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I guarantee you 500 years from now being 40 years old is going to be like being a young adult, or practically a kid...

...and 500 years ago, being 40 must've been like being nursing home material, if you were even alive at all.

You just reminded me of this
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Why is it an issue for people to accept higher responsibilities (marriage and kids) at 23?

Well given that a fair few of them (including those with kids) have already split up, some hadn't finished university when they had a kid, or for other reasons weren't in an ideal living or financial situation for having kids. Of course, there are those whose lives are in a good enough place for it, just they seem to be in the minority. Also I'm of the opinion that it's better to wait to have children until you're a bit older and have done other things you want to do that a child would prevent, such as travelling, taking a career path that wouldn't be ideal for someone with a family to support, or otherwise just doing what they want without having to worry about responsibilities beyond themselves. Some people are past that by 23, and good for them. Just I doubt more than half of those whom I see married with kids are.

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and for the reason people are marrying later, it's not because of this idea of staying a hip cool bachelor for as long as possible, it's because people want to feel secure financially before making a commitment like that.

It's sure as hell a lot smarter than getting married and throwing out babies with 22 or 23, with no means of supporting them.

^What he said, as he phrased it better than me (though changed to why I think people should marry later rather than why they do)
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Also, most people don't get married and have children now until they're at least thirty.

I know a ridiculous amount of people that are getting married and having kids at 23 ish. I can't help but judge them.
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what is the correct date used in the movie then?

October 21, 2015. Every year they travelled to ended in a 5. It started in 1985, they went to 1955, 2015 and 1885.
For the last year and a half, I've been seeing this picture making the rounds on facebook every few months.

Each time the top date has been photoshopped to claim that whatever day it was when the photo appeared was the day that Marty arrived, even though it was 2015 when Marty arrived (and the picture of the screens is taken from the start of the first film, but that's not important).

My question is: Why do people keep bothering to edit the picture and spread it every few months? What's the point when it's such an easy thing to prove wrong? And why do people keep falling for the same prank when it's been done so many times they must have seen it before with an earlier date?
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You were beaten to this one lol.

Only because I took the time to make a decent thread rather than just a picture of a dietary supplement. My perfectionism is my downfall.
Dammit man, while I was making a much better thread about sensing the omega in you, you went and posted an inferior one.
If you're a good actor, how long can you realistically pretend to not be the last man on Earth?

My Omega Man tendencies are starting to seep through my zombie virus-infected shell, and I don't know how long I can keep up the act, bros.

If she catches me making coherent speech or acting even remotely sentient it's a wrap.
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It's a lame joke.
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No mention of Garbage? The hell guys..

It's because they're rubbish.
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Man, I'm real happy for y'all, and Imma let you finish, but Beyonce has one of the best albums of ALL. TIME.
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Then there are bands like After Forever, Epica, Halestorm, Nightwish, Tarja Turunen, Sirenia, In This Moment but they're all metal bands.

Given that TS mentioned Lacuna Coil, I think rock and metal may be what he was after, otherwise I would have added Laura Marling, Lissie, KT Tunstall and a few others to my list (I know Florence and the Machine aint rock or metal, but most rock fans I know like her and I had to put some variety in there)
Why do so many of them feel lucky?

I only fired five bullets.
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Putting tree moss (The long spiky looking stuff that hangs off the branches) inside your shoe/sock will help those with high blood pressure. *Caution* I will not be held responsible if you over do it and end up in the hospital or worse.

Sounds like a witch doctor remedy to me rather than real. Source?

Your spit has enzymes to help heal your wounds.

Incorrect. Your spit contains lysozyme, which breaks down the cell walls of some bacteria, but nothing that can promote tissue healing. And considering the mouth contains large populations of bacteria compared to the skin, which are harmless in the mouth but if directly introduced to the blood can be opportunistic pathogens, it could actually make matters worse.

Best thing I can suggest is find somewhere you can volunteer. It gets you out of the house, you meet others in similar situations, and on a CV it is better than just "X months unemployed" as it at least shows that you have a good work ethic. (And that you are a charitable person, which is only really a bad thing if you're trying to get work for tobacco companies, banks or the government). Depending on what you're doing the job centre (I'm assuming you're on JSA) should be able to cover your transport costs.

Secondly, find a pub, coffee shop, street corner or somewhere that you can play your guitar. If you're looking for like minded musical folks, the best way to do it is to actually be playing music in a public place. Wherever you are, I can guarantee there is somewhere accessible by bus that will run an open mic night or something, so get a day ticket and go find it. If you can't find it, pick a street, put your hat down and play. There's a chance someone might stop and ask "do you play at the local cool rock pub/cool acoustic indie coffee shop/etc", and you can find out where it is from them. Also people will probably put enough money in your hat for your bus fare and a cuppa.
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But if you're a parent and you find out your own kid is the one teasing other kids, dig deeper. There's an amazing chance they're struggling with other stuff. It's like the one thing Hollywood gets right about bullies -- there's almost always a crap stew happening in a bully's head or home or karate class.

So you weren't trying at school, your teacher was trying to get you to actually learn, and you think that's some deep psychological issue that makes you oh so much of a tormented soul and gives you a good reason to bully other kids? I just got another reason to really absolutely hate people.
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Put some ketchup in there and pretend you have your period next time you see him. Just make sure he doesn't go down on you.

