Consider getting an EVH 5150 III 50w rather than a 6505+
You probably don't need the extra wattage and the EVH should be able to do anything a 6505+ does and more
HNGD, awesome burst
How's the new thinner neck profile compared to the standard schecter profile?
consider this one:

-good combination of woods
-neck through
-dimarzio D-activator pickups
-hipshot bridge
-locking tuners
-simple and comfortable control layout
-looks good

the only downside is that its a signature model.
as i said before, its a bit far from me. about 14 hours on a plane.
i think ill ask them to send me a new floyd rose.
well, i blocked the trem, loosened the strings, popped the springs out and carefully took off the floyd.
now i think i know why it doesnt ****ing stay in tune.

click to enlarge.
i hope the pictures quality are enough so you can see that the knife edges are completely ****ed up and the trem posts are in really bad shape too.
proguitarshop, i hate you.
yeah you too andy
i really dont know what to do now, do i send them an email demanding a new tremolo or what?
im so ****ing pissed.
i still cant freakin believe this happened to me.
i need to study for a physics test that i have tomorrow , so ill do it when i come back from school tomorrow
thats great and all, but how do i take the trem off?
also, why did you show me how to dismantle it if i dont have to? lol
the springs are moving freely
I cant afford a tech at the moment
no matter how you look at it, i got f*cked.
if i return the guitar, i still paid shipping both ways and 16% of the total price+shipping because of taxes OR i take it to a tech, who will probably tell me i need a new tremolo which costs 170$ on and ill have to pay shipping again
the moral of the story is, buy US/european made guitars, or buy nothing at all :/

anyways, can someone tell me how to remove the tremolo so i can upload pics of the posts and knife edges, so you guys can tell me if they are fine?
since i only need to get the bridge to floating level i guess this will work:
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Seriously bud, I wouldn't do anything with it for now, it's a brand new guitar and if you mess with it you might ruin any warranty you have. The shop could turn round and say it's your fault and you damaged it yourself. I would strongly suggest going back to the shop and getting them to fix it. The knife edges are the bits of the bridge that sit against the posts, the chances are they're either damaged which could mean a new bridge or at least stripping it all down and replacing the damaged part or the posts are notched and need replaced, more likely both so get it back to the shop.

Quote by philipk
to take it back id have to send it back across the mediterranean sea and the north atlantic ocean :\
if i could take it back, i would
i have sent the store an email, asking if i can exchange it for another guitar, but even if they agreed i would probably have to pay for shipping it back and shipping a new one here

how do i check the knife edges/posts?
im kind of a noob so i dont even know how to remove the floyd and have no idea which parts are the knife edges... if you tell me how to check them i can take a couple of pictures and you can tell me if they are damaged
i really would rather solve this myself than replace the guitar
I mean i stretched every string properly, it didnt help, i did the whole thing again just to be sure i stretched them properly, and it still had no effect on the tuning stability
to take it back id have to send it back across the mediterranean sea and the north atlantic ocean :\
if i could take it back, i would
i have sent the store an email, asking if i can exchange it for another guitar, but even if they agreed i would probably have to pay for shipping it back and shipping a new one here
i made sure the nut is screwed down tight, made sure the string clamps are tight, stretched every string twice, and it still doesnt stay in tune when i use the tremolo
any other suggestions?
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I got a guitar brand new once but it had been played a fair bit in the shop and the posts where the bridge sits against had notches, did exactly the same thing. I think if it was the strings they would just go flat and wouldn't go sharp. You've either got a problem with the nut or the bridge. As said check the clamps but also worth checking the actual nut itself is screwed down tight, had that on another NEW guitar.

how do i do that?
Ok, ill set it up tomorrow to floating level and make sure the nut is tightened properly
now its late and im too tired
ill make the NGD when the guitar functions properly
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Make sure the bridge is floating level. But like mentioned before, could be the strings are still in need of a proper stretching.

what is floating level?
you mean parallel to the body?
i just received my brand new guitar, which has a floyd rose 1000 series (should be pretty much like an ofr)
the problem is that i tune the guitar, dive-bomb one time, not even that deep and the guitar goes out of tune
its the same with pull ups
also, when i dive bomb all strings go flat and when i pull up all strings go sharp
its like the tremolo wants to stay where i pulled it, maybe it doesnt return to the original position?
or maybe the springs are stiff or something?
this is my first floyd rose equipped guitar, so i dont have any experience with it
i am really upset that my new guitar wont stay in tune, please help me fix it
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I didn't either, but they are surprisingly great. The bridge resembles the JB in my Schecter C-1 Classic a lot Very nice for rock and some metal tones, and very twangy in split mode

what are you playing it through?
weird i didnt know schaller makes pickups
are they any good?
that looks amazing!
what are the specs?
also when in the cart menu use coupon code pgs10, after that it will cost 540$
if you change tunings a lot block the trem
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Well if you are getting a Bugera head, get a Bugera cab, they are crazy cheap, and good for the price. Maybe get the combo to save a few bucks? instead of getting the head/cab

just no.
either get a combo or this cab:
or if you want a 4X12:

since you havent bought the amp yet, i suggest you open a thread asking for advice regarding the amp.
if you do, dont forget writing your budget, music genres you want to play, location, if youre willing to go used and current gear
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Multi-ply necks make for some beautiful guitars..

eric christman guitars ftw
blackstar ht5 with the isf on the british side
price is no object but youre playing on an ibanez gio?
900$ usd
probably made in indonesia or korea

EMGs, original floyd rose, but 22 frets.
also thomann is wrong, the fretboard is "ebonized rosewood", not ebony, according to the DBZ guitars website

neck thru, 24 frets, original floyd rose, but no EMGs

24 frets, original floyd rose, no EMGs

24 frets, EMGs, floating bridge
not available on thomann for some reason

has 24 frets, made in korea original floyd rose, EMGs
technique(esp. bends and vibrato)
music theory