Martin - The Great Gatsby
Best Hair and Makeup: American Hustle
Best Visual Effects: Gravity
Best Animated Feature: Frozen
Best Action Movie: Lone Survivor
Best Actor in an Action Movie: Mark Wahlberg - Lone Survivor
Best Actress in an Action Movie: Sandra Bullock - Gravity
Best Comedy: American Hustle
Best Actor in a Comedy: Leonardo DiCaprio - The Wolf of Wall Street
Best Actress in a Comedy: Amy Adams - American Hustle
Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie: Gravity
Best Foreign Language Film: Blue Is the Warmest Color
Best Documentary Feature: 20 Feet from Stardom
Best Song: Let It Go - Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez - Frozen
Best Score: Steven Price - Gravity
@seventh_angel: Gravity won Best Sci-Fi/Horror
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If the Oscars were relevant Spring Breakers would be nominated.


Although really, a lot of people felt like James Franco had an outside chance for Best Supporting Actor.

"Look at my shiiiiiieeeeeeeet!"
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Mega bullshit that that song got a nomination and "Please Mr. Kennedy" didn't.

I believe "Please Mr. Kennedy" was ineligible because the Academy's music branch deemed that it was too similar to its influences for it to be considered completely original.

In light of the Alone nomination, the song that most people feel got snubbed was Lana del Ray's Young and Beautiful from The Great Gatsby.
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I think the best award is being remembered, respected and revered for generations to come. Films like Citizen Kane and Goodfellas will be immortal while no one will give two ****s about Dances with Wolves or Shakespeare in Love.

That's great and all and I agree. I mean, just look at 1994, which had Forrest Gump winning over The Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction. Go further back and you'll see lots of Best Picture winners that have been forgotten and losers that are now revered as classics.

But at the same time, something still has to be said regarding a film succeeding in the time it was released. It might be a more superficial recognition, but its relevance as far as how it shapes the industry and the careers of its winners should certainly not be taken lightly.
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A song written by the Academy's head of the music branch was nominated for best song. So, you know.

so that's how "Alone, Yet Not Alone" got a nomination.

People were like when it was named, then looked the song and film up on Google and discovered that the film was released on April 2013, has no reviews on RottenTomatoes, only 36 ratings on IMDB and is not even on Box Office Mojo.

Hilarious stuff
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Who said anyone here is uptight though? It's like watching sports, I cheer for a side but I don't get upset if it doesn't win.

I like the following award shows = watching sports analogy.

I get upset if the sports team/film/actor I'm rooting for doesn't win though.

10 noms - American Hustle, Gravity
9 noms - 12 Years A Slave
6 noms - Capt Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Nebraska
5 noms - The Wolf of Wall Street, Her
4 noms - Philomena
3 noms - Blue Jasmine, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
2 noms - August: Osage County, Despicable Me 2, Frozen, The Grandmaster, The Great Gatsby, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Lone Ranger, Lone Survivor
Well... American Hustle reaped big at the Oscar noms.

All four Actors got nominated Bale for Actor, Adams for Actress, Cooper for S.Actor & Lawrence for S. Actress.

I saw Infernal Affairs a couple of years before The Departed came out and absolutely loved it. Everything about it worked for me. Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Eric Tsang & Anthony Wong were all perfect in their roles as far as I was concerned.

When The Departed was announced and that it was going to be made by Scorsese, I was excited out of my mind. When it finally came out, I thought it was great but not as great as the original.

Maybe it's just a case of seeing the HK film first and loving it so much, but I plan on rewatching both films again soon after so many years and see how they both hold up.

I've also seen Infernal Affairs 2 & 3 btw - both also before The Departed came out - Part 2 is also a good film. Part 3, not nearly as much.
Have you guys seen Infernal Affairs, the HK film The Departed was based on?

re: Rush and Ron Howard, I agree with the assessment that it's technically great, but ultimately just an average movie. That's what Ron Howard is excellent at: Creating impeccably-crafted yet ordinary films.

If there were a boat of directors who create ordinary films, David O. Russell would be its captain, and Ron Howard would be his first mate.
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What are some other teen indie films that came out in 2013? Along the lines of The Kings of Summer, The Spectacular Now, The Way Way Back.

