Very nicely translated!
For a guy that needed help writing not to long ago, you seem to be getting a pretty good grasp on it. I am glad to see that you are doing well.
You have actually found an EXCELLENT exercise for improving your own writing, and you helped another person at the same time.

I suggested meditation in another thread an all hell broke loose in there. I was told to come back to earth....LOL!
It really DOES work. I use it every time I write
Sorry for all the confusion, but you have to admit that this thread was hysterical, and a whole lot of fun.

Apex's outline is a really great reference, I'm stil lovin it. wonderful wonderful wonderful...

There was a whole lot of hell raising goin on but there were lessons for eveyone in all of it.

Keep us updated on your progress.
Good luck!
"Space Witch" over and out
I'm off to stir up some shit somewhere else HA HAAAA!
I was starting to thing that I really was a Space Witch. So much for my plans on buying a flying saucer, looks like I won't be trading in my broom after all, oh well..Just gonna have to be a plain ol Bitchy Witch .

There are some REALLY talented musicians out there who can not even read a single note of standard notation or Tab. They have a gift and can just play. My son is one of them, he's 12 and he just picked up one of the guitars laying around the house and played a perfect scale. I was pretty impressed by that.
When I went to put up the guitar, I gave it a strum, (I cant resist, I just love the vibration ) That thing was so far out of tune it hurt my ears to hear it. I then thought, how the Hell did he do that?? He wasn't messing around with it for that long to find the correct notes, not to mention, he didnt know the notes. I never taught him a scale, or anything for that matter. He didn't learn it in school, because sadly, they do not teach music.
That had me truley awestruck, I hope he sticks with it. Music is so theraputic. When you have so much bottled up inside you and cannot express what you feel in words, you can do it with music. Gotta love it!
I find this thread quite amusing as well. That's why I keep coming back.
You can't fire someone up without throwin a little gas on 'em

In the short time that I have been playing in here, I HAVE learned why so many bands split up due to "Artistic Differences" A.K.A Clash of the Egos.

Yes, practice and perseverence, builds skill. Hundreds of hours practicing takes alot of dedication. I agree 100%.
This is what I'm stuck on though. How can you practice something that hasn't yet been created? How does "Theory" apply to something that doesn't yet exist??

I am interested in how everyone elses mind works now.. Please enlighten this "Space Witch" if you don't mind.
For example: You write a song that is so moving that it evokes an emotional response just by reading it. Now, how do you all come up with an intrumental piece that will be just as moving? It has to intertwine perfectly with the lyrics and convey the same emotion.
How would y'all do that? Where does this music come from?
Do NOT say a BOOK....LOL!

Every single musician or writer has a creative process that is uniquely their own.
There are structural rules that apply to every art form (theory), but aside from that, the possibilities are endless. Otherwise, everthing would just be a clone.

What works for one, might not work for another. After a while, what has been working for someone for so long, doesn't work anymore. It happens, it is inevitable.
Why are so many so dead set against trying a new method? Stagnation is definately not going to work... Change is a good thing, it is an opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge.

Adapt or Die, there really are no other choices. If you listen to ANY musician or band that has been around for at least 5 years (or more) You can hear a slight difference in their music with every Record/CD they release. With time they learn different techniques, and EVOLVE. Granted there are a few that totally miss the mark an DEVOLVE, but then again, Evolution is all about Survival of the fittest.

I apologize for accusing you of smoking pot. You do look stoned off your ass though.
You are a very angry boy, I do not know why you feel the need to take your anger out on other people. Being nice works a HELL of alot better, than showing your ass.
Re-read some of your posts, EVERY one of them has some sort of backhanded insult to someone in it. The way you come across in your posts has the air of arrogance and self righteous superiority that you have bestowed upon yourself.
Perhaps you are insecure, and feel safety hidden behind the blue light of your computer screen. BUT....
If you spoke to people like that, out in the real world, especially where I'm from, you'd be drug out the holler, then git your ass whooped. After that I can't say what they'd do, the thought scares me. All I can say is, have you ever seen Deliverance?