But what if he's secretly into ketchup flavoured vagoo? The whole thing would backfire and he would expect such sauciness again in future.
Going to try something easier this month. Sign me up for Search and Destroy by the Stooges, easy guitar.
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I don't know what I'm doing next month.

You mean today, right?
Yeah, I'm going to Hell. But I've got connections who can smuggle in cigarettes and porn, so I'm pretty much sorted.
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The UK is a great country with a rich hist-Haha just kidding. Nobody gives a fuck about this gay shit.

Here's another thread to discuss how awesome America is.

Sorry old chap, could you speak up? I can't hear you over the sound of this miserable rain, our health care system that caters to street urchins and shoe shiner boys as if they were of equal standing to us upstanding gentlemen, and our complete lack of freedom to own firearms. Honestly, this country is such a bore. Can't even go out to buy crumpets without getting rain all over my monocle, so I don't spot a dog running out in front of me until it's too late, and I couldn't have shot it because I don't have a gun, and when I trip over it and get treated for concussion the doctor doesn't even accept my money. As if the fifty shillings and sixpence I was offering isn't buggering good enough for him! It's as if he doesn't bloody well want to be able to afford a seat in the box at Lords to watch us give the West Indies a jolly good arse kicking at cricket. God save the Queen? I should bloody well hope not!
Standing at the back dressed stupidly and looking stupid party.

However, I feel that asparagus is better suited to midnight snacks than breakfast.
They wrote all of their songs in the "Too heavy for you" tuning. To get a good tone from that tuning, it is required that you use .23 to .86 gauge strings made of razorwire.
It seems to be basically creating money from nothing and then using it to purchase things from people who are also creating this money from nothing so don't actually need to sell things as they can get bitcoins for free anyway. Sounds like a way of me getting something for nothing if I can figure out what all that technical jargon is telling me to do.

And I doubt it will ever replace real currency, given that to get bitcoins you need a computer and an internet connection, and to get a computer and an internet connection you need currency.
Senile. Isn't it obvious?
This sloth has physically in body been taken to the Heavens on a space shuttle, and it would have been glorious if he'd not been asleep for the whole trip.

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Except Tesla was born in the Austrian Empire, not Serbia. And he immigrated to the United States and became a citizen.

My point still stands, just address the letter to the Serbian population of Croatia and other former nations of the Austrian Empire.
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lol looks like another fool was improperly educated by European schools.

Why don't you go read a nice American textbook, preferably one handwritten by God.

Where I come from we don't call fairy tales textbooks.
Then my apologies, clearly you Canadian-loving Americans are being oppressed by louder and more obnoxious anti-Canada Americans.
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I love England. As our closest alley in the world, I salute you. France is cool too. Canada as well.

I get the feeling you're not actually American. An American loving England, I can believe. A lot of you seem to like our accents and our tv shows like Sherlock and Downton Abbey. Liking France I can believe too, or at least French people of the opposite gender, that seems fairly common. But I've never once heard of an American who likes Canada.
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Without Thomas Edison (American) there would be no light bulbs, video cameras, or recording devices so **** you. You should all write America a letter saying thanks for electricity assholes.

Excuse me, but Michael Faraday actually discovered electromagnetic induction (you know, the principle required for powering light bulbs). And where was Faraday from? England! So actually you folks owe England a letter of thanks for electricity. Maybe send Serbia a letter of apology for how y'all treated Nikola Tesla too, since Edison stole a large number of his ideas.
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Everything up to FF13 was great to decent. 13 was bland as balls. 13-2 was an improvement and not bad. 13-3 doesn't look very promising.

Most people who bitch about FF games being bad are only bitching about the first 13.

While I've only played 3 and Tactics, weren't X-2 and XII generally considered to be the videogame versions of being force-fed horse manure?
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No it isn't. I stated a fact as a fact. You stated an absurd hyperbolic opinion (that is about as far from fact as possibly since your fake opinion that was being passed as a fact is objectively wrong) as a fact.

Enjoyment of food is an entirely subjective thing. Your statement on how good pizza from the American Northeast is was no different in the slightest from my statement on English curry (which is actually widely regarded as high quality, although notably different from Indian curry in that yoghurt is usually offered in a side dish rather than mixed into the sauce during cooking, so those who want to taste its full spiciness can do so and those who find it too hot can cool it a bit). Quit trying to claim that your opinions are somehow the only correct ones.

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You ll think that until you have a really good pizza :p

While the more up-market independent pizza restaurants that I've been to have been awesome (though sadly the best of those shut down a while back), I don't want to stop enjoying takeaway pizza from the cheap back street places that deliver until 4AM. Is there a middle ground in which I can enjoy both really good pizza and cheap late night takeaway pizza?
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You can't just say things and call them facts.

OK now I'm certain that you're not serious since that's exactly what you did. Sorry to get into an argument over your sufficiently advanced sarcasm.
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People from America, particularly from the Northeast, are indisputably the world's most renowned pizza experts. It's just an undeniable fact.

In other news, people from England, particularly Yorkshire, are indisputably the world's most renowned curry experts. It's an undeniable fact. It may have been invented in India, but then so was tea, and we conquered their arse and stole that too and made it better than them.
This thread is just a rehash of a previous gaming thread with minor changes.
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What's to be unsure about? It seems like a fairly self-explanatory and justified request.

"people that are not from the United States are to receive a warning whenever they express an opinion on pizza."

That's why I'm not sure if serious.