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compliment me, I feel lonely

You have really supple breasts.
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Why does coming on UG constantly remind me of playing Counter Strike? I miss being 17/18

You and me both.
This place really is dead these days.
Sad news about Ibrahim Toure.
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Hoping too, a lot depends if I get the job I had an interview for today which would give me money to waste at football.

Looking forward to it though, most I've looked forward to a season in ages.

This seems like a miserable waste of money

However it's probably a better alternative than watching a team managed by McCoist every week. At least you get to travel the world.

Aye, I know the feeling. Our season in Division 3 was something different at least, but it's been really hard to get motivated watching that crap week in, week out.

We've a good group who go to the Scotland games so it makes it bearable at least, some brilliant trips I have to say. Wembley was better than any day out I've ever had with Rangers.

Good luck with the job
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You signed enough players back in the 90s

Welcome back to the thread though, you going to any games next season?

Cheers mate, been a while!

Should make it to a fair few. You?
Gonna be a hell of a competition this season.

Gave up my season ticket last year, been going to more Scotland games. Was at Wembley away and Warsaw for the friendly in March. Germany booked for September and maybe back to Poland in October!
If only he had signed for Rangers instead
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Send everybody money.
But base the amount of money on how many points their username would be worth in scrabble.

I actually sent money for a pint via PayPal to a mod about 6 years ago and he unbanned me.
Went to Leeds Festival a few years ago, a girl who was camping nea rus had absolutely no shame - just dropped her trousers and squatted against the wall were all the men were pissing whenever she needed to.

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How come you're back?

I've never been this bored at work in my life, ended up back here after reading Download reviews
Swapping shorts is a horrible idea.
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you mean not play the 3rd match? Because there are going home soon anyway.

Yeah that's kinda what I meant.
Spain may as well just go home now.
Cool. I went in 2008, Carcass were incredible, as were The Berzerker.
I like to imagine I'd making a pretty good lizard actually.
People actually use screw in this context?
7-0. Happy with that.
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Homophobic prick

Prove it
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I like AskMen.

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I like the cut of your jib.
Beards are for fat guys and metalheads.
This one time me and all my boys TP'ed my old math teachers house at Halloween wooo Spring Break!!!!
Greek media reporting we've signed Greek International Pantelis Kafes on a free transfer
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Admit it though, you wish you would get a phone call from Manuel Pascali.

I'd prefer Kenny Shiels so I could tell him how much his face reminds me of a scrotum.
We'll get our license today. Probably.

Kilmarnock's manager and 'star' players will start phoning fans and pleading to them to purchase season tickets.

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You attended more games there than I did last season.

Great day out though, plus it's one of the rare stadiums where you get a good view in the away stand.

Bit late in replying, sorry

But aye it was a good day.
Found a wee hotel that would allow us in for a drink, then it was mobbed with Jambos as the day went on. All in good spirits though.
Our bus was moved about 5 miles away during the game, had to walk back in the pissing wet rain then it broke down outside Lesmahagow, but we got to spend an hour or two outside Tesco with a carry out. Not bad if you ask me!
I just bought a Gibson USA Les Paul Standard Double Cut Plus for £1000.

It's a thing of beauty!
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That was a very funny moment actually. The only reason a scottish club gets far in a european league is because their home league is so easy, they can fully concentrate on the european league.

So easy, yet we still lost the league on the last day that year.

We played about 8 games in 2 weeks. Had absolutely no preparation time for the final. The SFA wouldn't push the Old Firm game back because Celtic claimed they had a Tour of Japan and couldn't get out of it. Still waiting for that tour right enough...

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To be honest if they can't survive because one team leaves the league then they deserve to go bust.

That's the problem mate, too many teams base their finances on Rangers and Celtic. Motherwell recently told their fans they fully expect to enter administration soon after voting against the newco's entry to the SPL. We made up a third of their gate money last season.
Very dangerous game as it shows nobody is invincible.

Meant to say, visited Tynecastle for the first time last season, was a great day out.
Inverness have called an emergency meeting for this weekend because of the financial implications of Rangers being in SFL3.

First to go?

Although I fully expect to see the 2 league structure implemented now to keep get us back to the top flight ASAP. Nothing short of corruption.
Incredible money in that deal...apparently he wants £1m a month and a £3m bonus at the end of the season.

Anyway, we're not stupid, Scottish Football is shite, but its about to get a whole lot worse. Was always to be expected.

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There's surely a few we'll have missed.

Don't get me wrong, attendances will be down after the initial novelty wears off, but I can imagine plenty of fans SPL clubs staying away as well.
Exciting times ahead. In just a few years we'll be able to say we've beaten every team in Scottish Football.
Samaras is utterly woeful.
What a disgusting bikini. No wonder he cheated on her.