~7 min to go in the 4th

15 pts Gasol
3 pts Williams
3 pts Nash
6 pts Blake
13 pts Young
TOTAL: 40 pts

10 pts Kaman
6 pts Hill
14 pts Farmar
10 pts Meeks
15 pts Henry
3 pts Johnson
TOTAL: 58 pts

omg the lakers have a bench!!!
hai guys. been exclusively playing shmups for the greater part of the month. just came out of my cave. what's been going on? it's a brave new world.
Gabe has been very open about his hate for Windows 8. SteamOS seems to be a response to that OS.

HL3 will probably be to SteamOS what HL2 was to Steam.
jesus I've been obsessed with shmups for the last five days all other games I've been playing have been put on hold.
Yeah Bleed does seem like a fun arcadey shooter, but I'm hesitant to get it because its controls seem like Beat Hazard's where you use one set of controls (WASD/left thumbstick) to move and another set of controls (mouse/right thumbstick) to aim...

...and those controls always seem awkward for me.

What I like about most doujin-style vertical shooters is that you usually don't need to aim. You just press a button to shoot and then move your ship to make your bullets hit the target.
Quote by postmortem2006
What, like anime-stylised ones? I can recommend scrolling shooters but nothing that'd fall under that catagory

Stuff like: Blue Wish Resurrection... Touhou (but not this impossibly difficult)... Patriot Dark... Ikaruga, etc etc...

Not stuff like: Beat Hazard
guys... anyone here familiar enough with doujin-style vertical scrolling shmups to recommend some?

I got totally addicted with Jamestown and now I need more.
It's annoying how those people complaining about how this season feels "rushed" seem to expect season 5 to be like the slow burn of the past four seasons.

It's been perfectly paced. It's like watching a trail of dominos falling down after having been carefully placed and lined up. Excellent season. Excellent show.
Quote by naedauuf
JA2 is good, I heard BIA is a huge down step in comparison. Haven't played it though.

Yeah, in comparison to JA2, the general consensus is that it pretty much sucks.

Yet as a game on it's own, I wonder...

Reason I'm asking is that it's part of the Kalypso bundle over on Humble Bundle (weekly) and it's one of the two beat-the-average games (the other one being Tropico 4).
Gus and Jones each getting another fight before a rematch sounds perfectly fine.
Is Jagged Alliance - Back in Action any good?
^ It's fun enough for a stealth/action/platformer-type thing, but not so good that I felt compelled to finish it.


I started playing this shmup called Jamestown, and I'm really enjoying it.

There's nice pixel art if you're into that and it can be not incredibly difficult (on normal mode) but still challenging enough for someone like me who's not a hardcore fan of the genre. So it's a relatively accessible shmup and currently included in this Groupees Steampunk Bundle for a dollar.

Quote by WantsLesPaul
Gon wait for the next Humble Bundle to unveil and if it's no good I'm gonna buy Dark Souls(-75% off on steam right now)

/wlp out

Word is out that it might be Humble Android Bundle 7.

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If it's not HL3 then I want it to be something shit. A F2P tower defence game or something. Actually, I want HL3 announced as a F2P tower defence game.

tower defense = best genre
Quote by GLP_Arclite

Reveal #2 comes up in 1d15h from now. Will likely have something to do with Steambox. Will probably be meh.

But I bet reveal #3 will cause people to go apeshit. Will probably be the third installment of a Valve game IP
Watching a fight muted is incredibly refreshing.

That said, even when I watched it for the first time via delayed telecast (the fight aired where I am just as the decision was being given live) and I already saw people's reactions to the fight clamoring for a Gus win... it still felt as though the Jones win was warranted.

Even though I would've loved for Jones to lose, his kicks and elbows were just spot on. Nothing wrong with the decision imo. But a rematch is a MUST.
Quote by Chris3235
49-46 is so wrong

This is what I don't get with these kinds of comments...

If the fight was so close and most of the rounds could have gone either way (which is what I think the majority consensus is), then one could argue that a 50-45 score is still a possibility even for a very close fight. The first three rounds - being as incredibly close as they were - Jones could have won two of them by a hair along with rounds 4 and 5.

I think 49-46 is justifiable, even though it's not representative of how close this fight was.

Personally, I saw it as three rounds that could have gone either way with rounds 4 and 5 going to Jones. I agree with the decision... though it would be a travesty if Gus is not given a rematch going by how competitive that fight was.

