What is your method?
you can also construct minor scales with it in seconds
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The TS wanted to know how to pull the specific notes of a key out of the CoF. This "method" is a pretty basic application of the CoF. You don't have to be staring at an actual circle on a page for it to work.

I understand what you are trying to say, but i still don't like the method you suggested, I mean in reality, if the TS doesn't know the CoF, do you really think he/she will understand your method.

Nothing against you, I just don't think we should over complicate things which can be done in a simpler way (memorization). The ts can use my method of memorizing the order of 4ths and 5ths and do it that way (faster quicker IF you have it memorized) or they can do it your way (might be more confusing for a beginner).


the part that made it CONFUSING was that you didnt specify in your first example that you end up with the notes for Ab Major, you didn't put them in order, kinda got lost there.

Now its much more simpler. Thanks for the example
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Okay, a couple examples. Take, say, Ab major. A fifth below Ab is Db, so from Db, go up six fifths...

Db, Ab, Eb, Bb, F, C, G

Where you go from B to F you either remove flats (as in this case) or add sharps as in A major...

A fifth below A is D, so...

D, A, E, B, F#, C#, G#

even with your explanation, I see no practical purpose for this method, that's how confusing it is...
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For a major scale, go one fifth below the root and from there go up six fifths. If you cross from B to F, remove flats from the F on. If you started with naturals and cross from B to F, start adding sharps.

this was so confusing, that it even made me confused...
Hmm this is what I know how to do with the circle of 5ths...
1. Going right = 5th
2. Going left = 4th
3. If you take the M6th of a note on the circle = relative minor scale
4. You can construct scales from the circle if you know the number of accidentals

For example, I know that D is the after G which is after C. C has 0 sharps, G has 1 sharp, since D is a 5th from G, D must have 2 sharps. Also here's the bonus, the pattern of sharp and flat notes also corresponds to the same principles of the circle.

Like this:
C - 0 sharps
G - 1 sharp, F#
D - 2 Sharp, F#, C#
A - 3 Sharp, F#, C#, G#

if you do flat keys it works the same way, but with 4ths instead of 5ths
Like this:
C - 0 flats
F - 1 flat, Bb
Bb - 2 flat, Bb, Eb
Eb - 3 flat, Bb, Eb, Ab
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You've not even been playing 2 years, you shouldn't be worrying about advanced techniques or getting fast at all, you should be enjoying guitar playing and developing a good feel and vibrato.

some people progress faster than others...
Thanks for the advice guys, but do any of you have ANY TECHNIQUES or EXCERCISES for ear training?
Been playing for 1 year and a half...
I have a decent setup, a good but beginner guitar, a practice amp, a high gain tube amp and an acoustic.

I know how to do various techniques, sweeping, tapping, I started alt picking since day 1, and I have no problem with barre chords.

I know basic theory, chord/scale construction, the theory of modes and how they work over specific chords, what the differences are between the minor scales, how to harmonize scales and build chords from them, etc.

My problem is I can't put any of this to work. I was told that I needed to develop my ear to get better. I've stopped using tabs completely and I try to tab out songs to develop my ear. I've been doing this once a week when I get the chance but I've never even fully tabbed out a song.

I've not been making any real progress and my technical skills are starting to disappear. When I used tabs completely, I could alt pick easily 8th notes tempos around 200-220. Now I have trouble getting my speed upto 8th notes at 170.

My dillemma is, I have all this theory and technical knowledge but I don't know any riffs or songs and my ear is not good enough to tab out tech/prog/death metal songs or even indie/rock songs. I can only tab out simple 4 chord progressions ie (G Em C D - i think this was from a Neutral Milk Hotel song).

What should I do? Should I go back to using tabs? Or should I continue with my ear training (all I do is take a song with a riff I like and slow it down and try to figure it out, takes me FOREVER)? If I should continue with ear training, what are proven and tested methods, or methods that have worked for you?