Are you looking for more of teen movie or more of coming-of-age?

You could give this a try:

Spike Island -
just posting my Top 10 from 2013 so far:

1. Before Midnight
2. The Wolf of Wall Street
3. Dallas Buyers Club
4. Blue Jasmine
5. Her
6. Rush
7. Gravity
8. 12 Years a Slave
9. Prisoners
10. Enough Said

If I were to hand out awards...

Directing - Cuaron for Gravity
Actress - Blanchett in Blue Jasmine
Actor - (tie) Leo in Wolf & McConaughey in Dallas Buyers
Screenplay - Before Midnight

There are some notable movies I haven't seen/finished yet though:

Blue Is the Warmest Color
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Past
The Great Beauty
The Hunt
Short Term 12
Captain Phillips
Upstream Color
Fruitvale Station
The Spectacular Now
All Is Lost
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Holy shit, The Wolf of Wall Street was so good

I just wanna watch it again right now. ****ing loved it. Leo was great. I thought the boat scene was a little over the top and cheesy and the ending was kinda abrupt (But I dunno if I'll feel that way if I see it again), but those are really my only two complaints.

My only major complaint really is that the editing felt really off at times during the second half of the film.

There's this sequence with Leo and Jonah Hill talking in a restaurant midway through the film and then the sequence where Kyle Chandler's character is invited to the yacht --- and I remember some very iffy cuts while watching those, among some other things.

Other than that, I enjoyed it immensely. I sort of agree that the ending felt a bit abrupt (what a thing to say for a 3-hour film, yeah? :p), but it didn't bother me at all.
Just saw Dallas Buyers Club and McConaughey was so magnetic in it. Undoubtably his best performance and one of the best performances of the year. Leto was equally as amazing. Both of their transformations for this film were incredible.

The story, the drama, the struggle to survive kept the movie firing on all cylinders throughout its running time. The only weak thing about the film was Jennifer Garner, but overall still a gripping viewing experience.
Prisoners - What a difficult film to watch as the parent of a young child...

...but it sure is a well made thriller. Excellent cinematography (it's Roger Deakins, so what would one expect?), and great performances by Gyllenhaal and Jackman.
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Yeah he's made tons of great movies but his performances? Just not award-winning imo. Close sometimes maybe, but not quite. Although I haven't seen WoWS.

Leo has turned in top-notch performances in most films I've seen him in since The Aviator. The only films I haven't seen him in since then are Revolutionary Road and J. Edgar, I think.

Sometimes, his performance is better than/the best thing about the film: Case in point, Blood Diamond, for which I think he should have won Best Actor. I haven't seen that film in a while though, so I don't know if that opinion of mine will change, but when I saw it last, I thought he was amazing in it.
All of this Leo is overrated talk is crazy... and this is coming from someone who hated Leo's guts circa Titanic in the same way that I hate Justin Bieber's guts today Something about him in the late 90s just made me want to punch him in the face.

But when Gangs of New York came along, it was difficult for me to admit, but I was impressed and thought that there might be some potential there. Then he made Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator and by 2006 when The Departed and Blood Diamond came out, I was totally converted.

As of today, he's one of my favorite actors if not my actual favorite actor. I think he should have either won an Oscar in 2006 or Best Supporting last year for Django (he wasn't even nominated!). He's most deserving again this year for Wolf in what was arguably the best performance by any actor from 2013 (beaten maybe only by Blanchett in Blue Jasmine).

He's far from overrated and he's overdue of the highest recognition that could be given to him by his peers.
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was certain Ejiofor would win Best Actor

Same here.

But then again, when one thinks about how the Golden Globes are far more about starwhoring than any other major Oscar precursor, then McConaughey over Ejiofor and Lawrence of N'yongo and the U2 song over the Frozen song make much more sense.

I think Bullock didn't happen just because Blanchett in Blue Jasmine is probably one of the best overall performances of the year by any actor or actress in either a leading or supporting role. The only award she's lost this entire award season was at the Gotham Independent Awards where Brie Larson won for Short Term 12. Other than that, I expect her to steamroll through the awards season en route to another Oscar.
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Yeah... it didn't end up as good as I wanted it to. What are your thoughts on it?

