I find that the Zelda games actually maintain a good balance between the familiar and the new. While yes, each game does keep the element of a number of dungeons which the hero of legend must explore to prepare himself for the big bad, anyone who has actually played the games knows how each game introduces something new and fresh to the series, including alternate worlds, time travel, weather manipulation, sailing, flight, becoming an wolf, the world being corrupted by twilight, and Majora's Mask's three days mechanic. If each game scrapped the hero and the dungeons, then it wouldn't be Zelda.
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TV is a villain for our productive, healthy lives.

Says the guy on the internet.
*clears throat*

Best way to kill yourself without hurting the people around you is this: live to a ripe old age. It takes much longer than most ways, but while you wait you can do anything, go anywhere. You'll have plenty of time to make things right with the people you say you've hurt (though I doubt it's as bad as you think). If you're unhappy with your life, you can change it. Your ticket to the future is always blank. Life's not going where you want? Change its direction. Live. Make your mark on the world. Show those people who you've said worry about you that you're worth caring about, show the people you think you've hurt that you're sorry, you've learned from your mistake and you're a better person for it. Make someone smile. Help someone who's going through something similar. Live to tell your grandkids what you're considering doing and how much of a mistake it would have been. You're alive, don't waste that.
"Maybe that wasn't such a good idea..."
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Milky Joe is the only acceptable response in this thread.

Have you met Ruby and Precious Lilywhite?
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- Nickelback: A bunch of douches. Their songs usually about partying and getting girls for one night stands then calling them b****es.

If by 'usually' you mean 'that one really shitty song, since they also have a song about a woman in an abusive relationship who ended up shooting her boyfriend, a relationship turning the singer into an alcoholic, a guy who found his best friend dying from a drug overdose, a hooker who had a congressman and a judge as her regular clients, and many other themes'
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Seriously though, Obama personally came into my office and fired me.

WTF Obama?

Well in fairness, George, that was four years ago, and eight years before that you did the same to Bill Clinton.
How about Panama by Van Halen?
Opened this thread expecting "Randy Scouse Git" by the Monkees.

Was disappointed.
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The loans are a joke and pathetic.

Well I got a £10K loan, which covered my masters, as did everyone else I know who did a masters the same year as me. Not sure how that's a joke and pathetic.
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Lunar city seven~

To Ganeymede and Titan, yes sir I've been around,
But there ain't no place in the whole of space like that ol' toddlin' town,
Oh Lunar City Seven, you're my idea of heaven,
Out of ten you score eleven,
you good old artificially terraformed settlement.
Beat up a mime artist. People would think he was doing an amazing job.
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Otherwise, no chance. Postgraduate qualifications are for the middle classes in the UK.

Incorrect. A lot of PhDs get funding from research councils which usually provides tuition fees and a tax-free stipend of a minimum of £13K per year. And a few banks (Barclays, Co-op bank, possibly others) offer career development loans which can cover the cost of a one year masters.
Wouldn't a better idea be having bars start asking for people's car keys at the door? If you have a car key, it's stored in a secure box and you're given a ticket. You're only given your keys back if you're sober when you leave, if you're not you're given the number of a taxi company and you come collect your keys in the morning. If this is too much of an inconvenience for people, they quickly learn to not take their car out drinking.
Ladies, Gentlemen, non-binary gender-defined folk and monkeys of UG. I have a dream! A dream of a thousand screaming faces burning in the infinite labyrinth of eternal ice! A dream of a day when a man can proudly walk down the street wearing the flayed skin of his enemies! A dream where all humans are equal, and all shall recieve equal damnation!

I understand that you are holding some form of 'election' for President of UG. As the mortal herald of my master, I am here to express his most unholy fury at being left out of the nomination process, and a promise that, should you elect Him, you will all pay for that in the pain of a thousand knives piercing your eyes! He has prepared a list of policies for your perusal, which reads as follows:

1) Public flaying by civillians will be legalised and encouraged. Anyone who opposes public flaying will be flayed.
2) A million new jobs will be created as part of a government initiative to raise and restore the sunken city of R'lyeh. This will provide an excellent boost to the economy, as well as provide new territory to house a growing population.
3) New laws will be passed to protect those with facial disfigurement, such as green tentacles over the mouth area, from hate crime.
4) Sacrifice of infants will be legalised and encouraged. Rivers will run red with blood. Any who oppose sacrifice of infants will have their youngest relative sacrificed.
5) The police force will recieve new reinforcements at very little cost to the taxpayer. These reinforcements will all be golems and thus will not require money to be wasted on their wages.
6) The police force will have the authority to throw anyone into the Infinite Labyrinth of Eternal Ice, at their discretion. No proof of criminal activty will be necessary for this.
7) The only activity deemed 'criminal' will be to oppose our Divine Master.

