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The word is "fewer".

The word is "Semitic".

Well excuuuuuuse me, Princess. I'm not perfect. Focus on the actual points rather than very minor errors in spelling and grammar.

And how do you know Magneto was the only Jew? He was the only white-skinned character who had his Jewishness feature as a plot point but there could have been others who weren't.

When they were in their skin-tight uniforms at the end, you would have noticed a lump where their bags of jew-gold were haning around their necks. Any other characters who may or may not have been Jewish didn't have it pointed out because it wasn't important, much like the colour of Darwin's skin (or the colour of Riptide's, the only Hispanic guy, who was a villain, thus giving all Hispanics a bad name).
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tl;dr: You're all racist.

Or you're just desperate for something to criticise. Watch and enjoy the movie, or watch and dislike the movie, or don't watch the movie, but stop overanalysing. If the rest of the mutants had called the black guy in X-men a filthy anagram of 'ginger', then yes, they'd be racist. But because he died? Because there were less black people than white people? Hell no. Here's a couple of facts.

1: Black people are just as capable of dying as white people.

2: Non-white people are called 'minorities' in countries such as America for a reason. Because there are less of them. Thus, there are probably less black actors.

And 3: You're quite clearly anti-semetic for not being pissed off that a) Magneto was the only Jew, and b) the only Jew became the villain. Why are you not criticising the movie for that? Are you a nazi or something?
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inb4 Philosophical zombies.

What if these braaaaiiiiinsss I'm eating are in fact shadows on the wall of a cave, and because those shadows on the cave wall are all I percieve, I believe they are reality and thus I can eat them?
How to find out whether a living being is human or not, in terms that guitar players can understand:

Ask said being "Do you like heavy metal?"
If said being responds with "yes," "no," "I have no strong feelings one way or the other," "what is this 'heavy metal' of which you speak?" or similar, chances are, they are human.
If said being responds with "woof," "meow," similar sounds, or by flinging poop at you, chances are they are not human.
There are some exceptions, but for the most part that covers what is human and what isn't.
The episode of Farscape when Crichton returns to Earth with Moya and the aliens, and gets into a massive argument with his dad (a high-up at NASA who is appointed head of extraterrestrial research) about whether the knowledge gained from the aliens should be shared with the world or kept for America alone. From Season 4, called Terra Firma.
Obligatory relevant XKCD image
When you fulfill all of these criteria:

You use phrases like "when I was young," "When I was a lad," "When I was your age," etc
You no longer consider blanket forts, ball pits, water slides and such to be awesome.
You see snow on the weather forecast and your first thought is how it will affect the traffic.
You listen to Dire Straits.
You are no longer in education.
You get up before 11AM on a day off.
Your friends are getting married/having kids and you are not judging them for doing it way too young.

Only 1, 4 and 5 apply to me (though I'm working on getting back into education), and I'm 22. TS, you're still young, now go have a drink. Happy birthday.
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Technically it's within their rights if the mechanics are playing music in a public place with no PRS license.
Everywhere from concert venues to garages like that NEED to buy a PRS license if they are going to be playing music that the general public can hear.

Concert venues makes sense. They are charging people to get in and people are going there specifically for music being played by a band or DJ. But having the RADIO on in a garage is taking the piss. Considering any member of the public who hears that radio in the garage can get the exact same radio station in their car/on their phone/whatever, in a public place, is absolutely ridiculous. No one is losing money from someone listening to the radio.
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The organisation's extremely beneficial for musicians, regardless of who they sue.

And that makes it right to sue some mechanics for listening to the radio?

In 2007, PRS for Music took a Scottish car servicing company to court because the employees were allegedly "listening to the radio at work, allowing the music to be 'heard by colleagues and customers.'"

You're really going to become a member of an organisation that sues people for listening to the radio?
They aren't collecting any more data than they did before, all it is doing is combining data from multiple google services.
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Tim Minchin



Youtube him and see for yourself.

He's Australian.

Also, Bill Bailey.
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1. Meth is manufactured by experienced chemists such as Brian Cranston.

Because the dad from Malcolm in the Middle is really someone you would trust when you want a good fix?

2. Meth enhances self-esteem, making it perfect for people suffering from social anxiety.

And if you understood the remotest thing about how meth affects your brain, you would realise that enhanced self-esteem is only temporary and after long term use you would reach a point where taking twice as much meth as you did when you started wouldn't even get your self esteem to the natural point that it was at before you began using.

3. Meth users make up 90% of Aphex Twin's fan base.

Self harmers make up 90% of My Chemical Romance's fanbase, should I use this broad and inaccurate generalisation to promote self harm?

