Hey Anvil :hugs:
Good luck with graduating!
Compared to this time last year I am doing a lot better. 
Same place as before, the warehouse for a gaming company, in what used to be the repair centre, now reclamation, I test second hand consoles. 
I had my first day back at work since April last year.  It was tiring but good. 
It's all down hill from here. I also forget how old I am every other month. 
The thread has finally loaded for me! For the last few weeks it's been saying I didn't have access. 
I am good, just got back from the hospital. I have a complete remission of the cancer!
Currently very nauseous and weak, but I have done all 12 sessions, only hair I lost was nose and eyebrow, and I gained 10KG in 6 months. Why couldn't I have lost the beard! Head hair has thinned a lot but still looks ok. I have lost a lot of muscle mass and my lungs are very weak - I can never go scuba diving which sucks.
Overall it's been a journey. Not fun but I survived.
I have just finished my final chemo. 
Well article 13 has passed the first stages. Good bye memes. 
Hi Bass
Once again congrats. I hope its wonderful.
I'm kicking cancers butt.
What about yourself?
I am short enough and hairy enough. And I am also free from active cancer cells.
So I found out I am PET Negative today. :party:
I will probably not be able to watch much during actual chemo, its far too loud in there.

The last one I watched, there was some cursed pony who wanted to be a clown or cowboy or something I dont remember, I didn't finish the ep either. its been like 12 years.
I am starting Chemo next week Thursday. Been given 9 months off work. Might finally catch up on the ponies what are we season 8 now?
So I've been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. How's everyone elses 2018 going? 
So far I know I will be helping set up for events, I will be helping out with logistics, and I will be doing every other job people can think of, however, I get a company laptop, and for the first time in ages I will be able to have my phone with me while at work.
Also a typo in the paperwork I was given. They listed my annual salary as my monthly one. Not looking forward to daily meetings, and lugging around a laptop, but I will get used to it. Will have to work my birthday and easter though. 
No idea to both. I know next to nothing. 
Its a mixture of IT, QA and Logistics for a gaming events company, Multiplay (Event is called Insomnia, UK's biggest gaming and esports event)
Good luck with the acceptance letters.
So I got a new job without interviewing, I start tomorrow. Am stressed.
They make new Worms games every 2 years or so, so its not like we don't have options out there for Win 10.
Hap Bith! Mac
Mac and I had a fun game of Worms last night.
I can't remember the last time I was up past 12am.
It's someones birthday tomorrow. I wonder if she's lurking.
I would but I have burnt myself out on the ps4 version.
Well my group has got the raid down to an hour and a half. Just wish I could something besides heavy weapons from it.
I've got wireless headphones and will never go back.