Holy shit Gus.

2013: Year of the Impossible

War Gustafsson
Does anyone know if the PC version of Diablo 3 has controller/gamepad support?
Quote by cha33 armstrong
Borrowing arkum asylum off a mate

Ive never had to look up so many walkthroughs for a game before

What a coincidence, I've also just started playing the game too.

I'm just at the part where
Batman protects the Batmobile then looks for Gordon

I know Batman isn't the most charming character in the world... but god, the dialogue in this game has been really bland so far.
Quote by Novacane...
What were you anticipating?

It was a 10th year anniversary. It would be reasonable to expect something. Quite odd that nothing happened.
Oh and wow... so the 10th year Steam anniv just came and went without anything happening at all. Huh.
Has anyone here already played Brothers: A Tale of two Sons? I've heard lengthy raves about it on several different gaming podcasts already and it sounds like something I could really get into.
Quote by metacarpi
Steams 10th anniversary and no signs of a sale?



There's an awful lack of buzz or fanfare for such a milestone. Very odd.
Fraking GTA IV won't run smoothly on my laptop...


...tried all sorts of "solutions" after googling and it's still stuck at around 15-20fps.


My laptop:

CPU: Intel Core i7-3610QM (2.3GHz)
VGA: Nvidia GeForce GT 640M 2GB DDR3
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
F.E.A.R. 1 - 3 for $9.00? Yay? Nay?
Just realized it's Steam's 10th Anniversary on Thursday. I wonder if they have something planned.
Last I heard, Binary Domain plays really badly on the PC --- isn't that true? And as for AVPR, isn't that game universally panned by critics and gamers alike?

Mass Effect Trilogy (US only, 80% off)

Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3

Solid deal.
Was about to post that that just makes Saints Row sound much more awesome, yeah :p
Quote by Cianyx
Gta:SA is a much better comparison.

How so...?

Quote by Cianyx
The sr and gta series aren't really comparable past that point

...and why?

I've heard that only the first two Sains Row games are really comparable to GTA and that SR:III was quite a departure in tone for the series.

But in the sense that both GTA IV and SR:III seem to be open-world, mission-based, action-adventure games with criminal components and some other similarities, I'd quite like to play them at the same time.
I've been playing Saints Row: The Third for the past week. I guess I'm around 2/3 into the game. Shit this shit is fun.

Haven't played any GTA game. Discovered I have GTA IV in my Steam library that I totally forgot I bought. Installing it now so I can play it and SR:III alternately and compare.

Also: Just found out that Sasha Grey voices Viola DeWynter. That is awesome.
Quote by N_J_B_B
I think Portal was legitimately the first game I actually finished and went 'hm... that was actually clever.' Portal 2 had the same effect on me.

This, so much.

Actually, I just finally finished Portal 2 today after replaying the first half of it and continuing from where I stopped the first time... and it's such a perfect game.

It doesn't feel as immediately innovative as the first Portal, but it builds on the concepts and mechanics that that game introduced quite brilliantly: The redirection cube, hard-light bridges, different kinds of gels and excursion funnel all seemed like natural progressions from the first game and were implemented excellently.

The puzzles were neither frustratingly hard nor boringly easy (although I did have to look at a walkthrough one time). The polish/production values were noticeably a step up from the original in every way. The dark comedy was spot-on, and the story is decent enough, but this aspect of the game is more driven by the dialogue that the overarching plot anyway.

An easy 10/10. Maybe the easiest perfect score for a game I could give off the top of my head. And I completely agree with N_J_B_B in that a lot of the puzzles in the game, upon discovering how to solve them, made me think that they were very cleverly put together.

Quote by homeless-john
If Portal 2 was a smart game then it wouldn't have had a shit ending.


anyway... I'm holding on to the Origin keys I haven't used until I know what I can do with them.

Other than that, I activated Medal of Honor on Steam, Dead Space 3 and Battlefield 3 on Origin and gave all the other Steam keys away.

Not interested at all with The Sims 3. Might give it to my wife, although she barely has time to use her laptop at all so idk.
Quote by Demon Wolf
Nope. Only if you buy a Steam copy and gift it.

But the games in the Humble Bundle have both Origin and Steam keys (where applicable).
Question: Can I redeem a game on origin and give the same game away on Steam? O_o