4. Meth users often experience rapid weight loss. Finally a quick diet solution that works!

Rapid weight loss of the kind caused by meth is actually very unhealthy. Weight loss should be slow and steady otherwise it risks causing further damage.

5. Methamphetamine is perfectly natural

So is snake venom, scorpion venom, spider venom, poisonous toadstools, deadly nightshade and a whole host of other dangerous chemicals, fungi and plants. Should they be sold like sweets?

Conclusion: You're an idiot.
Because smoking is apparently genetic?
What you really need is a new amp.
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This one time, I was playing a gig in Columbus, Ohio and then some guy ran on stage and shot me.

You can dance if you want to...

You can leave your friends behind...
With my white suit and top hat, I must say I'm the classiest guy in the joint. And yes, that is my real face.
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Someone can learn music on their own, so why can't someone learn physics on their own?

I read about string theory a lot, and consider myself very educated on the subject. Now because I couldn't afford to go to college now my opinion is null and void on the subject?

While you can read a book on science and remember and recite facts that you've read, you can't properly understand scientific method from them. That's something that has to come from education and experience. So while you could probably tell me parts of the theory that I don't know, I wouldn't trust you to propose any original research. No offense.

Arts, on the other hand, are entirely subjective. Back in school, in an English literature class where the teacher had gotten some pretty high up people in literary criticism to come in, my friend was asked a question, he said the first bullcrap explanation that came into his head, and the doctors of literature all frantically wrote down his words and said it was a very profound insight into the source material.


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You mean... journalists?

I actually did not think of that, feel slightly stupid. Are journalists impartial though? Generally they report for a specific country's newspapers/tv/etc. They are still reporting from the viewpoint of their country. For example a British/American journalist who worked from the front lines in World War 2. Generally they would have reported from the Allied viewpoint of "Nazis are wrong". Could they have just gone and joined the Nazis to get a more complete record? Would they have been able to record impartially, rather than either condemning the Nazis for their atrocities or believing that the Aryan Race should cleanse the world of filthy Jews? Would we see the war differently if journalists had been completely impartial?

Secondly, journalists generally don't have the training or ability to affect the outcome. Their survival in a warzone depends upon the soldiers around them. If journalists were trained for combat and survival in a warzone, would it be wrong for them to get involved in combat and possibly affect the outcome? With combat training they could improve the chances of victory for the side they are with and possibly save lives. Would it be wrong for them not to do so because it could affect the course of history?
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An historian named Bookman? That's like an icecream man named Cone?!

Bookman is a title, he never tells anyone his real name.
"History is written by the victors" as the phrase says. However, a series I've been watching lately (the anime D. Gray-Man for those interested) has got me thinking about more impartial recording of history. In this series, there is a character referred to as Bookman, and he and his ancestors have dedicated their lives to the recording of history as it occurs, from an unbiased perspective. While the setting is fantasy (alternate version of the 19th century in which a religious group called Exorcists with God-given power called Innocence are warring with a being called the Millennium Earl who creates demons from human souls with the intention of destroying the world), the Bookmen is a concept that I want to hear opinions on, on whether it could apply to the real world, and whether it is morally right or wrong.

Because the recording of history can't happen without accounts from witnesses of important events (Commanding Officer's reports of battle, for example), Bookman and his apprentice chose to align themselves with the 'good guys', the exorcists, in the anime. Both had the power of Innocence, and the Exorcists were trying to prevent the world's destruction. Bookman repeatedly states that he and his apprentice are not to interfere in history, and could just as easily be with the opposing side if Bookman felt that would put them in a better position for recording history. They never act alone as Exorcists, they always accompany others, and Bookman only uses his abilities if his or his apprentice's lives are in danger. His apprentice, on the other hand, is more supportive of the Exorcists' cause, and seems torn between his loyalty to Bookman and to the Exorcists, and more inclined to help save the world than just record how the others succeed or fail.

My moral question is this: is it right for someone in a position where they can help prevent "evil" (for the purposes of this I'm considering the concept of good or evil as two clearly defined opposites rather than subjective) to act only as an observer and recorder? And is it wrong for someone who chooses to dedicate themselves to impartial recording of history as it unfolds to let themselves be swayed by one cause or another?

Side questions: if this were applied to a real world situation, say someone trained by MI6/the CIA/etc so they can survive dangerous situations, but only assigned to accompany other operatives/military groups to record history, would it be practical? Would our view of, say, World War 1 be different if someone with no allegiance to either side had been present to record events impartially?