You can "assume/hope" that I am not really a Witch all you want, it won't change the fact that it is true..
Also, you were off by a LOOOOONG way on a few other things.
So let me enlighten you some more... "Mr. Grown-up" is my ol man, I am MRS. Grown-up.

Also, how exactly are you guaging maturity and intelligence?
By trying to find holes in something that was way above your intelligence level and I specifically mentioned so. It was way too complex to explain in a post. Did you miss the part where I told him to email me if he had any questions?
You must have just scrolled over the part where he said that it helped him too, so where exactly was the harm done? By thinking differently than you, Oh Great One ??
You are not even CLOSE to my level of intelligence boy genius.
STOP BEING SUCH A DICK!! Maybe you NEED to smoke a joint or two, you are way too uptight and pissed off for a child....
I'm glad it worked for you. That hippie shit aint so bad huh. The whole point was to get rid of your stress. You can't think clearly, and stay on track if you've got 100 irrelevant things flying around in your head.
Plus,ya get some down time to just chill. Bet you were feelin pretty good when you came out of it. When you have been doin it awhile you will be surprised at what is in your head.
I wish you luck and success...just keep at it, never give up, and dont let anyone tear you down!
Everyone has there own method that works for them. It doesn't hurt to try something different if you get stuck. Sometimes it'll kickstart ya and get ya goin again.

You are 16 years old, and from the looks of your profile pic, I would say that you are 2 bong hits away from totally useless.
You are rude and arrogant and the ego has got to go!
Stop being an ASS to people. THAT is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE!

The guy asked for help, and you do what?
First you insult him by telling him he does not know HOW to write music and tell him to buy a book.....WTF?? Will a magical song just pop up out of it....
Well NO SHIT.... What was his question again?
Here let me refresh that last dying brain cell of yours....

So if anyone has any tips on how to write songs with the guitar, piano, bass or just song writting in general that would help a TON!

I do not see anything about a request for a rude and insulting response in there.

Your post seems to be information that you have read somewhere, and then stirred it up and regurgitated it.

As for "Naturally Creative People" where do you think their NATURAL creativity comes from? A BOOK??
Now...Think about that? It comes from THE MIND....MAAAAANNN! A part of the mind that you cannot access apparently if you rely on books.

You have ALOT to learn about true creative process and how to reach so deep inside your mind to pull out ideas, and if you go way way in there the really dark and twisted shit awaits. Why do you think TRUE artists are so ****ed up in the head? I dont think its from reading a book..

I have been CREATING.....THEN applying my SKILL and TALENT to bring it to life long before you were even born.
The really cool part of NOT being in the "Real World" is....I GET PAID TO ZONE OUT!

before I block your rude arrogant ass. A bit of advice....NEVER piss off a WITCH!
I curse you. You will NEVER succeed. You will remain a miserable failure. And just for kicks because I'm a spaced out bitch.....All your shit will be stolen, except for your book. Happy Reading
Also, Take a Lesson in manners and appropriate forum etiquette from



Nice work! Very informative, well organized, clearly worded and easily understood .
You were supportive and encouraging as well. That is nice to see

Nothin wrong with with a lil smoke I'm all for it
But Smokin yourself RETARDED is a TOTALLY different story, or a maybe song :P
Quote by unclenono
If nothing else works just write about forgotten lands and woodland creatures and/or magical beasts.

This is really good advice. Fantasy beats reality any day of the week.