I hope that this will convince you that all other candidates are not worthy of your support.

Vote Cthulhu!

Once again, I have to give up. I more or less had it this morning, then when I tried to record tonight I could not get a single take right (in about two hours). The amount of times I've failed to have my entry ready in this is really pissing me off.
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Bad movie theater etiquette. I get absolutely pissed, even with family/friends.

That's why they invented Cinema Ninjas

And my rage button is when people say "I could care less." That sentence means that it is possible for you to be caring less than you currently care, meaning you do sodding care. The correct phrase is "I couldn't care less."
Sign me up. Give me incentive to actually finish one of the half dozen things I've started writing/write something new.
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Ed Sheeran.

Who the hell is Ed Sheeran?

It's Prince Harry's superhero alter ego. He goes into a phone box, changes his clothes, picks up a 3/4 size guitar and comes out completely unrecogniseable, despite not wearing a mask, and goes to fight crime, rescue teenage prostitutes, and sell far more albums than Newton Faulkner despite Newton's obvious superiority.
Patience by Guns 'N' Roses,
The Past Recedes by John Frusciante
Jane Says by Jane's Addiction
Assorted Tenacios D songs
I think I may try and record an entry for vocals this weekend. Not decided yet between The Great Beyond by R.E.M., Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder, Shadows by Four Star Mary or Walk by Foo Fighters though.
Put me down for Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega, intermediate guitar. I may try something on vocals too this month too.
Simon and Garfunkel

Lacuna Coil

Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart

That song The Answer did with Lynne Jackaman
The BNP calling Enoch Powell racist
The one that was played by James Marsters.
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Try not to be put off by the Northerners. Not everyone from England sounds that bad.

Bit rich coming from a Bristolian. No other accent can drop a man stone dead from 50 paces if the correct phrases are used. Use of the Bristol accent outside the West Country is actually considered either attempted murder or an act of war, depending on the context.

and TS: sod Loughborough, go into Nottingham. Go to the summer market and sample as much of the food there as possible (even though apart from the pie stall that's usually there, not much of it is British). Go to Wollaton Hall (which you may recognise as Wayne Manor from the Dark Knight Rises). Then there's (In order from biggest venue to smallest) Rock City, Rescue Rooms, The Bodega and Jam Cafe for gigs. There's the Royal theatre. There's the Salutation Inn and Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem for beer. There's the comedy club at the Cornerhouse. There's cricket at Trent Bridge. Whereas Loughborough pretty much has the beer festival, and that was about 6 months ago.
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lol guise, this guy uses his phone as a phone

'cause I'm retro like that.
That one where you type in a series of numbers, hold the phone to your ear, and you can talk to someone. Can't remember what it's called but I use it all the time.
Bread makes you fat.
Having seen some extracts from it, I find it difficult to believe it was actually written by a woman. She doesn't seem to know the word "vagina" and instead refers to it as "my sex". It looks like it was written by a 14 year old boy.

Also, the best description of it I've heard is "It offends me as both a librarian and a pervert."
I shall unfortunately have to drop out of the guitar category, my strat is in the shop to fix up the electronics. Should still be able to do vocals, I'll just record an acoustic track to go with it.
Like the sound of dropping a post-Guinness dump ran through a megaphone, a phaser and a toy Dalek voice changer.
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Your sentence contradicts itself

Alyson Hanigan.

Your argument is invalid.

TS, there's your guitar's new name.
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Sorry yeah

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Can you add that one to the vocals list too please?
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With the fact that there's no beginner guitar section, shouldn't the level of advanced be taken down a slight bit? Just to get a more even intermediate section because currently we have quite a wide range of ability.

Yeah, there's no way Mr. Brightside should ever be in the same category as a Dream Theater song. I don't see why Easy was scrapped in the first place.