Tl;dr - recording important historical events as they occur impartially and without getting involved, right or wrong? And practical or not? If it had been done, how would major historcal events such as wars in which once side was percieved as 'right' and one as 'wrong' be viewed now?

EDIT: I know I reference D. Gray-Man here, but I've not quite finished it, I'm towards the end of the Noah's Ark storyline, so careful with spoilers if you reference the anime
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Born On A Horse - Biffy Clyro

Reminds me, would Whorses count?
The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Jane's Addiction - Pigs in Zen
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird
Dio - Lock Up The Wolves
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Slow Cheetah

amidoinitrite this week?
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McCox just straight up won't work.

Sure about that?
Warning: Bad shoop ahead
I am a man who invented the wheel, and built the Eiffel tower out of metal and brawn. That is who I am.
A more important question. Guys, ask your female friends if they can touch their belly button with both their elbows.

Thank me later.
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It was a genuine question...just casually wondered. It was only after the reaction i got when i asked someone why all the hate that they explained that its not really a proper thing to say. Apparently abortion is still a taboo subject in the 21st century.

Tip: asking if she knows who the father is is also frowned upon.
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But has string theory been proven multiple times?

All current data gathered on quantum mechanics, general relativity and special relativity fit the model of string theory. However, this data also fits the model of loop quantum gravity. String theory really doesn't help the point all those on the side of science rather than ignorance in this thread are trying to make, because in this case there are two opposing theories that are equally plausible.

Most scientific theories, such as the theory of gravitation, theory of evolution by natural selection, theory of general relativity, quantum theory etc are the only explanations of that particular area, as all opposing hypotheses have been disproved wheras mountains of evidence has been found to support each one. Thus they are generally considered facts (I use the term loosely as absolute fact is impossible to determine), though are open to modification if new evidence is found. Not believing in these theories is pretty ignorant.

String theory and Loop quantum gravity, however, are the two most plausible models in how quantum mechanics of matter and energy and relativity of space and time interact for spacetime as we know it to exist (not a phycisist so maybe not the most correct of phrasing but for a layman's explanation should do). These theories are still in the testing stages. They are theories rather than hypotheses as they both fit with current data, but neither have been disproved. Doubting the predictions they make is less ignorant, as they can't both be correct. But they still should not be considered wrong until proven so.
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Because it is a fact that when you jump off a building you will fall down.

Wrong. "When you jump off of a building you will fall down" is actually an observation based on your position, and entirely dependent on Newton's Theory of Gravitation. If it didn't contravene his first law of motion, Isaac Newton would be spinning in his grave at your comment.

Suppose the Empire State Building was moved into space, outside of the gravity fields of any planet, moon or star. Anyone who were to jump off of the top of it would be observed to move directly away from the position that they jumped, because there is nothing that can exert enough gravitational pull to alter the trajectory. Because the Earth's mass exerts a larger gravitational pull than any other mass in the vicinity, as described in NEWTON'S THEORY OF GRAVITATION, anyone jumping off of a building on Earth is pulled towards the Earth, which is percieved as 'down' because it is the direction of the strongest gravitational pull. This is a theory. But it is the best explanation of the observation that you made, and is supported by more evidence than I could fit in fifty pages of forum posts, which explain the effects of gravity under many varying conditions, and since Newton's work have been added to to propose an explanation as to how mass exerts gravity.
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I don't trust theories, and that's that.

If you don't trust scientific theory, then why not jump off a cliff and see if you can prove the theory of gravity wrong?
Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper.

Thinking outside the box here.
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Are there any ground/flying types pre generation 5? I should get one.

Gligar in generation 2. That should deal with a pesky earthquaking jolteon
Looks like an F-Zero ripoff. Nintendo should be taking them to court.
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It is isn't it? Very nice sounding live.

And she's a hottie

I must say I agree on both counts.

Also I've just heard another live Laura Marling song I'd like to add, called Salinas
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I feel like I should have a post just dedicated to all the brilliant songs I've heard on Jools Holland Show this year:

Laura Marling - All My Rage:

I'd not heard that one before, it's awesome
Alter Bridge - Never Born to Follow (May not count as it was released on the japanese version of ABIII in 2010, but was released over here in 2011 on AB III.5)

Black Stone Cherry - White Trash Millionnaire

Laura Marling - Sophia

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Goodbye Hooray

Admiral Fallow - Squealing Pigs -

Lacuna Coil - Trip the Darkness

Florence and the Machine - No Light No Light

Elbow - Lippy Kids
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how about the really bad grey beard the Het insists on growing these days?

I cant believe 3 pages in and nobody else has posted it

I never knew tables could grow facial hair.