Whoa, I just discovered that the Bad Trip pill turns into a Full Health pill when you get down to half a heart of life.
Does anyone here play any doujin games?

I was just looking at the Groupees bundle and wanted to know if anyone wants to recommend anything on there:
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My Brother, My Brother, and Me: Very funny show they answer questions and yahoo! answers questions.

Adam Corolla Show: Funny sometimes, but very hit and miss

Gamers With Jobs: Excellent show discussing games, gamers questions, and topic pertaining to games.

All have episode guides.

what do you mean by episode guides? is that the short synopsis that accompanies the episode? the giant bombcast has that.
oooh podcasts. I'm subscribed to:

25 Cent Play
The Besties
Experience Points
Game Informer
Gamers With Jobs
Giant Bombcast
Idle Thumbs
PC Gamer
Player One Podcast
Rebel FM
Weekend Confirmed

Also a bunch of game development/design-related podcasts. Most of them are pretty good.
It seems like the whole thing has to do with russians.
I just took a look at the Company of Heroes 2 score on metacritic.

Holy shite... 80 critc score vs 1.5 user score.

wut. that's significantly worse than Modern Warfare 2, Dragon Age 2 and Diablo 3...
How long until the reveal? Around 7 hours?
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don't be spoiling stuff in here

Can't be sure of anything, so that can't really be seen as a spoiler.
Apparently, there is word going around that people in the know have cited Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor... so reliable that bookies taking bets for who the next Doctor will be have cancelled the betting because of it.
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I order all my games from there, tis a great store.

Oh cool! Yeah the person who I got this from is from Sweden too and he also says it's a pretty big store there.

I wonder why they have HL3 on catalog
Well, I think that pre-order is almost certainly full of sh!t.

It's just that...

...I want to believe
Hey guys, Half-Life 3 is available for pre-order on a Swedish online store:


Had a few runs already with the D6. Can't imagine playing anyone either than Isaac now :p Maybe Cain because visiting arcades with him is just awesome, but yeah... unless I'm chasing down certain achievements, it's going to be almost always Isaac now and the occasional Cain
oh hell yes. ankh exploit ftw.

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Deep silver humble bundle.

Dunno about going for riptide, but definitely worth it at the tier below.


Got the bundle for $5 to beat the average. Awesome deal considering Sacred Citadel, Metro 2033 & Risen are likely to be added before the deal is over
ayt. why is there a white and a black team? :p don't the troops naturally mix and match because some would have to take the place of the wounded?
^ wait wait... what is this UG XCOM run? How is it setup?
Yeah, everyone seems to hate Samson. Some hate him with a passion.

Is his luck lower than the other characters?
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It will with that attitude

No really, I have a 20:1 deaths-kills ratio I suppose I'll unlock the D6 eventually, but I'm torn between playing to try and unlock it and playing purely for the fun of it (a.k.a. - using Cain )
I'd guess what would take you 5 runs would take me 50 with twice the luck :p
-_- so ****ing hard to unlock it tho... -_-
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Just get the Ankh and use that as an exploit with a better character.

Hah wow that works? Interesting. Good to know, thanks.
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Meh, whatever. Phil Fish is about as big a dick as they come. I refuse to play Fez just on principle just for that.

Nah. He's a bit of a prick but far from the worst offender. I think his public persona is a huge issue of things being blown out of proportion - both a fault of his own, the gaming media and people on the internet.

Hey guys, you should watch the extra content from Indie Game: The Move Special Edition. Lots of extra footage, so lots more Phil and Ed, some Danielle and Tommy, none of Jon Blow, but a lot from Braid artist David Hellman.

It's great. It addresses some of the controversies surrounding its stars, including the infamous Phil vs Japan thing.
My BoI play time dropped when I finally unlocked ??? by killing It Lives.

It sort of coincided with the Steam Summer Sale, so that didn't help.

Also, the thought of having to beat It Lives with ??? to unlock the D6 scares me.
Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines.

Anything other than a Valve game on top will be a surprise.
Hey PC Gamer US' latest issue (#243) is all about "The 100 Greatest PC Games of All Time"

Should be interesting.
Well, I simply meant in the way that it can be described to be more of an interactive movie - with focus on plot, characters and storytelling - than an actual game.
Is Kentucky Route Zero a The Walking Dead kind of game?
A friend is selling me his Steam codes (got by buying an AMD card) for Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and Hitman Absolution for 500 pesos each (~$11.50) and I'm fraking tempted even though those games aren't exactly on my wishlist... -_-
Yeah cosmetic changes are totally alright. Much like those available for Dota2 and TF2.

But if one introduces gameplay changes that could be "bought" by badges, that's a bit iffy, especially for any game with leaderboards or some semblance of competition.
I have to correct myself. The exact perk is:

"The dragon ship is bigger and harder to manoeuvre, however, you get a 10% score bonus and it's top speed is quicker."

So, that is obviously less damning. Yet I still think the gameplay being affected by crafting badges sets an unhealthy precedent moving forward...
I'm not liking this direction that the developer of Beat Hazard is taking the steam cards in... He introduced this perk where if a user crafts a foil badge or level 5 badge for Beat Hazard... they get a special ship that performs better than the other ships in the game.

Not a fan of the cards made to have an effect on the gameplay.
because tower defense is the best genre obvs.
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Arcade Edition has got a couple of extra characters if I remember rightly, there are probably a few tweaks elsewhere too.

I imagine there isn't much difference in price, so I'd suggest going for the Arcade Edition

Arcade Edition is actually cheaper now by $2.50. It has a 75% discount while SF4 is just 50%.

Arcade Ed. is region-locked where I live though -_-
Anyone have any idea what's the difference/relation between Street Fighter IV & Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition?

More importantly, which is the better game?
Thanks for the advice. I'll keep on keeping on.

But I'm curious as to how one effectively manages the panic-level across the globe when it takes quite a bit of time and resource to build satellites. Do interceptors across all the continents help?
XCOM is amazing. Been playing it non-stop since I finished downloading it off Steam.

Playing it on Normal right now. I'm currently just maintaning a core set of 6 soldiers I use as often as I can use them: 2 Heavy, 2 Assault, 1 Sniper, 1 Support --- but of course they get wounded, so I have some backup soldiers as well, but they're several ranks lower than my main group.

Not sure if that's the optimal way to play it (or should I level-up everyone equally?), but it has worked so far.

Managing everything in the HQ has been tricky for me so far. I've already lost two countries who've pulled out of the XCOM program. How do I avoid that? It seems like panic maxes-out faster than I can produce satellites to monitor the panic-striken countries. Is there another way to keep the panic level in check?

Anyway... great great game.
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Is tomorrow the last day of sales? Are they going to do anything special?

Yeah I think tomorrow is the last day.

Not sure about anything special.

I think there's just going to be a ton of repeats and barely any new deals
okay I'll join in:

- Bastion
- Deadlight
- Dungeons of Dredmor
- Dust: An Elysian Tail
- Just Cause
- NightSky
- Orcs Must Die 2
- Sanctum 2
- Sleeping Dogs
- Sword of the Stars: The Pit
- They Bleed Pixels
- XCOM Enemy Unknown

Damage = $59.40. Although I guess around half of this was funded by stuff I sold on the community market.
Just Cause 1 is 27 cents. 96% off.