I felt like it was a film with solid technical/production values and featured some strong performances, but also that David O Russell is a director who seems more concerned and focused on his characters rather than his narrative... and I thought that considering the subject of American Hustle, it needed a bigger focus on telling the story because it ended up feeling really messy and disjointed in the end.

Ultimately, it didn't feel like it had any weight or anything special going for it. I finished viewing it and thought to myself that it was quite ordinary.
Wow, in that case, I need to see Lars and the Real Girl
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Her was great. I mean honestly, I was expecting/kinda hoping for something a bit less comedic, something stranger, more intense, relatable, maybe with a bit more depth. But that's my fault. It was great. I wanna talk about it more when I have time.

Your brother's kinda dumb Dong

In terms of mood/tone, Her sort of reminded me of Lost In Translation.

Funny that both of those films feature ScarJo.
So, Globes winners:

12 Years a Slave

Cate Blanchett, "Blue Jasmine"

Matthew McConaughey, "Dallas Buyers Club"

American Hustle

Amy Adams, "American Hustle"

Leonardo DiCaprio, "The Wolf of Wall Street"


The Great Beauty

Jennifer Lawrence "American Hustle"

Jared Leto, "Dallas Buyers Club"

Alfonso Cuaron, "Gravity"

Her - Spike Jonze

Alex Ebert, All Is Lost

Ordinary Love (U2), Mandela
Yisssssss Leo Best Actor for WOWS at the Globes.
Quote by DonGlover
I haven't seen Her yet, but my brother just saw it with his girlfriend and posted this status on Facebook: "Don't go see the movie, 'Her' unless you want to barf your face off."

How warranted do you think this opinion is? Keep in mind, he's not a cinephile like he may think.


Although, I could see how some people may not take to the premise too well... I will say that it's a beautifully shot film with solid acting pedigree and an its premise translates into an engaging script.

(oh and it just won Best Screenplay at the Globes! \o/ yay)
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^im seeing that right as we speak. Previews about to start.

Please report back and tell me if I am crazy for thinking that American Hustle is nothing special.
So hey, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams both just won Golden Globes for American Hustle.

Quote by Hydra150
Should I see American Hustle or Wall Street Wolf or 12 Years A Slave or Hunger Games Sequel?

Wolf of Wall Street > 12 Years a Slave > American Hustle.

Haven't seen the Hunger Games Sequel yet, but I think that implying that only 14-year old girls will like it is an unfair stereotype that's being leveled on that film series. It's not Twilight.
Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street > Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle.

Just saying.
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Saving Mr. Banks was alright.

I thought the Hollywood sequences were really interesting, but the flashbacks were terribly boring.
Okay... so I haven't seen Her and Inside Llewyn Davis yet, but I'll say right now that The Wolf of Wall Street is the best thing I've seen from 2013.
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Holy fucking shit, 12 Years A Slave is absolutely stupendous.

I know a lot of people are over the moon about it, and I thought it was very competent, but I didn't feel it was at all anything special... not sure what I'm missing.
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Has anyone else seen American Hustle yet?

I saw it a few days ago, I liked it a lot.

I liked the performances but I thought the way it was put together was a bit messy... but then again, most of David O. Russell's films are that way for me. It's a comment on his style, not his skill, since I think he's a technically proficient director.

I hope it doesn't win Best Picture in the upcoming Oscars, but it has a good chance of doing so. At least it's better than that overrated Silver Linings Playbook.
Golden Globe winners and Oscar nominees coming up next week

Haha exciting. Awards season in full swing.
Unfortunately, he's taking is time with Warcraft (well maybe that's needed to do it right). Typically, active directors have a 2-3 year gap in between their films (unless they're Woody Allen). Warcraft is coming out in 2016, which is five years after Source Code.
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Just watched Source Code. Really really enjoyed it. Duncan Jones is a brilliant director.


I really hope he does justice to Warcraft in the movie of the same name he's directing for 2016.