Why does everyone feel the need to write about themselves anyway?
There are so many things going on just outside your front door.
There is more misery and Hell out there in the world than you could ever imagine. There is a HUGE war going on in the middle east. That one thing alone could inspire so many songs.
Brave men and women volunteered to go fight a war for reasons still unknown to me. Alot of them are not even old enough to legally drink, some went straight out of high school. There are more of them ready to go and fight as soon as they get out of high school within the next month..
They enlisted knowing that there is a good chance they could be killed. Imagine yourselves as one of them as they lay dying in the desert days before they turn 19. Never even had a chance to have a life. Even better imagine the neverending sorrow of brothers, sisters and friends. Parents losing their only son, or only child.
Some are severely wounded, loss of limbs or totally paralized for the rest of their lives. Believe me when I tell you, the Veterans Hospitals are HORRIBLE, they do NOT GIVE A SHIT.
I know from experience PTSD can NOT be cured, they just keep feeding them pills. Memories haunt them for the rest of their lives, the horrors they must have witnessed or were ordered to carry out. They relive it over and over and their families go through it with them. Hoping they dont snap and start killing everyone around them.

Write about someone elses Hell..... There is plenty of it to go around...
Here's a little helpful advice from "Raven's Book of Wilde Theory".

I looked at your profile, you're pretty young so this is probably going to sound like new age way out hippie shit what

Set yourself down someplace where you are REALLY comfortable, both physically and psychologically. Somplace quiet, where you will not be interrupted or distracted by things going on around you. You can have your guitar with you if you like, but don't set down and start plucking around trying to force the music out of it. Just hold it. If the music comes then play, but like I mentioned earlier, you will hear it in your mind long before you hear it with your ears.
Dim the lights, or even better shut them off and use a candle, focusing on the flame helps you go blank, zone out, and open your mind.
You need to become totally relaxed physically, before your mind can relax.
"You have to let your body sleep, to let your soul live on......."
OOPS! Sorry, broke into some Sabbath there, but it's true, I AM NOT saying kill yourself.. But you get the point, right? Like I said before, you can't hear what your Soul has to say if your body and mind are talking over it. That IS a kick ass tune though! LOVE IT!!
Ok, now where was I before my A.D.D. kicked in? Oh yeah...
Relax your body completely, so that you don't even know it's there. If you don't know how, just e-mail me and I'll tell you in detail how, too lengthy for a "quick reply" post.
Being able to relax to the point of becomming a borderline vegetable (without chemical assistance...sorry) is the most important part of the entire process of allowing you to hear what your Soul needs to say.
Once your body is relaxed and your mind is clear DO NOT THINK OF ANYTHING, just listen. At some point the lyrics to your song might pop into your head out of nowhere, maybe not. You might hear just a faint drum rythym, might be something totally different from what you already have. You might hear guitars. You might pick up your guitar and belt out somethng incredible without even being conciously aware that you even picked it up.
I can't tell you for sure what will happen, but it will. It might take you a couple of times doing it just to learn how to "Zone Out" to the point of mind/body seperation.
The one thing that I CAN tell you with absolute certainty is that it DOES work.
If you need any help, or if I went full blown hippie on you and lost you somewhere along the way, feel free to send me a message anytime and I'll be more than happy to help you.
Good luck and enjoy your journey...
I was addressing the problem he was having with the guitar. I should have been more specific, Sorry, my bad,

As for the rest it sounds like he's got too many Irons in the fire. Master one instrument before trying to conquer the others.

Ganoosh is right about educating yourself. The info is possibly somewhere on this site somewhere, or out there on the net for sure..
Putting yourself through Hell won't help, it will only make things worse.
You won't be happy with anything in your life. Having an "everything sucks" outlook on life will extend to everything in you life.
Nothing will be satisfying and you will be satisfied by nothing, EVER. This includes anything that you try to create, it will never be good enough for you.
A viscious cycle on a path to self destruction.... It's a shitty ride, trust me...
I know this sounds really rediculous, and I will probably catch all kinds of Hell from other people, but, have you tried NOT thinking about it? Just letting it happen on its own?
Seriously, it works for me when I get stuck writing. I don't know what to call it, but if I just let my mind go blank, it creates itself. Meditative creativity? Channeling? It's hard to explain. I will hear the music in my mind long before I hear it with my ears.
I am a firm believer that music is the voice of the soul. We can't hear what it has to say if we are so focused on thinking instead of listening.
Don't know what it is, but, I found that thinking about it too much, just stresses you out and frustration makes things worse.