Starship Troopers.
A sense of decorum.

I always thought Buddhists were way too chilled out to convert people, because they actually took things like free will and live and let live seriously.
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Trains are technology. Use of the train forces you into a relatively small space with a lot of strangers with no method of escape for a reasonable length of time. Thus passengers on a train ignore each other rather than risk annoying someone with conversation/ being trapped in a conversation with someone really annoying. So yes, the technology in that image is making people antisocial.
Friend Computer exerts no control over me. I am an independent being, Friend Computer is just a tool to help ensure my happiness. All hail Friend Computer.
How exactly does one milk an almond?
That witch doctor gave even worse advice than one I heard about 15 years or so ago. All that one ever said was "ooh, ee, ooh ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang."
Sorry, but you're not allowed to kill all gays until you've gotten circumcised, performed the sacrifice of a goat, and publicly shamed and purified a leper, and only if you have never eaten pork, eaten meat products and dairy products together, tattooed, pierced or otherwise mutilated your skin, circumcision notwithstanding, withheld wages or failed to pay a debt, spoken derogatorily of others, shaved the hair just above your ears, or masturbated. Also, in doing so, you state that Jesus' sacrifice to atone for Mankind's sins was not good enough for you and thus you still obey the commands of Leviticus in atonement for the original sin.
Robin Hobb's Farseer, Liveship and Tawny Man trilogies.
I also feel that this is relevant
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Obamacare has great intentions, but in the spirit of america, no one in this country should accept it. as a democratic-republic and HOME OF THE FREE, we should leave the FREEDOM of WE THE PEOPLE to chose how we spen our money and deal with our risks. this doesnt just apply to Obamacare, but also to every government sposered/created program, such as manditory car insurance, food stamps, unemployment and every other handout our country gives out. and before i get blasted, i currently live below the poverty line, and have several times been in these programs via my parents. this doesnt change my feelings on these programs that take away our liberties to our LIFE, LIBERTY AND PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS

Not entirely sure how, say, dying from diabetes because you can't afford to pay for insulin, is conducive to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
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Only just spotted that you'd already posted that one. Only Sirens from your post loaded for me before
Another Joe Hisaishi one (And StewieSwan has awesome taste btw)

Laura Marling

John Williams (guitarist not Star Wars composer) playing Tarrega

Lyndsey Stirling covering Evanescence

Pearl Jam

The Pretty Reckless
You just have to cowboy up and get it over with. You should get used to it soon enough.
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Also Willow and Tara.


And let's not forget Spike and Drusilla.
It was a hilarious week after Wales voted for independence. I can't believe they actually declared a cheese on toast shortage by the Thursday after they realised that all of their dairy products came from England since their only livestock is sheep, and the couldn't afford the cost of importing cheese. It was a shame they came crawling back, actually, as I would have liked to see what they would have done if they'd stayed independent for longer.
Having a Took of some Gamgee
Go into banking. Evidence suggests you don't require the faintest idea of what you're doing for that.
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Learn to read, 'Murica. Strato-Massacre's comment said the money went to the lazy and unemployed, my comment said that money and healthcare didn't go to the guy working two jobs to barely make ends meet, which is the exact opposite of lazy and unemployed.
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Good thing I live in the U.S.A. where tax dollars don't go towards sex reassignment surgery for murderers

Unfortunately they don't go towards treatment for the guy who injures his back working two menial jobs just to make rent and put two meals a day on the table, either.
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Our news sounds like news.

"24 year old Tony Smith shot 38 year old Larry Jackson twice after Jackson refused to exit his vehicle during an attempted carjacking."

See, that sounds like a real thing and not like a mad lib at all.

What the hell is a mad lib? That doesn't sound like a real thing in the slightest.
They aren't a very good secret society since everyone has heard about them.
The next president will be a midget.

Specifically, Peter Dinklage.
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They are. But come on. They wrote a double album, with two rock songs. Everything else considerably softer. (However soft =/= worse)

Admittedly I've still not heard the whole album, just the singles and Thundermonster (also quite rock now that I think of it)
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Biffy Clyro seems to be doing ok, but their last album didn't have any truly rock tracks.

You think Black Chandelier and Stingin' Belle aren't rock?
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Obama's left handed too...

This is quite a sinister revelation...
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Hilarious m8 who r u OK gr8 I'm asking 4 SRS advice frm pit homes on a Sunday evening yeah but ily tho maybe later or smth

I think that proves my point further.
If you need the internet's opinion before choosing whether or not to bang, then don't bang. You're clearly not ready for it.
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That sounds perplexing!

In a good way, yes?
Castle - A crime novelist ends up assisting the police as a profiler/getting "inspiration" from a female detective after helping solve a case of a killer who recreated scenes from his novels.

Dexter - A serial killer uses his career as a blood spatter analyst for Miami PD to target other murderers and keep himself of the police's radar..

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 4 (later 5 after Danny DeVito joins the cast) borderline sociopaths run a bar and make morally questionable decisions. Hilarity ensues (though the first episode is lame, ignore that one).

Continuum - In 2077, terrorists try to bring down the corporations that have entirely replaced Canadian and American government. After being captured and sentenced to death, they escape to 2012 using a time travel device, which accidentally drags a police officer with them. She now has to stop them from changing history so that she can return to her family in 2077, as well as figure out whether there's a bigger conspiracy going on, and try not to be convinced that she's actually on the side of the bad guys.

Hemlock Grove - Werewolves, mad scientists, small town cops, high school students, rich psychopaths, god-botherers, strange glowing giant person and mysterious bloody murder. Fun for all the family.
Start playing jazz. I'm afraid that's the only cure.

Just reposting the link to my entry since I just noticed all the mp3s on my profile vanished and I had to upload it again
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I'm not sure which entries he missed.

I've resubmitted my entry that Leony missed. The other person he missed posted about it on the Easy voting thread, should be easy enough to find.
Since my entry last month was missed out of the voting thread, I'm re-entering my cover of Come as You Are

Edit: it's for easy guitar
I believe it's time for V25 guys