As an estimate, every couple of notes.
Ahh ok thanks man.

Ha, i suppose. It just sounded really obvious in my head. Always better to ask though.

Thanks again
Well for my birthday I got an Epiphone Thunderbird. My dad didnt realise I couldnt run it through my guitar amp so i dont have an amp yet. Its gonna be at least a week until I
can get to my local guitar shop.

Ok, so basically my question is can I tune a bass through my guitar amp if i turn all the volumes down?
Is that a ladder in your tights or is that a stairway to heaven?
Pet Cemetery? Poltergeist? Get some old school scary going on.
I was really looking forward to the mosh pits. They turned out how I expected, non existent.
Thanks dude. Much appreciated!!!
What tablet you using? Also app/software? Also me fist bumping a rhydon pic on profile
All i got

Crazy Town - Butterfly

Apparently this is classed as Nu-Metal?
Yea i will give the links a listen, is always nice to listen to different things.

No point being a dick about it lol, everyone has different tastes in music, and everyone should respect that.
The bands I listed appear on the front page. My bad for thinking this was the right place.
Quote by due 07
Just FYI zYx Monster xYz, the ppl who frequent this thread don't really listen to that kind of music. (By "don't realy listen to," I mean "h8.") So we're just going to recommend bands we like that don't sound at all similar to what you want.

Well this thread is pretty pointless then? Unless your a regular that is.

Thanks for the advice though
I need suggestions people!! Hours on youtube dont seem to be helping Looking for stuff with screaming/shouting etc. with clean vocals in the song. Also stuff that that sounds happyish/upbeat if that makes sense??

Sorta stuff I'm talking about:
Atreyu - when two are one
A day to remember - Downfall of us all
As i lay dying - Electric eye
Also Trivium are probably my favourite band, if that helps

Off the top of my head thats all i can think of for examples mind kinda gone blank. sorry.

thanks for any suggestions
OK so I'm looking for a book, which has technique and theory. Preferably from beginner to advanced stuff. Any styles of music, not that bothered

Why a book? Because I struggle with video tutorials for some reason. I dunno what it is, so thought I would try the reading approach.

Any and all suggestions, much appreciated.

your welcome
  • I dont wanna die - Hollywood undead
  • Death on the dance floor - Daath
  • Death walking terror - Cannibal Corpse
  • Dying in your arms - Trivium
  • Are you dead yet? - Children of bodom

You should be fine, O and a basement would come in handy
Get on a plane and come over mine??? My parents would love the fact I invited a total stranger

Or as others have said get shit-faced/fap/apocalypse idea/put in a solid days worth of guitar practice?
Got wasted at my work's Christmas drink, made out with a girl I work with (awkward next day), fell through my fence drunk, sobered up, got drunk again last night. Been a sick week

that just happened
For a quick wake up I like Beautifal Mourning - Machine Head

Or if I'm gonna be plundering that day its gotta be You are a pirate - Alestorm
I like my neck beard

Definately the wales of the south
Ok. I know i didnt enter but my mum bought a pumpkin today so thought i would show what i did

This is a pic of the shadow on the bit of paper.
Can honestly say, i have never thought about it
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just thought I should leave this here...

the predator pumpkin is amazing!
Hell yeah, Im in!! Terrorist beard incoming!!!
Machine head - this is the end
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Where's the love foe Chung?

He's the only reason we hit a million registered members.


the list of multis was god like!!!
yea, its gotta be dried for ages, natural drying is at least 6 months -1 year. kiln drying is alot faster.

But yes walnut is a good tonal wood
^^^ I actually like bc rich, I have too 2 and have had no problems with either of them. Only a couple shapes i dont like
Anymore judge spaces left? Will be a judge if there is space
OK, im bored and thought of this. . . . SAVE GOOMBA!!!!


My Attempt:

Probably gonna fail. . .