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And yet there is a major political party who routinely use "we don't want that African scum in the White House, it's called the White House for a reason" in political speeches.
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-My BMI is listed as normal and I regularly exercise. I also had a salad for lunch.
-I have health insurance.
-I believe in evolution and think the world is round.
-I think gays and muslims are people too.

I'm sorry to have to break this to you, but you have a condition called "Being Canadian." As well as the symptoms that you've listed, it is also characterised by a severe lack of FREEDOM, reduced desire to handle a gun, and a polite demeanour. Unfortunately the U.S. does not routinely expect any public service to be Canadian-friendly, so for the highest possible quality of life you may have to move to Canada.
Way to tell if a diet book or exercise regime is legit or not:

Does it say "Consult your doctor before beginning a new diet and/or exercise regime."?

If so, then it's legit. But still check it with your doctor to make sure it's right for you.
I think you mean "Which Miyazaki film would you show them first?"

It's Howl's Moving Castle.
Either option works for me
Through Science I can prove that a sober Irishman does not exist. Through a number of Scientific tests it has been proven that Irish people's blood contains a compound that inhibits the action of alcohol dehydrogenase, preventing Irish people from ever sobering up. Given that all Irish people are too drunk to know any better, they mix whiskey into their babies' milk, getting them drunk soon after birth, preventing Irish children from ever being sober as adults.
Some people in this thread need to grow the **** up. Including:

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It is better with attractive people, unless they're morbidly obese, then it's hilarious.

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Cosplayers and anime fans disgust me in general

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Unless you're a really hot chick it's ridiculous. And even if you're a really hot chick it's pretty weird but something I'd overlook.

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cosplaying is literally, never cool

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if the cosplayer is cute and not fat, then ya
Oh hello Doctor Freud, how is your mother?
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I have big penis yes, but a moose trap is very similar to a gin trap.

*crosses legs and winces*

See I thought it was a typo and you meant mouse trap, hence a moose trap would be like a mouse trap only larger and require something the size and weight of a moose to trigger it. It was funnier in my head.

Edit: turns out the Canadians tried that
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I once tired to put my penis in a moose trap. That was the closest i been to a near death experience.

A moose trap? So you're saying your penis is 7-10 feet long and 3 feet wide?
How does one have something close to a near death experience? Surely there's a pretty clearly defined boundary between what is a near death experience and what isn't a near death experience?
Star Trek beat Star Trek: The Next Generation? HOW?
Sign me up. I'll do Come as You Are by Nirvana for easy guitar, and if it's ok for me to try the entry I didn't finish last month, then Path of the Wind by Joe Hisaishi for intermediate guitar.
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Lots of pressure dude.

If you don't finish, horsedick finishes on your face

For all you know I could like that sort of thing

Edit: I don't, and my intermediate entry looks to not be happening. Can I enter it next month instead without getting horsedick on my face please?
Great, no pressure then.
My easy entry is uploaded
Sorry there's some background noise, I can't do any more noise removal on Audacity without losing sound quality on the guitar.

I'll try and get my intermediate entry up tonight
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BTW, if the Supreme Court allows it, Myriad is expected to receive a windfall because cancer testing will be funded by the taxpayer through Obamacare.

Using the people's money so that other people can get tested for cancer? Thanks, Obama.

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Did no one else notice the lab technician in the picture in the link of the OP wearing shorts? Did no one else notice that?

No he's not. He's wearing nothing under the lab coat. It's common practice in a lab in summer, when all the massive machines are on heating the room up.
Rapping? What rubbish.
I find you uncultured, fool,
Haikus are better.
Use powertab.
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I know it's video game music but hey, it's music and has a composer.

If I can do music from an anime film I'm sure video game music is fine too
Sign me up for

The Path of the Wind - Joe Hisaishi (intermediate guitar)

Just Got to Be - The Black Keys (easy guitar)
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The problem is that feminists don't wan't to be treated equal to men, they want to be treated better. Feminism it's probably the most infuriating ideology out there, IMO. Feminists act like total cunts to everybody and then have the balls to demand better treatment. Get the **** out of my face with all that.

Oh yeah, and to the bitch on the first page complaining that men are always checking her out:
1.) You're probably ugly and nobody is looking at you but you're too stuck up to see otherwise.
2.) Cry me a river, you're life must be so goddam awful. I mean, there are people starving on the streets, people who have no home, etc. and you think guys checking you out is a ****ing rough life. My advice to you is to take it like a compliment, get off you're ****ing high horse, and stop being a feminist piece of shit.

wow, you've sure got a lot of sand in your vagina.
Stepping back from the rapidly escalating gender wars for a moment, I'd like to ask TS to provide a source to back up his claims. Seriously, people, 2 pages in and no one has thought to actually find out whether TS is just talking out his arse or not?
Just take your first name, and add the prefix "fitz".
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Not voting due to the lack of TS is a fag poll option.

I thought they'd changed the forum rules to include the clause "By starting a thread, you admit to being a fag", eliminating the need for it as a poll option as everyone knows that TS is always a fag.
No, they can't. Theoretically, manipulating areas of the spine can be used to relieve pain, in a similar way that stimulating pain receptors in one area of the skin or muscles can reduce pain in another. Any other claims are on a similar level of bullcrap to reflexology.
Voted. Some really good entries this month.
You missed my entry, that I actually managed to submit this month
Yo H4T3BR33D3R, I think the OP needs an update.
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You mean you don't get upset when people (like the British people in this thread) do things in the most asinine way possible?

Someone really needs to learn words other than 'asinine'. And tone down the attitude.
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That sounds absolutely asinine.

Do you say "You are how?" instead of "How are you?" or "That's the brother of John" instead of "That's John's brother"? How do you even ask what date it is? Do you say "The date of today is what?" or something like that? Aluminium and biscuits and extra U's and O's everywhere (what colour is the foetus?) and "re" making an "er" sound out the end of words?

Absolutely asinine.

How is it asinine? It is the twentieth day of the month of April. Remove the words "day of the month" from that sentence, and you have "It is the twentieth of April." Nothing asinine about that.
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When you say the date out loud, you say "April 20th, 2013" so it should be written as such. What kind of dumbfuck says "today is 20th April, 2013"?

Perfectly normal people say that it is the twentieth of April, two thousand and thirteen. Writing the date as 20/04/2013 puts the units of time in ascending order by how long they last, just as eighteen minutes and twenty seconds past four is written with the units of time in descending order, as 04:18:20. You don't write the time as hours:seconds:minutes, so you shouldn't write the date as months:days:years.
Screw that, happy birthday George Takei!

OK, I've got a recording with the lead part from the chorus but not the intro. It's not that great but will have to do. Maybe a slower song next month.

Edit: Uploaded.
I may need a couple of days extra, I had flu last week so my practising suffered. Should be able to get the rhythm parts recorded today but the lead parts aren't quite up to speed.
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I'm not sure how you could possibly apply this to more than those you've had contact with...

Well I actually didn't. My post was entirely referring to people whom I've met. Sorry if that wasn't exactly clear.